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What are the different between Messianic Jews and Orthodox Jews?

What are the different between Messianic Jews and Rabbinic, Orthodox or Talmudic Jews?

Rabbinic Jews are people of hebraic heritage, and part of a religious movement that goes back centuries but it didn’t exist as  such during the Roman Ocuppation of Israel. There was not ‘Judaism”.   Today’s Judaism have many ideas from hasidics….many ideas for Hasidism derived from Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah). For instance  Hasidic Jews have maintained their identity in many countries, although they have been influenced by local clothing styles. The Hasidic boys of Antwerp. Their clothes are dark/black. They are the only religious/ethnic group in Belgium/Holland whose boys stand out and are immediately recognizable by their clothes. Of course also by their ‘peyes’. If you visit Brooklyn , New York, USA  where I was grew or other ‘ Jewish orthodox’ area  in North America , including certain cities of  Canada where I  live you’ll probably see the same.

But nowhere in the Torah you see the G-d of lights commanding “his children” to dress in “black”. if you read the Torah the priest used very WHITE ROBES and the common people used lots of colors. Have you ever wonder who would inspired those ‘black’ clothes style?  Certainly not G-d ! but ironically most people consider them  to be “Jewish”, and practitioners of the Torah.

Because Rabbinic Judaism  have regarded the Talmud and other traditions HIGHER  than Torah, they are living traditions,  not Torah ( teaching and instructions) . They aren’t waiting on any risen Messiah or a Messiah with divine wisdom or origin. They believe their Messiah  will be a mortal regular man who will fulfill a series of signs within a single lifetime.

To the contrary not all of the Messianic “Jews” are Christians, or follow christian pagantry  but  an authentic Jewish faith movement  was rekindle  by a Christian movement that goes back to the 1960s. Because of  a twisted notion (has not foundation on the Torah) that Jews have defined themselves using the criteria…..anyone born to a Jewish mother is Jewish; but according to Torah anyone  with Jewish parents and who converts to Judaism  is Jewish. Judaism has everything to do with what you believe and what you do.  Nowhere in the Tannak you can find foundation on matrilineal lineage as G-d is himself said ” G-d of Abraham, Jacob and Issac”, also Joseph’s children didn’t have a  biological jewish mom and they belong to the 12 tribes of Israel , futhermore Moses  never had a  biological ‘jewish’ wife, so were his kids non-jews? Zipora was not a born jew.  Ruth the moabite  is another example  as she was an ancestor of  king David.  Those or anyone who chose to worship a god other than the one True Creator  of Universe  it’s  considered an apostate, and no longer a part of the Jewish community.  

Just as Judaism and mainstream Christianity, Rabbinic Judaism and Messianic Judaism are not compatible.  Yeshua did fulfill Messianic Prophesy, but in his time the high priest were corrupted. They were puppet priest acting under and for the Romans. All what they did and decide was at their convenience to stay in power and…alive.

The Good News itself provides geneologies tracing Yeshua to David. It goes beyond the selection of an unlikely Messiah, however—this had happened several times in Jewish history, and those who have done this were and are not considered apostate. The problem has come because some pagan-theology infiltried Messianic’s beliefs through the christian movement violating several tenants of the Toran and authentic hebraic faith—such triune G-d, and others stuff and of course to accept those is to reject  Authentic Judaism.

A distortion of the notion that one can be ‘ethnically Jewish, religiously Christian’ derives from xenophobic anti-Jewish bigots in Germany during the 18-19th centuries. Most of the Jews living in Germany of those centuries  assimilated into the German society, and German society was very secular…. In that German society religion was losing its sway as a medium for anti-Jewish bigotry. Bigots being bigots, just can’t stop hating people when their excuse dries up, sought another excuse. They found one in the notion that Jews were a part of a racial group—the Semites, who were not a true race, but were part of an amoeba-like racial-cultural entity that ’sucked in’ other races, wherever they made contact with them (they were therefore a threat to the Aryan race). So, Jews never fostered the idea that one could be ‘ethnically’ Jewish…only those who have had our worst interests at heart. Hitler came by and , it was a painful terrible experience.


The  key difference between Messianic Jews, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews involves their beliefs about the Messiah.

There are many references in the Hebrew Scriptures to the coming of a Messiah who would inspire Jews in Israel to rise and throw off oppression from occupying military powers. Most Rabbinic Jews believe that the Messiah has yet to come; Messianic Jews and Biblical Judaism followers  believe that Yeshua of Nazareth was the expected Messiah.

