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Fair, Balance and Insighful

I’m a avid reader . I love reading since I was 5 years old and the same way that I growing up owning a copy of  the Torah  it’s as  important as to have  books such  as  “The woman in Jewish Law and Tradition” by Michael kaufman, the Talmud or  “The Joy of sex and more joy of sex Edited by Alex Comfort.

I firmly believe in education and career advancement  of all ( man and women), I firmly believe in applying the Word to modern or comtemporary times.  Attending and having Jewish education help me grasp levels of understanding of many things including women issues in Judaism and the World. One of my greatest motivators growing up and up to today it’s found in Eclessiastes 7.12.

I keep myself current with great readings apart from the ‘classical’ , career or educational books  and encourage others to do so. So others can learn and be clarify in a number of issues. Fair , balance and insighful. Customs , attitudes, Torah-based or halachic decisions making in differents times and cultures ( remember we live in planet Earth? , lots of ethnics and languages.)

It’s not from God segregation of gender or races. It’s not from God that kids be taught sex or religion at school when parents should be the first teachers. It’s not from God that kids learn about what it means to be a jew or a cross cultural person outside home or their community.  We shouldnt give racial stereotypes and unequal treatment to those of different races..however, the ‘majority’ and ‘minority’ classifications of people still exist and we have to deal with it but all starts at home and with a great book known as Torah or the Bible.
We as believers are not to be but a light to others. We are not here to be ‘groupist’, our call and mission is  just as the One True God it’s  universal. One comunity to the nations. Israel was and in one way still  looks a ‘tiny’ nation but in the other way it’s one of the greatest nation in the World.  Israel was chosen and  call to be a light to the nations. Judaism is to be shared, is to be explained, is to be practiced , it’s life. Torah is life.


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Orekh Schriftsteller. That it is one the online pen-name of author and Managing Director of DM Enterprises.


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