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Jews and the World

A two-state solution?? Israel & “Palestina”?

UN Mandate  , the  United Nations partition plan for the land of Israel  was created by the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine in 1947 to replace the British Mandate for Palestine with “Independent Arab and Jewish States” and a “Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem” administered by the United Nations. It was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 29 November 1947 as Resolution 181.

First Remember ‘Palestine’ is a name given to the land of Israel when ocuppied and dominated by the Romans. ‘Palestines’ as nation or group  have not arqueology, no  culture, no language or history.

What we know for fact and proven by documents and history  it’s that  there was no “UN Mandate.” I presume you meant to say the League of Nations Mandate given to Britain to administer back in 1922. The purpose of the League of Nations Mandate over Palestine was to restore the “Jewish National Home” in Palestine. But the League officially expired or went out of business in 1946, and when the British decided to vacate the country, they turned to the newly establishe­d UN to do something with it. The Jewish undergroun­d had made life difficult for the British who had been reneging on the terms of the League of Nations Mandate by keeping Jews out, and so a war of terror began against them until they finally left.

The UN did not know what to do, so they put the idea of a Partition of Palestine into a “Jewish state” and an “Arab state” to a vote in the General Assembly. It passed and became UNGAR 181. But the ARabs violently rejected the results of the vote and swore to drive any declared Jewish state into the sea. They tried and 6,000 Jews died in the resulting war, but they failed.

The war caused some 750,000 Arabs to flee, while 145,000 chose to remain. The Arabs retaliated by pushing some 856,000 Jews out of their countries after 1948. So what is there to negotiate about? The Jews won; the Arabs lost. What is there to talk about?

It’s not in arab interests to resolve Palestinia­n problem. The Arabs want Jewish land, not peace.

Even though  Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East that provides for freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from fear and freedom of assembly.

It is difficult to conceive that there can ever be a peace with people that have no decency or respect for women after Yeshua the Messiah left so many wonderful teachings,  ministered and involved  them.

“The practice of segregatin­g the sexes on public transport has raised the ire of non-observ­ant and more modern Orthodox women increasing­ly faced with requests from male passengers to give up their seats in the fronts of buses. “

“”There were about 70 of us praying when someone from the men’s section started shouting that ‘a woman’s voice is lewd’ and that our singing was offensive,­” said Anat Hoffman”

“It is yet another indicator of the dangerous escalation of the ultra-Orth­odox endorsemen­t of a sexist and racist agenda… The exclusion of women from full participat­ion in public spaces is anathema to the concept of democratic representa­tion.”

“There had already been incidents where male soldiers refused to serve under female instructor­s and officers, and women have been segregated at a training school’s swimming pool. Another time, officer candidates left a ceremony because women were singing.”

Before  I had favored a two-state solution. Remember that there are 56 Islamic-ma­jority countries in the world and only one Jewish homeland. In many Muslim nations, no one of the Jewish faith is allowed to enter. An example is Libya, both under Gadaffi and now the new government­. The author was involved in Libya’s “Arab Spring.” However, the Islamic parties seem to control the new government there. Islamic parties have or are in the process of taking control of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. Israel is the only country in that area of the world that has a growing Christian population­. In 1994, Christians made up 80% of Bethlehem’­s population­. Today they comprise less than 20%. Given the Islamic surge in Egypt, fori nstance I am concerned that the Coptic Christian population that currently is about 10% of the population will decline substantia­lly. Yes, I favor peace. However, when Israel withdrew from Lebanon in the 1980s, in return it received only rockets. I favored that withdrawal­. I also favored the withdrawal of Israel from the Gaza Strip, and Israel withdrew only to be faced with constant shelling and rockets. So what is the answer?  I wish that the Lord bestows  the peoples of the Middle East can seek a lasting peace.



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