Just as Rabbnic Jews consider themselves fully Jewish, some Messianic Jews and Biblical Judaism followers consider themselves to be fully Jewish too. They maintain a “Jewish lifestyle of faith….[they] celebrate all of the biblical holidays (i.e. Passover, Succot, etc) as well as many of the customs which are consistent with the Scriptures.” Others not , so it’s the same as in Rabbinic Judaism , some are observants or pious others are  not.  Hustler and Playboy Magazines,  are two famous porno magazines who editors and owners… are fully  ‘jewish’.

Within Messianic Judaism, just as in Rabbinic Judaism, there exists a wide range of branches:

Some might have engrafted an “Evangelical Protestant” wing of Messianic Judaism. Some have also adopted the theology of Evangelical Christianity; Some add an additional criteria: the belief “that G-d wants the Jewish people to remain a distinct and obedient nation until the end of time.” Others no,they have remain in Biblical Judaism. They remain  more attached to only Biblical or Torah based commandments and  traditions, they accept Yeshua’s teachings not  the worship of him.

Note: Jews frequently use the term “G-d” and “L-rd” to refer to their deity. The regard his full name as so sacred that it must not be written or pronounced.

In general Messianic Jews retain Jewish symbolism, heritage, culture, seasonal days of celebration and many details of religious observance. They also regard themselves as an integral part of the “Body of Messiah” – what countless general conservative Christian denominations refer to as the “Body of Christ” – the followers of Jesus who have accepted and worship him as Lord and Savior, and as a member of the Christian Trinity. 

We at Hineni get along with certain brothers and sisters in the faith but  Hineni only promotes a healthy spiritual progresive and modern  Biblical Judaism.

Some forums by Orthodox Jew are post filled with lies, delusions (of the ‘enemy’ having multiple accounts), accusations and unverifiable statements. Plus they are midslinging against Messianic Jews.  It’s very difficult for them to accept the Yeshua’s movement Teachings and their follower  but  Rabbinic Judaism, Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews as today recognizes  Schneerson  as the  risen Messiah to- be  !! another blow?  they deal poorly with  gay synagogues ,  which is a total misleading of the Torah and  faith. Read  Leviticus 18:22.

As of interpretation  Torah is against homosexual acts, not gay or lesbian people per se.  G-d and his Judaism love all people. I will remind you that the Torah also calls eating non-kosher food ‘to’evah’, an abomination. The word ‘to’evah’ in the Torah does not depict a social repulsion.

Furthermore, the Torah condemns any homosexual act, not homosexual love or the homosexual urge.  In the eyes of Judaism the love between two men or two women can be as natural as the love between a man and a woman. It does prohibit is homosexual intercourse.   I think that Jews with homosexual preferences should make a concerted effort to reorient their preference and to lead a life according to Jewish law (Torah).  Look for great advice and tips at  JONAH

Kosher Adultery among Ultra-Orthodox Jews

Apparently God did not make the commandment “Thou shall not commit adultery” clear enough. Hundreds of Jewish men and women who want to cheat on their spouses are flocking to a new Web site for ultra-Orthodox Jews seeking heretical hookups. Shaindy.com — named for the founder’s first mistress — was launched March 19 by a modern Orthodox man from Midwood, Brooklyn, who says he got the idea from Hasids he met in chat rooms seeking adulterous action.

Roughly 350 members have signed up, said the site’s creator, Jerry, who refused to give his last name for fear of rabbinical retribution. He said 50 members paid the introductory fee of $99 for two years, while others have created free profiles. There have been another 200 inquiries from around the world.

“Of course they are ALREADY putting pressure on this site,” Jerry said in an e-mail. “But this site is only intended for adults who can think for themselves and make their own judgments.” Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, author of “Kosher Adultery: Seduce and Sin with Your Spouse,” said he was saddened by the site. “Adultery is going to do nothing to your marriage except destroy it.

They always say those that claim to be the most religious are the biggest hypocrites. Anyone who lives in NYC sees these people everyday and if you go to Borough Park in Brooklyn you’ll see in the buildings they own, where they may have a bodega on the first floor, the upper apartments are brothels the men go to on Friday evenings when they tell their wives they’re at “prayer service”.
 For those that do not live or work around them some Orthodox Jewish women feel as if their spouses would never cheat and that it only happens in other cultures and religions. This has been going on for a while in their religion because the Orthodox men are also known for picking up prostitutes in Coney Island, Brooklyn. It’s not surprise, nothing new…human beings cheat, we just need to pray and help them  learn their  Torah  instead of their focus in  Talmud and rabinical  fables which obviously  does not help . Titus 3:9 ” But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and strife and disputes about the Law, for they are unprofitable and worthless”.

Matthew 15:7-9

7You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you:
 8″ ‘These people honor me with their lips,   but their hearts are far from me.
 9They worship me in vain;  their teachings are but rules taught by men.


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