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Syria’s Ancient Eliyahu HaHavi Synagogue Shelled

Today, the most virulent enemies of Israel reside in the very places named in Psalm 83 – Hamas in Gaza, the Palestinians in the West Bank and Jordan, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the Syria leadership and its Axis of Evil partners in the city of Damascus .As of this news, the conditions are ripe for the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 or Zephaniah 2:4

The current existence of Damascus, which will one day cease to be a city, as well as the historical absence of the coalition of nations prophesied to attack Israel and be destroyed by God, is proof that Isaiah 17 prophesies events  are yet future.

Syria’s Ancient Eliyahu HaHavi Synagogue Shelled

Click here to watch: Syria’s Ancient Eliyahu HaHavi Synagogue Shelled

An ancient synagogue near Damascus has reportedly gone up in flames after being robbed and vandalized.

A video posted online by the Syrian opposition showed the same synagogue – one of Judaism’s holiest sites — severely damaged in shelling by Syrian government forces in the Damascus district of Jobar earlier this month.

The video, which appeared on the pan-Arabic Al Arabiya news website, showed a clear photo of the marble plaque indicating the “Shrine and Synagogue of Prophet Eliahou Hanabi since 720 B.C.

The 2,000-year-old house of worship was perched upon the cave the according to ancient tradition was used by the Biblical prophet Elijah to conceal himself from those who would arrest and prosecute him.

The synagogue, allegedly built by the Biblical prophet Elisha, and subsequently repaired during the first century CE by the Torah sage, Rabbi Elazar ben Arach, is one of Syria’s oldest.

It stands at the site where Elijah anointed Elisha as a prophet, to follow him.

Reportedly there have been almost no structural changes whatsoever to the synagogue since it was built, making it especially unique architecturally as well as historically — at least until the savage civil war prompted by the region wide “Arab Spring’ launched in March 2011 arrived in Syria.


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