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Missional life and Hebraic Ministry


Instead of keeping everything for ourselves, let’s take what we have and give it away. That does not merely mean contributing money; it also means giving away our time and talents. Every day you and I have opportunities to be a blessing to the poor, widowed, fatherless, and not-yet-believers. Think about the influence of one blessing in one life. Something as simple as hospitality and a warm meal in your home can open the door to incredible conversations. Be a blessing and build relationships that lead to spiritual conversations.


Find places where you can eat, get your haircut, fuel up your car, shop for groceries, and drink coffee. Then become a regular at those places at the same day and time rather than bouncing around town from place to place. Smile and be genuine. Learn names, be a great tipper (Be A Blessing), ask questions, and develop great relationships. Find a place and make it your third home as a regular


Go out of your way to meet new people. As an alternative to waiting on people to introduce themselves to you, become the initiator. Talk to your co-workers. Meet your neighbors. When you see a need, take the initiative to make sure it is met. Pray and approach the situation as an opportunity to build relationships. Initiate conversations with people you do not know.



Learn about a non-profit organization in your city, and take one Sunday a month to serve as a volunteer. Take your family, neighbors, or community group and make a day of it. There are always volunteer opportunities but never enough volunteers. Go out and make a difference as a volunteer.



Think, act, and be a missionary where you live, work, and play. Learn about other cultures, ethnicities, and socioeconomic classes that are part of your city and place yourself in situations where you will be surrounded by people who are not like you. Instead of thinking that not-yet-believers will come to  Community Synagogue, go out into the community and teach Yeshua’s teaching to them. Never assume that everyone knows Yeshua; instead, live as a missionary, remember he was the perfect Missiologist.


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