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Jewish religious Movements & Divisions


Our Organization
Hineni  is organized by divisions. Our six divisions each have their own coordinator on staff, and usually several staff department heads. The coordinators meet with the lead elders to form the management team. They are in turn responsible, through the lead elders, to the board of elders.

Adult Ministries
Hineni  is a national leader in forming and operating home groups. We provide scores of home groups under several different models. This division oversees both home groups and our Central Tannak Teachings (CTT). Sphere leaders are responsible for each sphere of home groups organized by the CTT they attend, providing better support and a sense of community at CTTs.

Equipping Ministries
At Hineni, we are convinced that equipping lay people for ministry is the key to healthy growth. Hineni offers extensive classes, teachings, conferences and a Hebraic Research and /or  Study Center to help teach believers about their faith and their ministry.

Student Ministries
Energetic and effective, the Hineni student ministries group reaches out to children (Josiah) Junior High (Shine ), High School  and College students (Star). We also oversee the hineni biblical resources for schools. For college students living outside Toronto, Ontario, we offer Real Life, an alternative  a modern biblical magazine.

Missions is a high priority in Hineni. We are committed to sharing our resources cross-culturally around the world, as well as with the poor in our own city. Urban Concern is our nationally known effort to share God’s love with the disadvantaged.

Support Services
Every day at Hineni we pray we will never lose our excitement for sharing Messiah’s love with people who don’t know him. This division oversees adult outreach ministry teams;  the Communications Department and (who operates this Blog/Web site); and our External Relations team, who organizes our conferences and provides equipping materials for believers outside Hineni. We also offer various pastoral counseling services to assist people.

Operations & Administration
A lot of planning and networking go on behind-the-scenes in a ministry like Hineni. This includes our present building projects, human resources, finanzes and fund-raising. Take advantage of manuals for human relations or our innovative fiscal support team.


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