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Jews and the World

Saying ‘Not to Christmas” in a nice Jewish way

Let me get be straight right away….
The most important question should be as Jews and  as believers: Why do we need Christmas?  Do we not have our own holidays, our own traditions? Do we need to (if even in a secular fashion) pay tribute to a holiday that was traditionally marked by Inquisition, pogroms and other displays of Anti-Semitism?

Should we engage in the orgy of excess that many Canadians engage in during December, and then suffer the feelings of guilt, not to mention the consequences of financial irresponsibilty, that come in January? I have nothing against Christians who choose to practice their religion as long as they dont force it on me. That said, I see the concept of a Jewish Christmas as non-sensical as a Jewish Easter. Whether as some say Jesus existed or not, is irregardless to the fact. Christmas originated as a pagan holiday, and continues to be so to this day.

I may not be the best Jewess, or the most Jewish of Jews, but that said, I do know that a key belief in Judaism is the belief in one G-d. We do not celebrate various Hindu holidays, so to celebrate the holidays of our persecutors is not only foolish, either; Hinduism, like Christianity, claims to worship one god in three forms.

Having any Christmas traditions are an exercise in self-hating; after all, if it wasn’t for a Romanized and later on a Catholicism self-hating all-Jewish mainly with the Nicene Creed, we wouldn’t have suffered so much at the hands of “Christians”. I do not care what other religions do, as long as it is not forced on me; I am not their judge, their monitor, nor do I want to be. I am not the supreme authority over other Jews either. However, if we wish to survive as a people, we need to keep our traditions, our seperateness, and by adopting the holidays of Christians, we imperil our future and disrespect the sufferings of our ancestors.



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Anni Orekh (which translated from Hebrew means: I m an editor (Publisher). That it is one the online pen-names of author and Managing Director of DM Enterprises.


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