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Hineni Hebraic Fellowship  is not a large meeting congregation that happens to have home based groups or just online presence.  Apart from its publishing division ,it is a ministry that also has large offline meetings,  seminars , retreats and short mission trips too.

Yeshua call us “the salt of the Earth”, but how can we be used?

Long before home groups became popular in “North America Christianity”,  Jews had it first in Israel with Yeshua’s movement, being Saul (Paul)  a leading home based group founder……This Hineni division  was based entirely on home based congregations vision and delivers Online Shabbat Services. In fact, we began with online bible study and services years before we had large meetings. Still today, we view home groups as essential to developing close friendships and personal discipleship as prescribed in the Tannak and more along the Good News, and more people attend our home group meetings than our large central teachings.

About Home Groups
What is a Home Based Group?
Why have Home Based Groups?
Join a Home Based Group
Introduction & Video
Visiting a Home Based Group
Leader’s Information
Training Leaders
Leadership Requirements
Leadership Teams
Home Based Group Growth
Worship & Home Based Groups
Families & Home Based Groups
Motivating Involvement
Teaching Resources
Oversight of Leaders

You can read more about  Yeshua’s Missiologist Movement in Biblical Judaism    here

Home Group Oversight    Home Based Group Consultations     Home Based Group Consultant    Home Group Topics of Interests……. 
 also showcase  at  http://hinenipress.blogspot.com/ 



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