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The question is, Does Everyone know the Almighty today?

Messhiah is actually a wrong “title for Savior!” It only means:”Anointed.” God alone is SAVIOR — We found to place these coments and links best– on the debate about  “Is Jesus the Messiah?”


…………Kane Adkins, a 27-year-old Mesa resident and self-described “practitioner of Torah who believes Yeshua is the messiah,” said although Boteach and Brown embraced at the end of the debate, their attack tactics were symbolic of the issue’s discordant nature.

“There seemed to be a real rift and a disrespect among the believers on both sides,” he said.

Carl Hammerschlag, a 66-year-old Paradise Valley psychiatrist, said Brown’s “messiah of no one” argument was too divisive.Dr. Michael Brown was a “Jew for Jesus” not a “Messianic Jew”. Yes, there is a difference.

“The difficulty in this kind of debate is that it doesn’t bring anyone closer together,” Hammerschlag said. “If you hold somebody else responsible for somehow having to accept ‘Jesus’ as the messiah and they do not do it, it is not the predicate upon which good neighborliness is based.”

Boteach, however, said he respects Christians and urges them to reach out to those of other faiths.

“You ask what would “Jesus” do?” the rabbi asked. “He would have treated his Jewish brethren as spiritually authentic, he would treat them as his brothers and sisters, which they are.”


This is the first clip from a debate Lee Strobel hosted between Dr. Michael Brown and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (Shalom in the home). Michael very articulately explains some reasons, the Rabbi has a shocking response, and Michael gives his response.

with this we leave you these  YOUTUBE links

Is “Jesus” the Jewish Messiah? (1 of 2) Debate – Dr. Michael Brown vs Shmuley

Part I

Part II


Why Jews Don’t Accept  ‘Jesus’ as the Messiah–Interview with David ..


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