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Nombres hebreos y significados:


Aaro (H)(S)  de  Aharon, el sumo sacerdote.  quizas significa aro, anillo
Aaron (H)  Aaro
Aarons (H)  Aaro
Aba (A)  vestidura hecha del camello o pelo de cabra
Aba (H) papa
Adaba (A) :Flor 
Abaca (A) Alfolza
Abacassis (A)(H) ver Abecassis.  no musulman.   Tambien viene de la ciudad espanola de  Cassis.
Abada   al servicio del Eterno
Abadalla (A)  Al servicio de Ala
Adabe (A)(P) Sacerdotal
Abadee (A) ver Abade
Abadi (A)  Al servicio del  Eterno
Abadi (A)(H)  Tribu. palabra tomada prestada del arabe
Abadia (H)(S) From Obadia:  Alabado sea el Eterno. Al servicio del Eterno

Abadias (A) Abbeys or His servant.
Abadie (A) See Abade
Abady (A) See Abade
Abaiuf (HB) The chief or head of his father’s house
Abalos (S) Village in La Rioja
Abaloss (S) See Abalos
Abam (AF) Second child after the twins
Aban (PE) Waters
Abanaim (H) Various Definitions
Abandalac (A) Masseur
Abandalak (A) Masseur
Abangabay (H) Aban + treasurer, customarily the treasurer of the synoguge
Abano (P) A fan from the word Avano
Abarbanel (H) Variant of Abravanel
Abarca (BA) (S) Sandal, also a city in Palencia Spain
Abarezque ? Abaresque, in the style of the Arabs
Abarim (HB) Mountain or mountain range near the plain of Moab
Abarracin (S) From Albarracin: Toponimic an area in Teruel
Abarrez (BA) Unknown  See Abarretz
Abarretz (F) City in France.  See Abarrez
Abastado (S) From the word Astado. horned cattle
Abas (A) (1) Stern or Lion  (2) Simple, primative
Abasa (A) Stern or Lion
Abasi (A)(PE) Belonging to Abas, King of Persia
Abastado (S) Rich
Abatbol (A) A maker of the tamborine or drums. Famous family from Morocco
Abato (P) Tear down, demolish, subtract
Abaud (A) Also Abboud. Devoted worshipper, obedient
Abay (A) Barking or baying of dogs.
Abayu (H) Also Avaya. Mustard plant.
Abayud (A) Abashed or dismayed
Abaz (A)(H) Lion or stearn
Aba Mazel (A)(H) Garment of camel or goat hair + good luck
Abba (A) See Abbas
Abbas (A) Austire or Lion
Abbasi (A) Lion
Abbate (A) Priest or a member of an abbot’s entourage
Abbis (A) A location in Alexandria Egypt
Abbas Ibn (A) Son of Ibbas
Abbassi (A) See Abbasi
Abbate (A) Vendor or peddler
Abbati (A) Vendor or peddler
Abbina (L) White
Abbina (H) Intelligent
Abbini (L) White
Abbini (H) Intelligent
Abbo (A) G-d’s servant
Abbou (A) G-d’s servant
Abboudi (A) G-d’s servant
Abbu (A) G-d’s servant
Abbud (A) G-d’s servant
Abcatar (S) From the word Catar to taste
Abd (A) Prefix meaning endurance and fortitude of the worshiper
Abdala (A) Servant of G-d
Abdalhac (A) Polisher
Abdalhach (A) Polisher
Abdalla (A) Servant of G-d
Abdallah (A) Servant of G-d
Abdel (A) Servant of G-d
Abdela (A) Servant of G-d
Abdelas (A) Servant of G-d
Abdelhac (A) Servant of G-d
Abdelhak (A) Servant of G-d
Abdias (A) His servant
Abdon (A)(H) His servant
Abdoun (A) His servant
Abdus (A) Name of the narrator of the hardith
Abe (H) Prefix meaning father of. Also see Abou
Abeasis (H) From the city of Cassis found in the book of Job
Abeassis (H) From the city of Cassis found in the book of Job
Abeatar (P) Devout
Abecasis (A) Non-Muslim priest
Abecassis (A) See Abecasis Also see Abecassis
Abecassiz (A) See Abecasis
Abechar (  ) Abouchar? Also see Abek
Abechdid (  ) Abouchedid? Also see Abek
Abeck (A) See Abek
Abecvassis (P) See Abecassis
Abed (H) From the word abad, to work or serve
