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A Day in Southern Israel Under Rocket Fire

A Day in Southern Israel Under Rocket Fire

Click here to watch: A Day in Southern Israel Under Rocket Fire

The Media wasn’t reporting this!!!! Over 500 rockets were fired from Gaza onto Southern Israel over the past week! How can the media not report something like this, how? That is crazy!

Now there is a ceasefire, but we all know that there is always an end to a ceasefire. That is not the way to end the terror from Gaza.

Every single day this week millions of Israelis have had to stay near protected areas! Yet Israel is still not doing everything to end this terror of our civilian population. Why? Well, Obama’s words of having Israel’s back is nice, and his sympathy for the people of Sderot are nice too, but they are just words. True support would be saying straight out to the world that Israel has every right to destroy Hamas and stop the daily rocket attacks on Israeli citizens! That is true support of an ally. Imagine if 50 rockets just fell on Arizona from Mexico in one day, one hour! Would the US not do EVERYTHING to end that terror on American citizens?

We support Netanyahu in doing EVERYTHING he can to protect Israel to STOP the Hamas and their rocket attacks, regardless of any criticism Israel gets from the USA, Europe or the United Nations! We MUST do what we must do to protect our citizens from Hamas terror!


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