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Yeshua or Jesus?

Yeshua” is far more accurate word to write about Messiah.  The English name “Jesus” has absolutely no pagan connection and is simply a derivation of “Yesous,” the Greek transliteration of “Yeshua.” We specifically stated this because the Messiah’s Hebrew name is usually transliterated as either Yeshua or Yahshua.

The name of Messiah is a separate issue, since we know FOR CERTAIN that his name is NOT “Jesus”; thus, a false name for Messiah is DEFINITELY being knowingly promoted. Here at Hineni all and myself  we use “Yeshua”.   Under normal circumstances I would not bother to write an article about something as trivial as the difference between the vowel sounds “e” and “ah.” There is a need to address the subject, though, because some people who use the Yahshua form say untrue things about those who use the Yeshua form. The opponents of the Yeshua form claim that this pronunciation is the result of a Jewish conspiracy to hide the Savior’s true name. Those who call the Messiah Yeshua are accused of perpetuating a Jewish conspiracy and “denying His name” or “degrading Him” by their use of the Yeshua form. If you have never read or heard these outlandish accusations, you probably will eventually. From time to time I receive personal letters to this effect.

First  I do not know of a single individual that knows Hebrew well enough to actually read it and understand it and converse in it who uses the Yahshua form. Second The Bible was not written in English. What we read in English today are translations from other languages. The “New Testament” or “Good News” mostly  was written in Greek. Hence, the name “Jesus” is found nowhere in the Scriptures—it is a translation of the Greek name “Iesous” (pronounced “[ee]yeh-sooce”). “Iesous” came over into the Latin “Jesu” (pronounced “yehsoo”) and finally into English as “Jesus.” So in the most technical sense, saying “Jesus” is saying a twice-removed translation of the name we find in the ‘Good News”. 
or  “New Testament” Scriptures (emphasis in original) .

Please do not misunderstand. A person does not need to know Hebrew and Greek linguistics in order to be spiritual. However, if a person is going to take it upon himself to instruct others about subjects of a linguistic and Hebraic nature, he should know the Hebrew language and he should know some basics about linguistics. This is especially true if he is going to use his Hebrew-based linguistic teachings to accuse his brethren of being part of a “Jewish conspiracy” to “deny the true name of the Messiah.”

The English form Jesus is derived from the New Testament Greek name Ihsouß, pronounced “Yesous.” According to Strong’s, Yesous (Strong’s #2424) is “of Hebrew origin” and can be traced back to Joshua’s Hebrew name, Yehoshua (#3091, [wvwhy). But how do we get the Greek Yesous from the Hebrew Yehoshua? Someone armed with nothing more than a Strong’s Concordance may have difficulty answering that question. Someone who reads the Bible in Hebrew, though, knows that the name Joshua sometimes appears in its shortened form, Yeshua ([wvy) in Neh. 8:17 it is apparent even in English: “Jeshua the son of Nun.” (The letter J was pronounced like a Y in Old English.) Strong does not tell the reader that the Greek Yesous is actually transliterated from this shortened Hebrew form, Yeshua, and not directly from the longer form Yehoshua. The process from “Yehoshua” to “Jesus” looks like this:

Hebrew Yehoshua à Hebrew Yeshua

Hebrew Yeshua à Greek Yesous

Greek Yesous à English Jesus

There is no “sh” sound in Greek, which accounts for the middle “s” sound in Yesous. The “s” at the end of the Greek name is a grammatical necessity, to make the word declinable.

In Neh. 8:17, Joshua’s name is 100% identical to the name which today’s Messianic Jews use for the Messiah, Yeshua ([wvy).

 The name of Messiah is a separate issue, since we know FOR CERTAIN that his name is NOT “Jesus”; thus, a false name for Messiah is DEFINITELY being knowingly promoted. Here at Hineni all and myself use “Yeshua”.

Not only is Jesus now called a false messiah, but it is supposed to be for antijewish tradition! So this whole Yeshua thing is getting further and further from the truth. But we do not believe this, nor do we teach this junk.It seems that these present-day Yeshua people are similar to Paul before he joined  the movement, who stated that at that time I too was convinced that I ought to do all that was possible to oppose the name of  Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth (Acts 26:9).

Believers in or with  the ‘Sacred movement’s bug” are trying to build a case with no proof from the Good News or New Testament or simply wasting time in trivial things when they are more important things to do as to dedicate time for missions.(human relief, education, health).  Yeshua said “Go ye into All the World, and Preach the Gospel to every Creature”.   Matthew 28:19-20

Yeshua’s movement and Missions

 Carefully notice that Yeshua didn’t instruct to go into the world and make music. Yeshua didn’t instruct to go into the world and start a business. Yeshua didn’t instruct to go into the world and write books. No, rather, Yeshua’s inspired Words instruct us to PREACH THE GOSPEL.  Matthew 28:19-20 are commonly referred to as “The Great Commission.    We don’t belong to an ‘exclusivist club’, G-d want his Word and blessings  for everybody Jews and non-Jews since Abraham, remember ?