Abehsera (H) Common in North Africa.From the word hatsir meaning carpet made of hay or other vegatal material.  Carpet maker
Abehsera (P) Vendor
Abejamil (A) Father + handsome
Abek (A) Khezer, Tunisia
Abekhezer (A) Khezer, Tunisia
Abela (A) Vanity
Abelda (A) Small village in La Rioja
Abele (BA)(DU)(H) Animal, Cattle – White Popular Tree – Varient of Able meaning breath
Abelho (P) Old
Abelias (H) From the word Abel, breath
Abeilla (P) From the word Abelhao, bumble bee
Abell (H) Varient of Abel
Abella (H) Varient of Abel
Abella (S) From the word Bella, beautiful
Abella (S) From the Catalan, bee (more likely)
Abella (I) Also an Italian village where the Trojans lived prior to Spain
Abello (L) Variant of Abelli. A pyrenean (Celtic) god or see Abelho
Abels (H) Variant of Able. Breath
Abemenir (P) Father of + from the word menhir meaning upright stone used as a monument. Menir da Meada Portugal
Aben (A) An archaic form of Ibn meaning son of
Aben Abez (A)(H) Son of the town of Abez. Abez, Israel was occupied by the tirbe of Issachar, and means tin or white
Aben Abibe (P) Aben + a type of bird Avive is a variant or from the name Habib
Aben Aderet (H) Aben + Crown
Aben Adib (H) Aben + worshiper
Aben Alfacar (A) Aben + town Alfacar in province of Granada
Aben Alfahar (A) Aben + Al-Fajjar. Dinnerware or pottery. Town in the province of Granada, Mecina Alfahar
Aben Atar (H) Aben + Atar to encircle or to crown
Aben Athar (A) Aben + Spice merchant
Aben Ayish (H) Aben + Ayish meaning heavenly constellation Great Bear
Aben Bitas (PE) Aben + bitas meaning unique
Aben Bivas (S) Aben + from Viva meaning life or long life
Aben Crespe (I)(S) Aben + Curly as in curly hair
Aben Danon (H)(S) Aben + variant of Daniel
Aben Davon (H) Aben + dear one
Aben Elazar (H) Aben + G-d has helped
Aben Ezra (H) Aben + Help
Aben Faia (I) Aben + heavy eater or gluton
Aben Gadalia (H) Aben + G-d is great
Aben Habib (A)(H) Aben + Loved one. Also Chaviv and Haviv (H) loved one
Aben Haim (H) Aben + Haim meaning life.
Aben Lavie (H) Aben + Lion, from the word Lavi
Aben Menos (S) Aben + Jewsih quarter of Majorca
Aben Nahmias (H) Aben + The Lord consoles. From the word Nachamia
Aben Namias (H) See Aben Nahmias
Aben Nunez (S) Aben + Son of Nuno
Aben Pando (P)(S) Aben + A hollow or depression in the ground
Aben Rocas (S) Aben + Rock or tower of strenght. Also Roca, Roco, Rocha and Roche
Aben Saal (D) Aben + manor house or hall or person who worked there. See Aben Sala.
Aben Sala (P)(S) Aben + Living room or someone working there. Popular in Cataluna
Aben Sancho (L) Aben + Sacred
Aben Schosehan (H) Aben + Lilly
Aben Shosahan (H) Aben + Lilly from the word Shoshan
Aben Simon (H) Aben + he who hears
Aben Yaes (H) From Ben Yaich
Aben Xuxen (H) Aben + Lilly
Abenabas (A) Aben +Abas borrowed from the Muslims by the Sephardim. Meaning simple, primitive. Found in Portugal in the 15th century.  Also Abbas.
Abenabez (H) Aben + to gleam and the name of a town in the middle east
Abenabibe (P) Lapwing bird
Abenabsil (H) Aben + Fled and escaped?
Abenacan (H) Aben + Afflicted
Abenacar (T) Aben + bright
Abenacar (H) Aben + to fasten, to yoke or hitch, to join battle
Abenacaya (HB) Aben + Achaia meaning grief or trouble.  Also a region in Southern Greece and as acaya, a city in Italy
Abenacoje (S) Aben + perhaps from the word acoger, to receive or welcome. Name recorded in Austuriaa
Abenadado (H) Aben + a wood working term.
