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Hitler’s family tree

Of course Adolf Hitler  was never  an observant Jew and due to life circunstance he might had simply become a self hating jew   because  his jewish ancentry, lineage and bloodline could be traced.  It makes us think on over and over again on whether Jewish identity is defined as ethnic, cultural or religious?.
Have asked yourself what is the different or who really is a jew? A real jew is an observant jew.  A  jew following and living  a Tora-based life.
Remember that  all these people were and are “jews” ??. If it’s for bloodline or lineage  Hitler and his squad or team have a little but deep reasons to find and murder jews; Don’t you think?  You can read  here.  and probably you can also learn if they were spared or save due to being a half- jews, or just for having patrilineal jewish descend?  as ignorants from the Talmud- based Judaism  have spread the lie that a jew is someone of  jewish mother only.
There is evidence that Hitler feared he had Jewish ancestry, and to reassure his fellow Nazi Party members he showed an extreme hatred for Jews so no one doubted his ancestry. A closer examination of his family history shows that he had reason to believe he had Jewish ancestry though any definitive answer to this question will probably remain a mystery.  He tried to behave different of the sterotype people created of most jews. Eerything about Hitler’s character was exactly the opposite of the jewish characteristics. Hitler had no interest in money making or commercialism of any kind. He had no money of his own right to the very end. His extreme idealism isn’t a characteristic of jews. His selfless love of his people and the giving of his life for the cause of his people.
Hitler’s father (Alois) and mother (Klara Poelzl) were Austrians and, depending on the identity of Alois’s father, were possibly niece and uncle, or second cousins but due to the lack of known documentation concerning Alois’s father a true relationship will probably be never known. Alois was the son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber, a peasant cook. His father is unknown but there has been speculation that he was either Johann Nepomuk Hiedler; his brother Johann Georg Hiedler (a wandering miller who married Maria five years after Alois’s birth), or a Jew from Graz named Frankenberger or Frankenreither.
It is possible that Maria worked as a domestic in a house with the name of Frankenberger. The consensus of serious opinion makes Johann Nepomuk the grandfather; the man who raised Alois, though historian Fest writes that Johann Nepomuk eventually claimed his brother was the real father. As biographer Kershaw points out, the question of family in-breeding becomes more obvious if Johann Nepomuk is the grandfather, which would make him the grandfather of both Adolf and his mother Klara Poelzl. Both historians Toland and Fest believe that there was only a slight chance of a Frankenberger or Frankenreither being Alois’s father.
Hitler asked Hans Frank, once Governor General of Poland and Hitler’s attorney, in the 1930’s to investigate the chance that his grandfather was the nineteen-year old son of the Frankenberger family from Graz. Frank allegedly found the existence of letters from the Frankenbergers to Maria with payment, but no complete proof was ever established.
With so many self hating jews as Karl Marx,  Stalin or Thomas de Torquemeda,  I won’t be fooled or  surprised;  though Hitler jewish heritage has never proved .

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Anni Orekh (which translated from Hebrew means: I m an editor (Publisher). That it is one the online pen-names of author and Managing Director of DM Enterprises.


3 thoughts on “Hitler’s family tree

  1. Stalin a Jew?
    Ha-ha-ha. Being a Soviet historian i couldn’t find find the proof of it here, in the former Soviet countries, but you all-knowing foreigners think you know everything. He was just a natural, typical and bloody Georgian, that’s all.

    Posted by York Lancaster | July 21, 2011, 9:53 am
    • You can believe what you whant facts are facts. Stalin no only may have had one or more Jewish ancestors, blood and lineage but was he was jewish ( a very secular one indeed)– and desgraciado , “Joseph is not a Russian name”. Also, one of Stalin’s sons was named Yakov, which is the the proper pronounciation of the name Jacob, who was the father of the jews. His name: Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili provide any clues? One source, which I am not sure is totally objective, indicates that the surname is translated as “son of a Jew” (much like the anglicized name Jewison).

      If a Russian woman is named Rachel and not Svetlana, there would be some question about her ancestry in my mind. If a german man is named Yakov and not Gunter there would be some question about his ancestry in my mind.

      Besides that, I don’t think a Georgian or Slav would be as cruel to his own nation as Stalin was to the Russian peoples. But nowadays all one need do is DNA analysis on a remains to find out about the ancestry.

      Many “historians”‘ know also that Joseph Stalin’ were not his given names. He adopted “Stalin” to conceal his real identity when he became politically active, and also, I suppose, because he liked the idea that he was the ‘man of steel’.

      It is very simple to lie about one’s ancestry so him being a part of the Orthodox Church is no great thing. Stalin only used the church when it suited his purposes, particularly as a part of a rallying cry when hitler invaded Russian.

      Most so-called Russian immigrants in the U.S. are actually jewish Russians. They have been trying to erase the fact I don’t know for what stupid reason. If Stalin decided to be a son of perdition he alone will stand his trial.

      Posted by herenciasefardi | July 24, 2011, 3:15 pm
      • Dear ‘historian” here is jokingly proof.

        1- he changed his name
        2-all his lovers (wife & affair) were semtic (jewish)
        3- he was 5.4
        4- hook nose
        (no one suggested him plastic surgey)


        1. There’s more to suggest that Stalin and his lover (Rubinstein) had a thing. To this day, the Russian secret service won’t give up the name of the street that Rubinstein’s daughter lived on in Moscow. And nothing screams sexy-Stalin affair like governmental secrecy.

        2. Stalin was by choice a communist and as such we can assume that he was also an deep atheist, since communism believes that there is no God, (was it Marx who famously stated that religion is the opium of the masses?) he certainly persecuted all religions. Too bad he was raised a “Christian” !! YEAH –Eastern Orthodox –and even attended a seminary in his youth and started training as a priest, though I believe that he did not complete the training. The rumours that he was not of jewish ancestry probably arise from latent anti semitism.

        Keep doing research it will bring you the light.
        Jewish city feared by Stalin is rediscovered

        Posted by herenciasefardi | July 24, 2011, 3:36 pm

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