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Fiestas Solemnes-Rosh Hashana-Yom Kippur, High holy Days, Holiday

L’Shana Tova / Have a Meaningful Rosh Hashana

Shalom my dear friends,

The arrival of Rosh Hashana requires us all to reflect upon the year that is coming to a close and pray for the year ahead. It’s hard to believe that Sephardi Tree is only in our third year and from last Rosh Hashana till this Rosh Hashana, we have enjoyed many proud achievements, with the help of God.

Over the past 12 months:

• Our list has grown and we are now sending close to 10,000 emails per day to lovers of Hebrew Language and  Israel all over the world.

• We are sharing Israel’s beauty and culture with millions of people each month on social media and our online Hebrew School has grown ten-fold.

• We started Sephardi Tree, for Hispanic and English speaking adults to connect you with Israel in so many ways. None of this would have been possible without the more than 500 readers who have made donations this past year, so from the bottom of my heart:  Thank you / Todah Rabbah!

If you feel you have benefited from Sephardi Tree, please support our work and make a Rosh Hashana gift today registering to the magazine.

Thank God we have grown and there are now 7 people who put their heart and soul into sharing the beauty of the Land of Israel and its culture, language and more with you each and every day.

One final note, because Rosh Hashana is a two day holiday that leads directly into Shabbat, out of respect to the Biblical festival, we will not be sending out Sephardi Tree emails on Thursday or Friday and will resume Saturday  night  or Sunday after the Shabbat is over. As much as we value the importance of consistency and staying connected to Sephardi Tree days a year, refraining from weekday activity such as email is an important part of the Jewish observance of Rosh Hashana which I hope you can understand and appreciate.

As we begin another year of connecting with, loving, and supporting Israel each and every day, I wish you a happy and healthy new year and may you and your loved ones be written and sealed in the Book of Life.

L’Shana Tova / Have a Meaningful Rosh Hashana,


About Orekh Schriftsteller

Orekh Schriftsteller. It is the online pen-name of author and Managing Director of DM Enterprises.


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