Abenadan (H) Aben + possible form of Adam.
Abenadar (H) Aben + and the sixth month of the Hebrew calendar. According to Hollywood lore, the name of the Centurian ordered to crusify Jesus, but not true .
Abenadis (AF) Aben + one who will teach us
Abenadon (HB) Aben + master, first spoken by Abraham
Abenady (H) Aben + from Nadah, prosperous
Abenaes (H) Aben + miracle
Abenaex (H) See Abenaes
Abenafino (S) Aben + Fine step, refering to the Spanish breed of the horses of the conquistadors
Abenafino (S) Aben + A pale, dry sherry from Jerrez, Spain
Abenafino (S) Aben + A weight of yarn
Abenafino (S) Aben + Clever, shrewd
Abenafion (C)(T) Aben + Fair, Blond or Opium district of Turkey, also translated as juice of the flower
Abenagau   Aben + Language and tribe of Ethopia that preceded the Falashas, “the Black Jews”.
Abenahar (H) Aben + behind
Abenahar (HB) Aben + farthest end as in farthest end of the desert
Abenahar (H) Aben + perhaps from the name Aharon, exalted or enlightened one.
Abenaish (H) Aben + from Yaish meaning substance or wealth
Abenajub (H) Aben + From Jehoiakim, son of Jeshua 
Abenalabean (S) Aben + warped
Abenalas (S) Aben + wings
Abenalaup (S) Aben + village of Benalup in Andalucia
Abenalazar (H) Aben + G-d will help from Eliezer
Abenalfahar (A) Aben + potter’s clay
Abenalhadet (A) Aben + oral traditions from the word Hadith
Abenamar (H) Aben + command, order
Abenambran (HB) Aben + Ambran married Jochabed who begat Aron & Moses.  Also a city in Spain -Torrre de Estaban Ambran
Abenameies (G) Aben + From Plato – “A river of hell who no vessel could contain”
Abenamen (H) Aben + from the word aman, so let it be.
Abenament (L) Aben + thong or strap
Abenamias (L) Aben + Loved, a variant of the word amyas
Abenamiel (H) Aben + G-d of my people
Abenamor (A)(S) Aben(A), son of.  Amor(S), love
Abenanueva (S)  Aben + new
Abenardud (H) Aben + bold.  Also Ardit, Ardud, Arditi
Abenardut (H) Aben + bold
Abenarroyo (S) Aben + deep gully, dry gulch
Abenasaya (H) Aben + son of Asias (from the famous biblical family of Israel and later Portugal
Abenassel (A) Aben + “honeyed” from the word mu”assel.  Used in the tobacco business
Abenatar (H)(S) Aben(A), son of.  Atar(S), to tie up or to crown (H)
Abenatar (A) Son of the prefumes/spices seller
Abenathar (A) From Ibn Athar, son of a spice or perfume merchant
Abenavalla (A) Aben + pretty view, from the word havala
Abenavo (P) Aben + shortened from the word Oitavo meaning eighth Also money from Macau
Abenayon (S) Aben + hedge from the word hayon
Abenayon (H) Aben + 
Abenazab (A) Aben + wandering, traveling.  Also cities in Turkey & Iran
Abenazam (H) Aben + from the word Adama  meaning earth
Abenazerim ( ) Aben + perhaps the language and people of Azerbajan
Abenazo (HB) Aben + Azo, son of Eliakim
Abenazo (D) Aben + old German for noble at birth
Abenazogue (S) Aben + mercury or quicksilver
Abenbacua (L) Aben + vacuum or void from the Latin vacua
Abenbahi (A) Aben + fine, good
Abenbayte (A) Aben + from the word bayt meaning habitation or dwellings
Abenberga (A) Aben + a mountain city in Catalunia Spain
Abenbibas (S) Aben + perhaps from the word viva meaning life
Abenbidas (S) Aben + lively or smart
Abenbruch (D) Aben + marsh land
Abencabo (S) Aben + end,or cape or Sergeant
Abencaboa (S) Aben + species of shad.  Also Abensaboca.
