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The Veil question ?

Is banning the Burka – A European debate?

Under new legislation in France, the wearing of the Burka is be banned in all public places, including high streets, supermarkets and on public transport.

This new law, follows the 2004  legislation in France that disallows the wearing of ‘ostentatious religious signs’ (to be worn or displayed) meaning Burkas and Hijabs were already banned in French schools. Some have asked if this new law is simply an extension of this law, but this time targeting muslims specifically?

President Sarkozy, speaking at Versailles earlier this year said: ‘The Burka is not a religious problem, it’s a question of liberty and women’s dignity. It’s not a religious symbol, but a sign of subservience and debasement.’

‘I want to say solemnly, the Burka is not welcome in France. In our country, we can’t accept women prisoners behind a screen, cut off from all social life, deprived of all identity. That is not our idea of freedom.’

His comments have been widely supported in France and have rippled across Europe and the World.

Interestingly, U.K or mainly Canada ha ve not implemented a ban although the topic was widely discussed and a  survey found that 67% of  Canadian voters were in favour of a ban.  As a certain politician  stipulated, the banning of the Burka in Canada would be distinctly “un-Canadian”.

But what about the woman behind the veil?

Another good question would be, how in the Heavens would women—-educated women–here in Canada, today, would even volunteer to wear such a symbol of backward self-abuse, or even be part of promoting a pretext of modesty and protection against immoral male minds existing in Montreal, Quebec ?

This like other cases are insulting!



Well, the Burka, the Niqab or veil ?? It’s a joke, but not a good one. The Burka, the Niqab, and even the veil have nothing to do with « religious beliefs ». It’s written nowhere in the Coran. You can be a perfectly decent muslim with a free hair. It’s about control. It’s about conditioning in a status of sub-humanity from the moment you cross the doorstep.

It’s about politics. It’s about a muslim extreme right. The muslim fundamentalists all agree on the fact that Islam has to be considered as an overall political doctrina, and that the ultimate goal is the Califate, a state ruled only by the Sharia. And so, each time that they have taken the power, the first thing they did has been the mandatory veiling of women. And then comes the rest : suppression of the common suffrage, end of democracy, discriminations against whole groups of the population (women, christians, jews, gays, muslim converts…), political repression, etc.

It also means that « the values behind polygamy are often alien to non-mormon people ». Or that « the values behind the excision of young girls are often alien to westerners ». Or that « the values of having sex with children are often alien to non-members of the «Children of God sect », who does not recognise it as love, but as child abuse… »

Their first aim is to convince that the rights of women are relative, depending on your family religious background. With a perfectly perverse use of the words, « right to », they are patiently trying to unknit the values that North America  and Europe has build in centuries based in biblical foundations, and that mainly rely on the UNIVERSALITY of human rights, and especially the rights of women.

It’s an ideological war. It’s done by people who want to challenge our democratic and freedom-loving values. It’s about time that democrats stand up for reaffirming the rights of women. It’s an emergency for the next generation.

‘Go and ask to the women of Afghanistan if the Burka is a voluntary choice.
Go and ask to the women of Iran if they wear the Niqab willingly.
Go and ask to the women of Saudi Arabia if they feel free with their dress-code.’
Oh yeah ….the ban does worry me because it makes the system in those countries seem as if they are heading towards a dictatorship by targeting a group of people for their religious beliefs. » Dictatorships, Belgium, France ??? Well, let’s all move to democratic paradises as Sudan, Arabia Saudi,  Siria, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen or Gaza where the rights of women, and the rights of the non-muslims are so properly respected……

Yeshua and Women

Mujeres y liderazgo en el Judaismo




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