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B’nei Anusim undergoing Halachic Return

In 2008, an entire family of B’nei Anusim are presently undergoing Halachic Return under Rabbinical supervision. One of these family members has already received a “Certificate of Return” whereby an Orthodox Rabbi has done sufficient investigation to lead him to the conclusion that she is, in fact, a descendant of those who fled Spain in 1492…winding up in Mexico.
The family maintained their heritage behind closed doors and under cover of darkness for centuries. The Spanish Inquisition didn’t officially end until 1834. Mixed marriages are being rectified with conversion, according to Halachah, under Rabbinic Supervision. Berrera (Pear) and Jimenez (son of Shimon). What is most unique about this case is that one member of the family had already married a man in a Reform Jewish ceremony because he was a Reform Jew. Upon her ‘Halachic Return’, she was considered a Jew and he was not since Orthodoxy does not accept patrilineal descent of Reform Judaism – he willingly undertook an Orthodox Conversion in order to avoid a violation of Halachah (mixed marriage). In the end we are pleased to report that they are Shomrei Shabbat Halachic Jews, expecting a child soon, and active members of a local Sephardic Community.

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