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Ethnicity & Multiculturalism

Is Multiculturalism Biblical? (II)

Before the reality of   this  horrible act  what does Bible say about Multiculturalism?

Multiculturalism can be thought of as a reality or as an ideal. As a reality, multiculturalism has been a historical phenomenon that  has re-emerged in the last half of the twentieth century.  As an ideal, it is a highly controversial view of human society that has become a source of contention and conflict in the last decade of the twentieth century.

But there was wrong multicultalism in Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome

Babylon:  God’s plan, as found in Acts 17:26-27, for separating the people into different nations according to boundaries and appointed times, is made clear shortly after the great flood in the days of Noah and his family. The Bible tells us in Genesis 10:5 & 32 that God separated Noah’s family by languages into different nations over the whole earth. However, an event happened before they were separated by languages. The people, not desiring to be separated, decided to dwell together, make a name for themselves, and build a common city where they would live. Genesis 11:6-9 tells us that God saw that their hearts were set against his plan for separate nations and he intervened by giving them different languages so they could not communicate and understand one another. As a result they then migrated and were scattered over the whole face of the earth. The place where these different languages were given was named “Babel” because of the confused and incoherent babbling among them.
The prophetic word of God in the book of Daniel prophesies of the last generation and the last Gentile (non believers and seculars) kingdom on earth that will expand its influence over the world. In Daniel’s prophesy we can clearly identify wrong multiculturalism and how it strives to blend all cultures, ideologies, religions and languages together in a united one world society, as opposed to different nations ordained by God. It is not a coincidence that the prophecies of Daniel were given to him in a land previously called “Babel” but in his day called Babylon. This name has become synonymous with the forces who oppose God and is the prophetic name the Bible uses to describe this last kingdom, which likely is a description of the babbling, misunderstanding and confusion created by  wrong”multiculturalism”.
 Daniel describes a kingdom in which the seed of men throughout the world will mingle themselves together but cannot unite with each other. The  Bible explains that these different ideologies cannot harmonize even as iron cannot mingle with clay. The Bible makes it clear that God cannot bear with or tolerate this kingdom, which seeks to combine and mix the different nationalities, languages, cultures, ideologies and religions together and it may be why this will be the last secular nation to rule on earth.

The antonym of multiculturalism is nationalism, which means that the national culture and interests are superior to any other. Multiculturalism holds that each foreign group’s language, culture, religion and ideology must have equal status with those of the host country.

Prophecy: the mingling with the seed of men

Some say the mingling with the seed of men could be either Fallen Angels or demons or even DNA experiments we do not know about,  evidence shows that  Hitler had a hidden genetic plan or  army somewhere.

When we read the book of Daniel ; Clay is gray so maybe they are  Greys Alien doing experiments on us and breeding with humans. Like in the days of Noah so shall the coming of man be.

So this wrong ‘multiculturalism’ may not actually mean humans, it could be related to new Nephilim age appearing in the end times. I am not saying it is not good to have many cultures in society, but the warning signs are there as predicted.

Yes it could also  mean the end of  “Christianity” as a main religion  in the last days, the armies of  Christian haters throughout the world is building up just fine as one expects. But once Christianity it has dried up, your freedoms and way of life can be waved goodbye because the evils of this world will overtake the passive godless people with something a lot more evil and it will creep in like a thief. Once people unite to put Christianity in court and put Christianity out then the fundamental freedoms will be on the cross with it, so in a way this lesson must be learnt but I hope if the rapture takes place we will be out of the way of the deception.


As for Israel and historical Bible accounts, such during the  Spanish Inquision   and  World War 2, the Jews were as a whole complacent again, there were plans for their return but little chance it would happen, but the anti-semites  and Nazi’s got there first. But once they were defeated the world understood that Israel should be a nation again, if it was a war against Islam I am sure Europe could have nuked them out or won against these nations, so I am sure it was not a war against Islam to have the Jews back home, they won the 6day war anyway, again very fitting Biblically. Not only that but Biblical discoveries were made and added more evidence the Bible making historically correct and new discoveries are being made even today. Under Islam you would not be able to unearth such evidence, it would have been thrown away way in the trash as they sometimes do.

So if the Jews stray away or refuse to return to God, God will not defend them spiritually, with that it means their enemies will want to genocide against them, this may even mean like the Old Testament stories of corrupt Angelic demonic beings trying to weave their way up to heaven so the Devil himself may spiritually be saved with demonic half breed races. Even  Yeshua and Moses experienced a genocide against them, to cut their bloodlines and destiny, no different than last  60 years ago, no different today with how Iran posing a threat, well before that Iraq under Saddam had a few plans him self.  But the point of this topic on Multiculturalism  is that the last generations will be weak, we may have Knowledge…   Daniel 12:4
“But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, [even] to the time of the end: many shall run to and from, and knowledge shall be increased.”

Knowledge will be increased as the internet provides accellerated research but the global agenda or the NWO will not be strong, we may be mixing our genes and mixing bussiness but those are the signs waiting to burst out of control.

I say let the one European Govenment come on the scene,
ID everyone have one currecy,
Let  North Korea or Iran go nuclear and despise Israel,
Let  Bible symbols be banned and covered up,
Make CERN a world worry,
Let Swine flu and deseases increase,
Have the world Economy crumble,
Have mankind unite under the same fears,
Make global warming and wild weather more obvious
Increase of terrorism, fanatisism, fundamentalist, radicals, extremists

The list could go on…

Are the signs showing in this Global multiculturalism mixed world yet?


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Anni Orekh (which translated from Hebrew means: I m an editor (Publisher). That it is one the online pen-names of author and Managing Director of DM Enterprises.


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