Abencabra (A)(S) Aben(A), son of.  Cabra(S), goat or goat rancher
Abencacave (R) Aben + tinker, involved with kettles
Abencacon (H) Aben + delight. Varient of Abensason
Abencadiq (A) Aben + friend. Varient of Abensadiq
Abencadon (A) Aben + happy from Sadun. Sadon is a variant.
Abencahadia (HB) Aben + pirncess. Sahadia and Sadia are variants
Abencahal (HB) Aben + lion. Sahal and Sahl are variants
Abencai (PE) Aben + sai, muslim meaning holy one or saint. Cai is a variant
Abencar (T)(H) See Abenacar
Abencasa (S) Aben + house
Abencasi (A) Also Ibn Kasi and Al Qhasi, A ruling dynasty in Spain.
Abencasson (A)(S) Aben(A), son of. Casson(S), Brown sugar
Abencasson (S) Cason(S), old ancestral home
Abencasson (S) Cazon(S), a type of fish
Abencasson (A)(H) Son of Casson derived from Casson meaning joy
Abencaya (S) Aben + a region of Asturia Leon
Abencayde (A) Aben + Cayde, an Arab sage, Al-Cayde
Abencaydon (A) Aben + servant. Also Sayden
Abencayl (H) Aben + variant of Caleb meaning whole-hearted
Abenccahadias (H) Aben + variants of Cahadia, Sahadia, Sadia meaning assist or support G-d.
Abencedillo (S) Aben + municipality of Extremadura
Abenceholin (A)(H) Aben + ceholin and/or Seholin. Not defined
Abenchacar (A)(H) Aben + solid rock from Al Chacar and/or Sakhr
Abenchen (H) Aben + favor, grace, charm
Abencobra (P) Aben + cobra, reptile, treacherous person
Abencof (H) Aben + Kof, 19th letter of Hebrew alphabet
Abenconiel (S) Aben + perhaps the city of Conil de la Frontera in Cadiz Province, Spain
Abencosta (S)(P) Aben + Coastline, Coast
Abencota (L) Aben + cot, tunic, sheepcote
Abencredi (L) Aben + perhaps from the word credere to believer, hence a believer.
Abencrisp (L)(P)(S) Aben + curly
Abencrespin (L)(P)(S) Aben + Crispis nickname for man with curly hair.
Abencrespo (L)(P)(S) Aben + Crispis meaning curly
Abencrey (S) Aben + perhaps from the word creyente meaning believer
Abendalak (A) Aben + masseur
Abenfacen (A) Aben (A) son of, Facen  from the word Hassan, benefactor
Abenforma (A)(S) Aben (A) son of, Forma shape
Abengabay (H) Aben + Treasurer
A(a)benhaim  (H) Son of Haim
Abenito (S) Benit, Benedict
Abenjamin (H) From Benjamin, son of the south or son of the right hand.
Abenmanuel (H) Aben + Manuel and similar names meaning G-d is with us.
Abenmayor (A)(S) Aben (A) son of, Mayor (S), the eldest
Abenpulicar (P) Aben + from Polegar meaning thumb and thicker fingers of the hand.
Abenrey (S) Aben + king
Abensaboca (S) Aben + species of Shadd
Abensanto (S) Aben + saint
Abensanchez (S) Aben + Sancho
Abensusan (H) Aben + lily from shoshan
Abenviva (S) Abeb + life or smart
Abenvive (A)(S) Aben + life or smart
Abenzaed (A) Aben + lord
Abenxuxen (H) See Abensusan, Lily
Abergel (A) One legged man
Aberjel (A) One legged man
Abermah (A) Lancer
Abesdid (A) Fair
Abetan (A) Excommunicated
Abetar (A) A location in Syria
Abetbol (B) Drum maker
Abetibol (B) Drum maker
Abettan (A) Excummunicated
Abettane (A) Excommunicated
Abiad (A) White
Abiatar (HB) From Ebiatar, meaning more than a father, son of the priest Ahimelekh
Abiatar (HB) Plenty
Abib ( ) Dear
Abibe ( ) Dear
Abicasis (A) Non-Muslim priest
Abicassis (A) Non-Muslim priest
Abid (A) Servant of G-d
Abiego (S) A small village in Huesca
Abigador (H) From Avigador – father protector
Abigdor (H) From Avigador – father protector
Abi (HB) My  father. Used also as a prefix
Abihsira (A) Track vendor
Abihssera (H)(AR) See Becerra
