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Zephaniah 2:4 And Gaza

The problem in Gaza, right now.

I do  think Gaza should continue to be subjugated because they have demostrated that without control they can’t govern themselves. The main  problem lies in the Palestinian leadership first and foremost though. Israel gave Gaza back 7 years ago, pulled all Jews out of settlements, and pulled military out as well (with the exception of a presence at the border). Israel did allow in the necessary humanitarian aid. The problem is that aid didn’t always make it to the people who needed it.

So people starve, people get sick, it becomes a ghetto. That’s incredibly unfortunate, no person should have to suffer like that. But it is Hamas that needs to put its people first, not their alternative agendas. Once that happens, once suffering slows or stops, moral builds and missiles will stop being launched from both sides. Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005. Then Hamas was elected, and the suicide bombers and rockets followed. Then Israel shut down its border with Gaza . that is a ‘cursed’ piece of real state.

Palestinians aren’t imprisoned. Or if they are it’s by choice. Jordan and Egypt kicked them out. Because all they do is try to overthrow the government where ever they are. They want to exist but no Israel, but who are they? if they can’t accept Israel why do Jews have to accept them. Sorry for hater but ‘Palestians’ are in the looser side.  The prophecy of Zephaniah 2:4 states clearly who is the winner and for who is the victory more than 2,700 years ago and it;s Israel.  

When Israel withdrew, they left behind roads,hospitals, and schools that the Egyptians never bothered to build. The standard of living and life expectancy had increased under Israeli administration. The greenhouses they withdrew from could still be used, but the Palestinians destroyed them, tore up all the metal, and started firing rockets at Israel. The problem is not “occupation.” The problem is the Arab inability to accept a Jewish state of any size.  

Not all Arabs are evil of course, but, more so than any other group of people they are a pain to themselves and to those around them because they are obsessed with violence and revenge and forcing their islamic ideology to be accepted as standard, even outside their own nations. Constant hatred drains them of their own resources.   Why should a religion that includes hatred and genocide of non muslims be considered innocent at all? Isn’t that the crux of the matter? You cannot appease someone who believes that violence and fear are acceptable forms of spreading ones own beliefs.  

For the racists, if you’ve never been to Israel. Most Israelis don’t look anything like “Germans”. They look like Middle Easterners -olive skin color and black hair. That’s because most of them are descendants refugees from Arab countries and from Iran. European Jews (askenazies) are a minority in Israel, and young Israelis look nothing like Europeans due to Ashkenazy, Sephardi, and Mizrahi Jews inter-marrying.   Additionally, almost all German Jews were murdered by the Nazis. So, even if “their country” was Germany, there’s no way it is “their country” now.

Fifty percent of Israel are refugees from Arab countries. You never hear about them because they were resettled in Israel. The Arabs ( specially the so called Muslim brotherhood)  have enough resources to care for the “Palestinians” most of which are from Egypt and Syria originally, but what has happened and continue happening? They would rather destroy the Jewish state than build a “Palestinian” one.  

We hope to God that such a favorable outcome will happen soon, but history sometimes indicates otherwise…


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