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Biblical Study Tours: Israel

No course on the Bible, no study of geography, no book on history or archaeology can ever give more insight into the Bible and its message than a personal trip to the Mediterranean world itself. To see, tohear, to feel, to smell, and to experience the lands where the apostles and prophets lived and the great events of the Bible took place is an event of a lifetime. I hope you can join us in one of these study-tours . It is sure to build your faith and forever enrich your reading of the Bible.

Travel and Study Tour of Land of Israel

A tour to the nation of  Israel is a transformational experience and a spiritually uplifting adventure. Travel to Israel on a family trip, a private tour or on a bar/bat mitzvah tour. We offer Land of Israel tours of different lengths, from 9-, 11-, or 13-day tours that depart year-round and include varying hotel options for optimal flexibility. Visit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Galilee and Eilat and enjoy a trip of a lifetime. Click below for more details

Bible Land Study-Tours

Viaje y Aprenda en Israel ( Seminarios y Talleres)

Heritage Jewish Tours

“Church” History  or Paul’s Footsteps Study Tours

NT Bible Seminars Available in Canada, the US and Latin America


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