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Holocaust Education Week Toronto

The 31st Annual Holocaust Education Week  is  being  held from November 1-9, 2011 in Toronto.

Holocaust Education Week, an annual event produced by the Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre every November, presents diverse educational, cultural and community programs, culminating in a Kristallnacht commemoration. The largest Holocaust educational forum of its kind, Holocaust Education Week features leading voices in Holocaust and Human Rights awareness at venues throughout the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding region.

The theme for Holocaust Education Week 2011 is accountability, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the trial of Adolf Eichmann and the 60th anniversary of the first Nuremberg Trials.  The programming will not only reflect upon the dramatic historical event of the trials, but also their implications for public discourse and public memory of the Holocaust; justice versus accountability; personal and collective responsibility; and, accountability today – for human rights advocacy and genocide prevention.

Holocaust Education Week 2011 presents a vast array of programming in a variety of multi-disciplinary formats:

–     scholars from international centres of excellence
–     artists, authors and performers interpreting our theme
–     partnerships with local and regional institutions of distinction
–     programs in French, Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian
–     presentations for young audiences

On 1 November, ITF Chair Ambassador Karel de Beer will be speaking as part of the opening night program.  Other ITF delegates involved in these special events are Kay Andrews, a member from the United Kingdom and the Neuberger’s Educator-in-Residence, and Gerhard Baumgartner, an expert from the Austrian delegation.  Kay Andrews will be presenting in Toronto, Kingston, Cambridge, and Hamilton, and Gerhard Baumgartner will be speaking in Toronto, Cambridge, Kingston, and Montreal.

For more information see official Program


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