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Comunidad Mexicana Israelita el Neguev “Venta Prieta”

The Marranos and their descendants may be divided into four categories.The first of these were those that legitimately converted to Catholiscim ( biggest mainstream religion of ‘Christianity), whether for expedience or faith, we will never know, but who since their conversion considered themselves Christian, and raised their families as such. These were called “New Catholics” “New Christians”  or “Conversos.”

The second category is composed of those who, most likely devoid of any real affection for Judaism and indifferent to every form of religion, embraced the opportunity of exchanging their oppressed condition as Jews for the careers opened to them by acceptance of Catholicism. They simulated the Catholic faith when it was to their advantage, and often mocked Jews and Judaism.

A number of Spanish poets belong to this category, such as Pero Ferrus, Juan de Valladolid, Rodrigo Cota, and Juan de España of Toledo, called also “El Viejo” (the old one), who was considered a sound Talmudist, and who, like the monk Diego de Valencia, himself a baptized Jew, introduced in his pasquinades Hebrew and Talmudic words to mock the Jews. There were also many who, for the sake of displaying their new zeal, persecuted their former coreligionists, writing books against them, and denouncing to the authorities those who wished to return to the faith of their fathers, as happened frequently at Valencia, Barcelona, and many other cities (Isaac b. Sheshet, Responsa, No. 11).

The third category consists of those who held to the Jewish faith in which they had been reared. These were known as “Judíos Escondidos” – hidden Jews. They preserved the traditions of their fathers; and, in spite of the high positions which some held, they secretly attended synagogue, and fought and suffered for their religion. Many of the wealthiest Marranos of Aragon belonged to this category, including the Zaportas of Monzón, who were related by marriage to the royal house of Aragon; the Sanchez; the sons of Alazar Yusuf of Saragossa, who intermarried with the Cavalleria and the Santangel; the very wealthy Espes; the Paternoy, who came from the vicinity of Verdun to settle in Aragon; the Clemente; the sons of Moses Chamoro; the Villanova of Calatayud; the Coscon; and others.

Check out this Crypto-marrano-converso-Jews  (Mexico)
The Jews of Venta Prieta, Mexico

Hidalgo’s lost tribe



Disclaimer:  the numbers here are pretty different from other numbers I found online, and Wiki is Wiki, so you might want to check other resouces if you’re interested.  Maybe even hit the library. Or see this flick, about the last Marranos, which sounds fascinating!


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