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WARNING!!!… May 21 2011

WARNING!!! May 21 2011 will be the beginning of God’s judgment.

Anytime God brought judgment He warned His people as we read about Noah, God Gave Noah the exact day, 7 days before the flood, God warned Lot and his family, The Ninivites were warned etc…

When the Ninivites God word Judgment was coming they cried mightily unto God for mercy saying, who can tell, maybe God would have mercy on them Jonah 3:8. We to can beg God for mercy, who can tell, maybe He will have mercy on us.

All this information is taken from the Bible, to find out more information on judgment day , you can go to Familyradio.com  Or just google May 21 2011………NONSENSE!

YES… believe it or not  this is the excerpt  I’ve been reading since February 2011.  I  will post the pictures  of ‘Judment day’ in Toronto from my smartphone. Gosh !!  I’m a spiritual or religious person and I know this claim about May 21, 2011 is nothing more than a false prophecy. In fact, I wonder if this group has even bothered to read the Bible!!, Seeing as how it warns us about these false prophets who claim to know when the world will end. This group is a false prophet and only unfortunate things can come to a person who falls for their concoction.  I mean, think about it. If a human could know when the world would end for sure, then we could have a whole pile of last minute confessors waiting to the end before converting. And that is totally against the idea of a change of  heart based on a deep personal reflection.

Being spiritual or religious is not a mark of stupidity. There are many smart and well-to-do men and women in this world who are spiritual or religious to an extent and know how to succeed in life. What is stupid, is anyone–either atheist or religious– who fails to inform himself/herself by evaluating  ALL sides of an issue and passes a rash judgement or decision based on uninformed sentiment. 

Read the Scriptures, seek  for the Almightyand might hebestow many  blessings upon you.

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