Abikhzer (H) Cruel Person
Abikhzir (H) Cruel Person     
Abi Sadiq (H) Father of Sadiq, sadig deriving from Tsaik  meaning righteous
Abila (A) The house
Abila (S) Avila, a Spanish town
Abiles (A) The house
Abimelek (H) G-d is the father
Abinnaxim (A) Share
Abinnoe (HB) Abi + Noah
Abiquisis (A) Non-Muslim priest
Abirmad (A) Coal dealer
Abisdid (A) Fair, good person
Abismil (  ) Shoemaker
Abisroar (  ) Privileged
Abisror (  ) Privileged
Abistid (A) Fair, good person
Abitibol (B) Drum maker
Abitbol (B) Drum maker
Abizmil (  ) Shoemaker
Ablitas (S) A village in Navarre
Abner (H) Candle seller
Aboab (A) Stringed muscial insrument
Aboaf (A) Stringed musical instrument
Aboav (A) Stringed muscial instrument
Abocassis (A) Non-Muslim priest
Abohbot (A) Potbellied
Abokhbot (A) Potbellied
Abolaffia (A) Doctor, pharmacist
Abolaffio (A) Doctor, pharmacist
Abolafia (A) Doubting or doctor, pharmacist
Abolays (A) Doubting
Abotbol (A) See Abatbol.  Maker of Drums
Abou (A) Father, owner of.  See Abe
Aboub (A) Stringed musical instrument
Aboucaia (B) Cauterizer
Aboucaya (B) Cauterizer
Aboudarham (A) From the coin dirham meaning treasurer or rich person
Aboudi (  ) G-d’s servant
Abouker (A) Happy man
Aboukheir (A) Happy man
Aboulafia (A) Doctor, pharmasist
Aboulker (A) Happy man
Aboulker (A) Wealthy man
Abourbia (  ) Spring man
Abourmad (  ) Coal dealer
Abouskela (  ) Man with a scar
Aboutbol (B) Drum maker
Aboutboul (B) Drum maker
Abouteboul (B) Drum maker
Abraao (P) Abraham
Abrabanel (H) Variant of Abravanel
Abraham (HB) Abraham
Abraham of Beja (S) Abraham + Bejar a town in Salamanca
Abraham of  
   Sanguesa (S) Abraham + The name of a town in Navarre
Abrahami (HB) Abraham
Abrahen (HB) Abraham
Abraim (HB) Abraham
Abram (HB) Abraham
Abrameto (HB) Abraham
Abramenti (HB) Abraham
Abramento (HB) Abraham
Abrams (HB) Abraham
Abrantes de (S)(P) A hamlet in Galicia, Spain, a city in Ribadetejo, Portugal
Abravanel (H) A limb of a limb of G-D or a variant of Abraham
Abravanel- (H) 
   Dormido (S) Abravanel + Asleep
Abrekhekh (H) Yeshivah (religious school) student
Abrevanel (H) See Abravanel
Absalon (H) Peace’s father
Absidid (B) Twig
Abtibois (B) Drum maker
Abtiby (B) Drum maker
Abuaba (B) From Oum El Abouab, Tunisia
Abuadari (B) See Abuaba
Abuadavi (B) See Abuaba
Abuaf (B) See Abuaba
Abucassis (A) Non-Muslim priest
Abucaya (B) Cauterizer
Abudante (S) Obedient
Abudaram (A) See Aboudarham
Abudaran (A) See Aboudarham
Abuderam (A) See Aboudarham
Abuderham (A) See Aboudarham
Abudrham (A) See Aboudraham
Abudi (  ) G-d’s servant
Abudiante (S) Obedient
Abudiente (S) Obedient
Abuediente (S) Obedient
Abuharham (A) See Aboudarham
Abuhazeira (A) Track vendor
Abulafia (A) Doctor or pharmacist
Abulcher (A) Wealthy person
Abulker (A) One who does good to all people
Abulker (A) Wealthy person
Aburabe (A) Rabbi
Aburabi (A) Rabbi
Aburlee (A) Jeweler
Abusuleiman (A) Solomon
Abutarda (S) From Avutarda, Great Busard, a bird
Abuyusuf (A) Joseph
Abuzacaria (A) Zacarua
Abuzaglo (B) Yoke
Abuzaglo (H) The man to the perch
Acacia (P) Name of an ornamental tree
Acco (A) Jacob
Accos (A) Jacob
Aceraf (A) Money changer
Acevedo   Place of holly plants
Acharif (  ) Tribal chief
Achema (  ) Eager
Acher (  ) Happy
Achirihe (  ) Levantine
Achquenazi (H) German
Acoca (  ) Pearl or person of worth
Acosta (S) Rib in old Castillian.  Same as Costa and Costilla.   Not coast as in modern Spanish.
