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The Sephardic Jewish Sites

Most of our Sephardic Jewish Heritage Tours  will take you to visit many exciting sites of the Sephardic Jewish Community. Sites including the ‘one of a kind’ Sephardic Culture Centers, located in one of the oldest Sephardic Jewish Communities in Spain for instance.

Other sites include: Sephardic Jewish Community synagogues and communities where connections are presently being made with descendants. All tours are narrated by trained and informed tour guides. Our main aim is to share a rich culture and heritage with you, that has never been told. Sephardic Jewish Heritage Tours is owned and operated by multi-generation of Sephardic Jewish business owner.

SF welcomes you to Latin America,US, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Italy, Turkey, to see lots of great scenery and meet many wonderful people. You probably did not know that Jewish people of Sephardic descent have been in Latin America for many years and since Christopher Columbus. Probably the first documented Sephardic Jew to live in ‘New World” was Mathieu DaCosta in 1605.

SF division was born  to address a need that was not being met adequately. The Sephardic Jewish Community History of Latin America, the caribbean, Central y South America needed to be shared more widely. Mr. Baca and M. Diaz gave birth to Sephardic Jewish trips and spent time determining if the concept would be a viable one. Over the past two years, return visits and contacts have confirmed this fact, and as a result efforts must be made to train staff to meet the need.

SF trips division is in business to welcome tourists into the Latin American Jewish heritage and parts and to share the history, accomplishments and contributions of the Sephardic Jewish descents. SF trips will provide services and products in a hospitable manner to ensure positive experiences for tourists.

SF trips is multi dimensional and is comprised of many sectors which may include arranging; accommodations; attractions to sites such as cultural museums, heritage parks, cultural exhibitions, historic sites, arrangement of special events to include special lectures and dinners. Sephardic Jewish Community will train and employ travel guides and individuals in other complementary roles, such as greeters, tour guide leaders, driver guides and administrative staff.

SF division trips will be pleased to arrange your visit while in the Sephardic Jewish Community of the places we organize trips. Our prices are so reasonable so that no one needs to be excluded. Families will find them affordable, and so will tour groups and/or those who want to plan a learning vacation.

‘Come see for yourself and allow us to share the half that has never been told.’- M. Diaz, President

Call  or email our   Trips division   to begin planning your trip of a lifetime.


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Anni Orekh (which translated from Hebrew means: I m an editor (Publisher). That it is one the online pen-names of author and Managing Director of DM Enterprises.


2 thoughts on “The Sephardic Jewish Sites

  1. Mi esposa es de San Miguel el Alto Jalisco, su apellido es Perez Romo sus razgos son realmente Judios.
    Mi apellido es Santillan; me podrian ayudar a saber nuestras raices sefarditas.
    Victor Santillan Corona

    Posted by Victor Santillan Corona | December 9, 2011, 1:38 am

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