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Sex: Faith & Religion, Women in Judaism

Why we should be against cultic practices

The FLDS cult uses brainwashing   to even cause parents of very young girls to believe their daughters are going direct to “heaven” by offering them to predator leaders of their church. These religious leaders must be phased out from the face of the earth for doing Satanic doctrines to satisfy themselves. Pedophilia is Pedophilia no matter how it is observed, and it is a heinous crime as far as Canadian law is concerned. If this is found to be acceptable under Pierre’s charter then women and children will continue to be traded and treated as livestock. It is time to end this abuse of females now.
The book called “Under the Banner of Heaven ” explains everything . Regular mormons (church of latter day christ) detest polygalmy , its only the FUNDAMENTALIST Church of Latterday Christ members which embrace plural wives. they aslo call them spiritual wives. Polygamy was introduced by their leader Joseph Smith years after he created the church because he wanted to have sex with 16 year old girl. His loving wife was horrified. So were his members, they caught him in bed with the girl and wanted to tar and feather him , and castrate him . the doctor showed up and refused to castrate the “Prophet”. Polygamy divided the church and today the fundamentalists use God to justify marrying children . Men are allowed to marry their own young daughters as “spiritual wives”. Sexual education is not taught and seen as improper. Young girls are seen as sex objects and brainwashed to believe it is their godly duty to have as many babies as possible for their much older husbands.They are taught the outside world is a morally evil place and that if they leave that their soul goes to hell.

I feel ill when I read stories like this, I think why would there parents allows this to happen. I know for a fact that my father would have torn someone apart if someone was hurting my sister or I. Poor girls will be scared mentally for life, I hope they take these children from this horrible environment.



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