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Sex and Religion

Why parentss don’t talk to their kids about sex?

Since our children are living in a very sexually charged culture, it is important to give them a proper sex education. However, if they’re only taught the techniques and pleasures of sex, without also being taught absteenance and morality of it, then they will be deprived of the chance to learn that the difference between human and animal is that human has self-control.

We need to be more open and positive about sex than the priggish, indoctrinated generations before us. I don’t expect my daughter to abstain from a safe, healthy, positive sexual experience. I’m advising her to take precautions against pregnancy and STD’s and when she choose her marriage partner, this has to respect her. Yes, i’m not agaings she having many boyfriends. I’ve also made it clear that marriage and procreation are optional lifestyle decisions. Marriage is not for everyone and having a kid out of wedlock won’t help. I am a responsible parent who knows that part of  my job is not to own them and bully them into some crazy mould created in the 50’s or before  but to safely guide them and help them develop into decent, happy adult humans. Still today Mom and Dad are too busy doing their own thing to care about what their kids are doing as a parent sex talk is a topic you have to deal  with it.

I wish I could go back in time and have someone love me enough to talk to me so that I could understand what relationships are all about. Number one it is not about sex. so because I live in the present I want the best specially for my daughther. I think that girls should be taught that sex is something normal and natural, and that it is something to be respected. Otherwise, keeping kids in the dark about sex and sexuality, and  they will have no choice but to turn to the media for help. Teaching kids that sexuality should be respected and valued; that it is healthy and normal, and instilling in them a self-confidence and  respect will give you confident and  healthy teenagers making smart choices.

It doesn’t matter if you kid is attending a religious jewish school or not, teens just like kids love to explore. Brought up in a society where abstinence without proper information is the only option will lead them to having oral (or maybe anal) sex, without knowing the risks or what proper protection they should be using, and end up with an STI. Pregnancy is no longer the biggest worry of unprotected sex. We have to worry about AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, and other diseases and infections that you can catch by not technically “having sex” in the biblical, procreation sense, but by sex-play that, from what you have been taught, should be safe, since you weren’t told about all the risks.

Having religious zealots (Jewish or not ) and the creepy catholics abstinence crusades, advertizing using breasts to push beer, and awkward parents still blushing whenever someone mentions the word “penis” it’s a wonder that kids’ sexuality isn’t more warped than it already is. It is my regret that my parents didn’t push past the awkwardness and had a frank, open conversation or  discussion with me on the topic. I’m also resentful of the backward Catholic education system in Latin America that did nothing to help the cause.

 It’s reassuring that there are still mature people out there, who can have a rational conversation about sex without being embarassed or titillated.


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