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Top 10 Israel Videos of 2012!

End of the “Roman Year” – Top 10 Israel Videos of 2012!

2012 - 1 - chazak-300x223

Chazak (Stay Strong Israel) – We stand as one!

This amazing song was compiled by many leading musicians as a message of support following waves of terror in Israel – Be Strong Israel – We are with You!

2012 -2 -PM-300x163

PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Statement on Operation Pillar of Defense

“No government would tolerate a situation where nearly 1/5 of it’s population live under a constant barrage of missile and rocket fire.”

2012 -3 -Sword-Dance-Finals-2012-to-Jewish-Song-Hava-Nagila-300x166

Sword Dance Finals to Jewish Song Hava Nagila!

Enjoy three great Israeli songs – amongst them, Hava Nagila – with the visual accompaniment of a sword dancer!

2012 - 4 - Israeli-Philharmonic-Playing-Jewish-Chasidut-Music-300x204

Israeli Philharmonic Playing Jewish Music

Wow – unbelievable orchestra playing amazing Jewish music!

2012 - 5 - echoes-of-a-shofar-300x199

Echoes of a Shofar – Bravery at the Western Wall

Battling the British authorities, young Jewish idealists did whatever they had to in order to make sure the Holy Shofar (Ram’s Horn) would be heard at the Western Wall – on Israel’s Holiest day – Yom Kippur.  Here the last 6 Shofar blowers alive return to the Western Wall to recount their amazing struggle.

2012 - 5 -Jamie-Geller-Making-Aliya-to-Israel-300x167

Jamie Geller Making Aliya to Israel!

When celebrity cook Jamie Geller decided to make Aliyah, it definitely made a big splash. Watch this powerful episode of Joy of Aliyah featuring Jamie Geller and family making Aliyah to the Land of Israel. This is both enjoyable and powerful. Congratulations to the Geller family on their Aliyah to Israel and best of luck!

2012 - 7 - Home-Game

Home Game – Full Length Movie

This full movie is about a teenage basketball tournament that took place in Gush Katif, Israel in 2005.  The finals coincided with the day that the teenagers were removed from their homes by the Israeli government.  The teenagers’    determination, unity and belief stay strong until the end.

2012 - 8 - Mexican-Dancing-to-Jewish-Israeli-Music-300x224

Mexican Dancing to Jewish/Israeli Music!

This video went viral mid-year and is alot of fun to watch!


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