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20 Reasons Why We Still Need The “F” Word

In our privileged world “Feminism” has become a dirty word. For most western young women, to be called a Feminist is an insult.

My son and his girlfriends associate Feminism with anti-men and women who wear unattractive clothes. To them the “F” word is, at best, dated and no longer relevant.

If we could perhaps change the name, I’m told, Feminism might become more palatable.

I don’t really care what it’s called.

What I do care about is that the job of Feminism is far from done. In fact, there are many urgent reasons why we need Feminism now, more than ever.

Here are 20 of them: http://unwrittenrulesthebook.com/blog/

By Lynn Harris

Other  educational readings

2.   Riduleces y abusos existentes que no se deben tolerar.

This author wrote an earlier post on….. how it believe in Saudi Arabia the perception and view (no pun intended) of the woman’s body is taken to the extreme.  A woman is naturally blessed with hips, waist and breast.  Yet in Saudi Arabia so much emotional ire is raised about a woman’s body and how the woman must not expose herself as men will not be able to control themselves or their carnal desires.

3.    Gender Stereotypes- Not Just A Woman’s Issue


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