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Judaism: Mother and child survival campaign

 We hear pregnancy is considered so natural and childbirth is considered a part of life, but there is a real sense of a complication and death,” said Mary Beth Powers, Save the Children’s chief of the Child Survival Campaign. “One out of seven women will face complication. That’s a global figure.”

Too many pregnancies can deplete mother’s nutrients and stretch her uterus
Many in the developing world do not have access to contraception or maternal care.

The case of  Rachel:  The biblical matriarch Rachel was the wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin.
and still in modern times motherhood  says otherwise.

Way before getting married,  couples need to sit down to have the  sex ed and contraceptives talk ;
“The finantial and kids” or  ” the birth control” talk.  Is not advisable to have children unless they can support them 100%

Why Is it that only women are responsible to control birth. Please  lets push men’s responsibility further down the drain so that they can become one of two things, players and dirt-bags.

In many of these developing countries a man’s image among his people increases the more kids he has.  The women have nothing to say about it whatsoever.  Often little girls are chosen by tribal chiefs to be the chief’s personal sex slave.  Once she is, she will not be desired by any other man.( It is a very brutal society, twisted man-made society).

Most of these women CANNOT get birth control, its frowned upon in their societies, and if they don’t meet their husbands demands he will probably beat her and leave her on the street. Be disgusted with the ideas that force them to live that way, not them.

Let’s pray that Biblical Judaism’s  teachings about  men and women’s responsibility on sex ed and contraceptives talk and action prevails.


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