Congregation Planting Coaches

We are a community of congregation planting coaches too that provide resource and field based training to help Jewish believers congregation planters effectively grow multiplying congregations.


Planting simple reproducing fellowships does not require extensive training, but getting the right training is essential.


Volunteer AND study Hebrew and English in Toronto, we can design the program you desire… options


“You want to reach the unreached through congregation planting movements, but need to get biblical, principle-based, practical training before going to the field. Here’s some training opportunities offered by ST around the world that can help you get what you need so you’ll be ready when you get there.

ST – School of Strategic Missions –   Equips workers to go cross-culturally to plant reproducing fellowships of believers among unreached people groups. Training includes Torah learning, missions strategy, cross-cultural studies, congregation planting principles and practices and language acquisition(Hebrew and English). This is THE school of effective congregation planting with ST.

  Pre-requisite: Contact  ST here

Seminars & Workshops  

“ST’s training schools for pioneer congregation planting (School Of Strategic Missions, etc.) provide a good introduction to the work of reaching the unreached, but ongoing and timely field-based training is essential. We must help one another continue to grow in the Lord and in ministry skills. Congregation Planting Coaches trains congregation planters through both pre-field training in schools and congregation planting seminars, and through the regional coaches themselves, as they meet with team leaders on the ground. Following are some of the Seminars and Workshops offered by CP Coaches.” — ST Int’l Coordinators.


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