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What did Yeshua(Jesus) did from 12-30 years old?

What did Yeshua (Jesus) did from 12-30 years old?
How come the Bible doesnt talk about  Yeshua ‘s life (Jesus) beteewn 12- 30 years ?

Well to start with the Bible does not talk about many other things either. Many people have wondered this over the years, and the truth is, only Yeshua(Jesus)  himself could say for sure. In the Bible there is a time gap between those ages; however, many people subscribe to the belief that for those 18 years of his life Yeshua(Jesus)  was having fellowship time with his father as well as preparing for what he knew he had to do in the future. Remember, no one just all of a sudden decides to live a perfect life and die a horrific death on a cross, that takes about 18 years of preparation.
What happened to Yeshua(Jesus) between the ages of 13 and 30?

Nothing special. When Luke interviewed Miriam (Mary) to formulate the early chapters of his gospel, he obviously found out from her that life was fairly normal for Yeshua(Jesus) between those years. Nothing that was relevant to His ministry and purpose. People have tried to fill in this time with all sorts of fanciful things from trips to the Americas, Alexandria in Egypt to travelling to India. All out of the question. Had there been anything special, Miriam (Mary)  would have told Luke.
The truth is that Yeshua(Jesus) lived as a normal person in a normal household and learnt the trade of Joseph, his putative father. That was his task until he reached adulthood, which in Jewish culture of the time, was 30.


The facts are simple. The early life of  Yeshua(Jesus) was never recorded because the gospel writers did not deem this important. After his prologue John, the closest to Yeshua(Jesus) of all the apostles, simply records his last three years of ministry – what he knew to be important. Mark one of the Gospel writer does the same. Matthew follows the same line except to record his birth stories solely with the purpose of showing fulfilment of the prophesies foretelling the messiah. Luke records the birth stories, and the story of Yeshua(Jesus) in the Temple solely for the purpose of reinforcing Yeshua(Jesus)’ divinity or out-of-this World  powers. If one, even today, was compiling, say, a biography of Adolf Hitler, one would not include any information about his childhood, or his teen years, unless it was relevant to what made him an evil tyrant during World War 2, and any biography would naturally concentrate almost solely on his rise to power and his leadership of Nazi Germany. The Gospels in the Scriptures are concerned primarily with the divinity and mission of Messiah and therefore concentrate on this period only – after all, this is the period with which followers were interested.

Nevertheless for those with curiosity, we can glean some information from the gospels. First, there is absolutely no hint of any suspicion that Yeshua(Jesus)  left Galilee between the ages of 13 and 30. We know he had brothers and sisters – James, the brother of Yeshua(Jesus) became a great Home based  Congregation leader and wrote a great deal (including the letter attributed to him in the New Testament) – again with no hint. Nor a hint from his mother, nor from his disciples, nor from Paul. Nor from any of the other writers of the new testament. Nor from the many writers of the Early Congregation who either knew Yeshua(Jesus)  first hand or whose teachers knew him. Secondly, we are told that the crowds in Nazareth had no idea where Yeshua(Jesus) had such insight into the Law or Torah. If he had been away for most of his life they would have had some idea.  After hearing him preach, they all commented ‘is this not the carpenter’s son?’, or, on another occasion ‘is this not the carpenter?’ suggesting that he was well known to them all long before the start of his mission. Another simple fact is that Yeshua(Jesus) was rejected in his home town of Nazareth as he was so well known and many could not understand how the local carpenter should suddenly become as he did. He was born in Bethlehem but he was raised and grew in Nazareth . This is hardly the response of people if Yeshua(Jesus) was a stranger returned from a time in India or somewhere else. There are countless other pieces of evidence obtainable from the four gospels if one knows them well that pours scorn on any theory that Yeshua(Jesus) left that area, even if he could – as travel to and from Jerusalem was not only physically difficult, but it was almost impossible to travel outside the empire because of the regime that they found themselves. Sadly there are those who have commented here who do not know the life of Yeshua(Jesus) well, and, because of their ignorance of these things, jump on any bandwagon either to pin fantastic stories to this man that have no basis in truth, or to discredit the man-raised by God whom billions of believers  have even worshipped over the last two millennia!!. Their ideas are as fanciful (and offensive) as saying that Hitler was really a nice guy but misunderstood.  ( if  I ‘d been born and with power to do something to a captured Hitler ?  I’d had volunteered to skin-peel him  alive; most importantly he deserved to be plastered alive in a cast with not food or water for at least one week , no least no less) but  he killed himself … he dreamed what was coming to him.


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