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Authentic Jewish Spiritual Beliefs

Half-Jews? A patrilineal or matrilineal Jewish lineage mess……

Who is right on the halakhic definition of who is a  jew?

First of all, we are a people and not a religion. (But true, you can join the tribe). And you dont convert to a “religion”, you join the Jewish people. While the classical halachic definition of modern rabbinical Judaism is that you are Jewish if your mother is Jewish (note that i say _modern_ and _rabbinical_), there are a large number of patrilineal Jews who consider themselves Jewish and a large number of Jews (halachic or otherwise), who are comfortable with them definining themselves as such. This has nothing to do with the lack of exposure to Judaism or Jewish education. It is that we are a people, and it makes perfect sense that half-Jews can be counted in if they identify as such regardless of whether they are patrilineals or matrilineals. On the other hand, I can find lots of arguments for upholding the halakhic definition too…

You are who you say you are, and you are what you do, so if you believe you are jewish, you are, and many jews believe that and yes I have met orthodox jews and reform jews and secular they all feel the same.

I also suggest to do in-depth research on the Spanish Inquisition   or simple to buy ” The holocaust Chronicle:  a history in words and pictures ” in case you need in-depth enlightment about  “pure jewish”, jewish lineage,  anti-semitism or who is a jew?  when it comes to   Israel or Jews.  I pay you money  to find someone that has been or was spared or ‘saved’ during the Spanish Inquisition times, pogroms, mass murdering and of course the holocaust during World War II by the Nazis just because they were not ‘jewish enough’ … I mean  just because someone ‘t was mixed, biracial, secular, atheist or  ‘that guy is only ‘half jew’.  What would Moses say to this nonsense on who is  really jewish ??


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