Acre   Maple tree
Aelion (H) The Supreme
Affonso Frances (S) Alponse French
Afia (A) Good wishes
Afri (A) Rif, Morroco
Agreda (S) A village in the province of Soria
Aguado (S) Watered
Aguirre (S)(BA) A Basque family name. Wide open spacce.
Aguila (S) Eagle
Aguilon (S) Village in the province of Soria
Agusti (S) From the name Agustin
Ahuday (BR) Jew
Ailion (H) The Supreme
Aimeric (S) Aymeric a French name
Aires (S) Airs, breezes
Aix D’ (F) From Aix, a city in France
Aji (T) Bitter, sharp
Aji Luna (S) Aji pertaining to saint, Luna, the moon
Akiba (HB) Israeli Rabbi during the Roman occupation
Akiva (HB) See Akiba
Akko (A) Jacob
Aknin (B) Jacob
Aknine (B) Jacob
Aknoun (  ) Infant
Akoka (  ) Pearl or person of worth
Akrich (A) Aqoriche, south of Moracco, also a difficult person
Akriche (A) See Akrich
Akrish (A) See Akrich
Al (A) An Arabic prefix meaning the.
Al Bargeloni (A) Barcelona
Al Fasi (A) Fez, Moraco
Al Taqana (A) Perplexed, astonished
Alabalah (  ) From Alba, Spain
Alachkar (A) Red head
Aladjem (A) The Persian
Alagem (A) Barn
Alagon (S) A river in Aragon, Spain
Alalout (A) Fat
Alaluf (A) Fat
Alaman (A) German
Alamani (A) German
Alamany (A) German
Alarcon (S) Town in Spain
Alashka (B) From the Basque Ashkar or Azkar swift or quick
Alatri (I) City in Italy
Alatrim (I) See Alatri
Alatino (I) See Alatri
Alazar (A) Blue eyes
Alazan (A) Blue eyes
Alazaraki (A) Blue eyes
Alazarki (A) Blue eyes
Alazraki (A) Blue eyes
Alazraque (A) Blue eyes
Alazaraqui (A) Blue eyes
Alazzraki (A) Blue eyes
Alba (A) Punishment from G-D
Alba (S) Dawn, surplice used in church , white
Alba (S) A locality in Teruel, Spain
Alba Di (S) From Alba
Albaala (A) Punishment from G-D
Albaari (A) Sailor
Albaca (S) From Albahaca, the basil plant
Albagil (A) Female horse
Albagli (A) Female horse, cart driver or coachman
Albagly (A) Cart driver, coachman
Albahari (A) Sailor
Albahary (A) Sailor
Albajari (A) Sailor
Albala (A) Alba, Spain
Albalaez (S) From Alba, Spain
Albalag (A) Moving
Albalah (  ) Alba, Spain
Albalaj (A) Alba, Spain
Albalancim (  ) Valencia
Albalansi (A) Alvalansi, An old boat
Albalas (A) Alba, Spain
Albalenci (  ) Valencia
Albali (A) Cart driver, coachman
Albares (S) Alvares, son of Alvaro
Albarez (A) Alvares, son of Alvaro
Albas (A) Falcon
Albasa (A) Falcon
Albaz (S) Falcon
Albeda (S) Albeda, Spain
Albelauci (A) Valencia, Spain
Albelda (S) Small village in Huesca
Albeldano (S) A person from Albelda
Albenda (S) Albeda, Spain
Albert (  ) Noble, shiney
Albertini (I) Illustrious
Alberto (S) Noble, shiney
Albesa (S) A town in Lerida, Catalonia
Albida (S) Albeda, Spain
Albion (S) Ancient name for Great Briton
Albo (S) White, light skin
Albo (A) Victory
Albons (S) A locality in province of Gerona, Catalonia
Alborge (S) A locality in Zaragoza
Alborgi (S) An inhabitant of Alborge
Albou (  ) White, pure
Alboucreck (T) See Albuquerque
Albukrek (T) See Albuquerque
Albuquerque (T) From the marrano surname Albukerk of Turkey
Aburrabe (A) Rabbi
Aburrabi (A) Rabbi
Alcaiceria (S) Silk market (in Granada) or a group of shops belonging to the King and rented to Jewish merchants (Aragon,Alcarria, and Cuenca)
Alcaide (A) Judge
Alcaim (H) Vigilant, firm, resolve
Alcain (H) Vigilant, firm, resolve
Alcala (S) Acala, Spain
Alcalde (S) Mayor
Alcalahorrano (S) From Calahorrano, an inhabitant of Calahorra
Alcalai (S) Alcala, Spain
Alcalay (S) Alcala, Spain
Alcalle (S) From the word Calle meaning street.
