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Holocaust Remembrance Day 2012: Organizations Helping Preserve The Memory Of The Holocaust

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2012: Organizations Helping Preserve The Memory Of The Holocaust
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The horrific stories of the 6 million Jews who were gassed, starved and shot point blank throughout the Holocaust are well documented. But the number of remaining survivors who can share what they witnessed firsthand is quickly dwindling. According to the Guardian, 19,800 Holocaust survivors are alive in Israel today and nearly 90 percent of them are over age 75.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, traffic will stop as a siren rings throughout the state of Israel. Throughout the world, synagogue members will light memorial candles and children will recite poems as well as the names of those who died.

But after sundown, when Holocaust Remembrance Day concludes, the responsibility to preserve the memories of those who tragically perished and fought to live will carry on.

Consider how you will bear that responsibility by learning how you can support, and get involved with, the organizations that are committed to educating about the horrors of the Holocaust and to never allowing the world to forget.

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Organizations Helping Preserve The Memory Of The Holocaust


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