Most believers and recently certain groups of Messianic Jews  fail to realize that there are two parts to The Great Commission: 1) Preaching the Gospel, and 2) Teaching new adherents to the faith how to be soulwinners. The Lord wants us to go soulwinning and then teach those whom we have the privilege of leading to the Lord how to become soulwinners themselves. There is a Biblical mandate for each believer to go forth preaching the Gospel. We must give account to God for each day of our life (Romans 14:12). So going  and preaching  the message, the  so called proselytizing is part of our  faith, Yeshua’s movement.

We are here for Yeshua’s Teachings and Biblical Judaism not for Rabbinic or Talmudic  Judaism. Faith without works is nothing and works without faith is nothing too.

Since the Talmud says that “a Jew who sins is still a Jew.” it’s that a higher authoritive than the Tannak or Torah itself? Why is not Satan in heavens or still taking  part in G-d’s business ?,…well if you go according to Talmud it will fit as he sinned and he was an ‘angel’…… Don’t be silly and  pray for Scripture ignorants such those schooled by  Hesh Morgan.

I wonder what kind of  “fantastic” reward ….sinner Jews like Stalin or others alike  will get…  but just check out what happened  to this sinner jew name Korah….Yeah I bet he was proud of being a ‘Jew’,  Numbers 16:1-40 indicates that Korah rebelled against Moses, therefore YHWH ‘s Leadership and  he was punished for his .  At the time of Korah’s engulfment, the earth became like a funnel, and everything that belonged to him,  rolled till it fell into the chasm.

Again, the Good News or the New Testament was not written in Hebrew but rather in Greek and translated directly into English ( in our case) because is a fact that  Bible or the Holy Scripture  has been translated to other languages in the World; thus living in an  English speaking society has been easier  to read it . So God wanted the known and famous Greek speaking inhabited world at that time of the first century to know the name of Messiah, which brings salvation, healing and power off  demons, either using  the translation of  “Iesous” (or Jesus in English) or  “Yeshua.” If God wanted the Jewish writers of the Good News New Testament to use Yeshua they would have but they didn’t. It’s great that today few of us can use , learn and teach the truth without fuss.  To say  that Yeshua means “salvation” is not a unique or  clear connection to the Savior raised in Nazareth. It doesn’t identify the one who shed his blood on the cross of Golgota, rose from the dead and is coming back again, as the GN or NT.  Yeshua was born in Bethleen but his ministry developed in Nazareth, there were other jewish men even in his time claiming to be ‘Messiah’.

Yeshua (Jesus)has the name that is above every name (Phil. 2:9). It, therefore, should be used unashamedly in our English speaking society in spite of all the lies and fabrications being spread around by certtain Messianic Jews or rabinnic/Talmudic Jews. It is also noteworthy to consider that Shaul(Paul) was a Hebrew of Hebrews (Phil. 3:5), yet wasn’t off on some strange fictional concept that Iesous (Greek for the English equivalent Jesus) was inferior or that it had pagan roots like some Hebrews of our day that claim to believe in the Messiah of Christianity (Catolicism).

Yeshua is never found in the OT or NT in reference to Messiah. Messiah is never identified by name in the Hebrew Old Testament Scriptures.

To the millions of people that have been saved, healed and delivered from sin, sickness and demons because of the precious name of Jesus these aforementioned types of attacks on the Savior’s name are most disturbing. I for one am no longer passive about this as I once was. At least many, if not all, Yeshua people are spreading amazing lies, fabrications and misinformation about the name that makes demons shudder and brings salvation and therefore they need to be corrected and opposed.

For The Record

Jesus is not derived from the pagan source of Isus.
Jesus is not a false name.
Jesus is not of pagan origins.
Jesus is not a false name for Messiah.
Jesus is not a twice-removed translation of the name.
Jesus is not merely a name used by boastful Christians who killed Jews.
Jesus is not being used for the sake of (antitorah, antijewish) tradition.
There is no emphasis in the Bible to restore ” the Savior” to  His Jewish identity.
Yeshua (Jesus)  is the only name in which salvation is found (Acts 4:12).

Yeshua indicated YHWH was his God.

The instances where Yeshua appeared to sound like he was God the Father Himself are relatively few. But one cannot read the gospels or the book of Revelation without getting the picture over and over again that Yeshua looked up to God as his Father, and did not consider himself equal to Him.

Yeshua’s own testimony concerning himself appears to indicate that he had a beginning in that he was the first of God’s creations.  But however one wants to interpret this, it is evident that Yeshua is in some way, the creation of YHWH, and therefore not YHWH Himself.


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Anni Orekh (which translated from Hebrew means: I m an editor (Publisher). That it is one the online pen-names of author and Managing Director of DM Enterprises.


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