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What Happens When American Jews Criticize Israel?

What Happens When American Jews Criticize Israel?

I highly recommend that the Israeli gov read their Old Testament carefully. It seems that every time they begin to think of themsleves as flawless and above criticism, they were attacked and even conquered. It is the times when they were not caring about the people with whom they shared this Promised Land that they were most chastened. God may love them, but with that love comes expectations that they act in the best interest of all people, not only themsleves.

So some homework is prescribed – read Jeremiah, Amos, and Hosea and learn from the mistakes and missteps of your predecessors. These are not the only prophets who spoke to similar situations. But they are significant enough to warrant a thorough discussion. Otherwise you will once more squander and lose the very gift you so adamantly insist is your right.

 This stem from this American Jews and Israel    and you can start seeing ‘results in the Latest Israel-Gaza conflict .


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