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Jewish Music

Song Ani Yehudi (I am a Jew)

The song Ani Yehudi (I am a Jew) its really beautiful 🙂 

  • When I ask myself, Who am I?
    Im a little Sephardi, a little Ashkenazi
    a little Israeli, a tiny drop of galut (means exile)
    I may be religious, maybe irreligious, but inside me
    Im Jewish, that special yichudi 
    not more good, not more bad
    simply a Jew 
  • Sometimes a soldier, sometimes a student,
    I have a lot of past and I also see the future 
    sometimes against and sometimes kind
    maybe materialistic maybe spiritual but always always
    Im Jewish, that special yichudi
    not too bad, not too good, a little bit different
    simply a Jew. 
  • Suddenly I returned from afar, we will be able to be together
    that I will be sure that Ill return to laugh that I will be able to be relaxed and not afraid
    because I ama Jew, that special Jew,
    not too good, not too bad
    simply a Jew 
  • Nothing will succeed to break me my brother
    me soul, she is apart of a high external light
    to fix the world that is my motto
    I was born like this, I am a Jew.
    like in other religions
    we have; festivals, Shabbat, customs and mitzvot.
    to say that everyone is sure that he is right
    at the end were all Jewish, before the chair of the holy one. 
  • I’m afraid of senseless hatred (sinat chinam)
    I love my land and I love my people
    Ive been here and there and all over the world
    I have two opinions on what to ask and Ive also got a third opinion
    but im a Jew, simply a Jew.
    not too bad, not too good, a little bit different
    simply a Jew.

About D. M.

Anni Orekh (which translated from Hebrew means: I m an editor (Publisher). That it is one the online pen-names of author and Managing Director of DM Enterprises.


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