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A rabbi Ready to Face Firing Squad?..Yeah Satanic forces are working through him!

 The hatred and the open hostility faced by Sephardic Jews   in much of the Haredi school system in Israel, is real.  There has been clashes and it’s is proven by Slonimer Rebbe’s words. Speaking to the press, Slonimer Rebbe said, I have no shadow of a doubt that they (the members of Israel’s Supreme Court) know the truth, that their words are lies to the core, this is a struggle between faith and heresy, between sacred power and impure satanic forces? A struggle that we’ve always known would break out at the end of days.”

As his words indicate, for the rebbe and all those who support him, this is no longer simply a matter of Ultra-Orthodox resentment of any but their own authorities; this is now an apocalyptic struggle. When leaders start mobilizing around end-of-days talk, look out! That’s the kind of talk which leads to the dissolution of nations, and often by violence


I would agree to the core with this words:

Who knows, perhaps the Rebbe is right and there are “satanic forces” at work here. And perhaps they are working through him!

People should know that,  the haredim community and Jews practicing Haredi Judaism go beyond a rejection of science, progress, tolerance, and multiculturalism, to an utter disregard for the  Sacred Scriptures and  Israel’s democratic traditions. They follow the old Roman Catholic model of a hierarchical elite who answer to no one; they distort Torah teachings in order to manipulate and control others. This is not Judaism, that is fundamentalist religous fanatics.  They tend to be extreme bigoted, unreasonable and usually, misogynistic.


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