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Jews and the World

The End of the World, from a Jewish perspective

Do Jews believe in an end of time?

The “end of the world” is the restoration of the perfection of the world — a return to the Garden of Eden — here on planet earth. The Hebrew bible prophets said that Elijah would come to pave the way for the Messiah.  When the Messiah will be revealed (he will be a human being) there will be massive changes in the world but not all at once.  Eventually there will be peace among all nations:

“They shall beat their weapons into plowshares. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

There are whole books (  I Kings 16, 17, II Kings 2,  Malachi 3, 4)  or others written about this topic if you want to research more (check online Jewish book stores).   

Actually, Judaism does teach that the ‘world will end’ and ‘God will judge the earth’ and so forth – at the end of time – that time WILL end, in other words, just as it did, at some point, begin.  Jewish believe a time of peace and righteousness will  come rather than an ending to the world. This period  will come after a period of intense turmoil and chaos   in which lawless and a breakdown in society will  occur. The end of the world will see all Jews gathered back  to Israel and restored to their ancestral lands and
 tribes. Below some other important reminders:
– The Messiah, a descendant of David, will come and  become King of Israel and defeat Israel’s enemies,  they will come to worship the one God of Israel and  ask the King of Israel for advice.
– Building of the Third temple in Jerusalem and  resumption of services there.
– The resurrection of the dead, death will be swallowed up forever. There will be no more hunger or
– Messiah will become King of Israel and will beat  invading armies in a final great battle known as
 Armageddon, bringing in the start of a new age of  peace and holiness, weapons of war will be destroyed
 and the Jewish people will experience unending joy and  happiness.

The Creator created the world in order to give us eternal pleasure. However, the Creator’s intention is not to give it to us for free, but as a reward for our work, so that we can enjoy it and feel that we deserve it. We call this place of reward the World to Come. At some time in the future this world will come to an end, and the World to Come (Olam Haba) will begin. 

At some point because of so many doomsayers we as observants  have probably been concerned about the sky falling, our generation is obsessed with the end times and discussions of what may or may not happen. If we rewind history, we find that we are not the only generation with such an obsession.We can read an informative post by Yonassan Gershom  on December 21st,  the so called  ‘End of the World day according to the Mayan calendar” . For instance in the book of Matthew 24:3, Yeshua’s disciples ask him the question, “When will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?”   These questions are not generated from a desire to know the future or just out of simple curiosity; they are questions grounded in the fear of something dreadful. Yeshua’s answers to this can be summarized in two parts: first, the dreadful will happen; but second, be prepared rather than alarmed. That which is dreadful is a time of tribulation and there have been many tribulations over the course of history. Consider, for example, times of worldwide famine (Genesis 41), oppression (Exodus 2:23-25), genocide (the book of Esther, the Spanish Inquisition   or Santa Inquisicion  lasted from 1478-1834,  European Holocaust 1939-1945AD),  by tzars numerous russian pogroms , Stalin’s  GULAG  or Jews  deported to Siberia in Rusia  and we know of many persecution (Daniel 8, 1 and 2 Maccabees, 171-165BC), conquests (Matthew 24, 63-70AD), and the coming grandfather of all tribulations encompassing all of these dreadful horrors detailed in Revelation 6-19.   As we see in Daniel 8:17-19, “the end” is not like the end of a road that drops off a cliff never to be seen again, but is more like the end of a cycle.

Times of tribulation will happen, but these “end times” will also come to an end and will result in a new beginning, i.e. the restoration of the Temple and self-rule after the Maccabean revolt in 165BC and the restoration of the nation of Israel after the events of World War II. Hence, we have cause to be hopeful.   Being prepared involves three life-changing activities: studying Tannak or  the Word, living  Tannak or the Word, and prayer. Recall that the genocide planned by Haman in Esther was averted through prayer, fasting, and military defense. Begin studying the Word, living the Word, and praying the Word now so that you may be prepared (Matthew 25), witness to others so that they may be prepared, and all might be able to stand firm to the end (Matthew 24:13).

 Spanish Inquisition , almost the …..end of the world for ‘spanish jewry !!


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