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Niburu Planet X Explanations

Niburu Planet X Explanations

In 1851, in what is now known as Iraq, archeologists and explorer sir Henry Austen Layard discovered a library of 22,000 tablets containing what we still know to be the earliest writings on earth. The writings date back to over 6,000 years ago when the region was known as Mesopotamia, Sumer or Babylon.  Amongst these vast writings is a story which mirrors the book of Genesis in the Bible. It tells a story of a great flood which reshaped the face of the planet Earth and all of her inhabitants. It tells the story of a tower built and the creation of the spoken word.

These writings include a star map of what appears to be the Sun and its planets. The writings include detailed descriptions and maps of our solar system matching what we know today and beyond. They always include a tenth planet in an orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Known to them as Nibiru,  many today refer to it as Planet X.

It is written that the tenth planet, Nibiru/Planet X, was thrust into our solar system and collided with the planet Tiamat. The remaining bulk of Tiamat over time became our present Earth, and the rest of her became the asteroid belt. In retrograde to the other nine planets, Nibiru took orbit around our sun in a long ecliptic path. Lasting 3,600 years, it passes between Mars and  Jupiter. In recent years, based on the patterns of our known solar system, astronomers have been looking for a planet with this same orbit. In search of this planet they discovered Pluto. The “official” search for this Planet X continues…

Planet X is Real! NASA Admits Possibility of “Large Planet in Outer Solar System”

Planet X, Nibiry or Woormwood whatever Updates – Is NASA Keeping Us in the Dark?


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