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Today’s in Google: Another Jewish Nobel Prize winner : Niels Bohr

If you still, we’ve never heard of any Danish Jews of note, then we sent you came across the famed physicist Niels Bohr. Nobel Prize winner. and some history refresment with the rescue of Danish Jews during WWII.

The Rescue of Danish Jews during Nazi Era

Although the majority of the Danish Jews were in hiding, they would eventually have been caught if safe passage to Sweden could not be secured. Sweden had earlier turned away the Norwegian Jews to their certain deaths and they were determined to do the same to the Danish Jews.[citation needed] Fortunately, Niels Bohr, the Danish physicist, made a determined stand for his fellow countrymen.[4] He was spirited off to Sweden, whose government was under strict orders to get him to the United States without delay to work on the then top-secret Manhattan Project. When Bohr reached the shores of Sweden they told him he had to board a plane immediately for the United States. Bohr refused. He told the Swedish officials, and eventually the king, that until they announced over their air waves and through their press that their borders would be open to receive the Danish Jews, he wasn’t going anywhere. Bohr wrote of these events himself. Read more here


Read some of comtempory Scandinavian Jews  here




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