Ancantara (S)(P) A village in the province of Caceres, a village in Portugal
Alcaniz (S) A town in Aragon
Alcastell (S) In the castle
Alcazar (S) Fortress
Alcee (  ) Tribal chief
Alceh (  ) Tribal chief
Alcheh (  ) Tribal chief
Alcheck (  ) Chief
Alcheick (  ) Chief
Alcheikh (  ) Chief
Alcione (  ) Singfisher
Alegre (S) Happy, merry
Alegria (S) Joy, merry
Alegrot (S) Merry
Alegure (S) Merry
Aleixo (  ) Protector
Aleluf (A) Fat, Military attendant
Alfahar (A) Brick maker
Alfaiate (A) Tailor
Alfakhar (A) Proud man, or brick maker
Alfandar (A) Tax Collector
Alfandari (A) Tax Collector
Alfandarin (A) Tax Collector
Alfandarim (A) Tax Collector
Alfandary (A) Tax Collector
Alfanderi (A) Tax Collector
Alfandri (A) Tax Collector
Alfaque (A) Doctor
Alfaqui (A) Doctor
Alfaquim (A) Doctor
Alfaquiz (A) Doctor
Alfare (A) Alfaro. Spain
Alfari (A) Seller of China
Alfarim (A) Seller of China
Alfarin (A) Seller of China
Alfaro (S) Municipality of Alfaro in the province of Logrono, Spain
Alfaro (A) The beacon
Alfassa (A) From Fez, Morocco
Alfia (A) Big wine bottle
Alfiah (A) Big wine bottle
Alfie (A) Big wine bottle
Alforja (S) Saddlebag
Algaba (S) Algaba, Spain
Algava (S) Algaba, Spain
Alge (De) (P) Alge, Portugal
Alghaz (A) Warrior
Alghozi (A) Warrior
Algranate (S)(A) From the word granate meaning garnet, also the color or From Granada
Algranati (A) From Granada
Algrannate (A) From Granada
Algranti (A) From Granada
Alguadix (S) From Gaudix, a town in Andalusia
Alguazil (S) Bailiff
Alhaquim (A) Doctor
Algodife   Sieve or screen manufacturer
Algodix   Sieve or screen manufacturer
Algodixe   Sieve or screen manufacturer
Alhoul   Cross eyed
Alicante (S) A city in Spain
Alkain (H) Vigilant, firm, resolve
Allako   Talkative
Allakou   Talkative
Allal   Heavy drinker
Allali   Heavy drinker
Allaloo (A) Fat
Allalouf (A) Fat
Allaluf (A) Fat
Allerzouz   Arzoz, Spain
Alliel   Sick
Allouch (B) Sheep
Allouche (B) Sheep
Alloul (B) White, virgin
Alloun (A) One who elevates the spirit
Allul (B) White, virgin
Allun (A) One who elevates the spirit
Allush (B) Sheep
Almaalem   Professor, master
Almagro (S) A town near Madrid
Almanca (S) A city in Spain Almanza
Almansa (S) A city in Spain Almanza
Almansi (S) A city in Spain Almanza
Almanza (S) A city in the province of Leon, Spain
Almazan (S) A city in the province of Soria, Spain
Almanzi (S) A city in Spain Almanza
Almeda (P) Almeida, Portugal
Almeida (A) Boating technician
Almeida (A) Street sweeper
Almeida (P) Resident of Almeida, Portugal
Almenara (A) Fire on watch towers, water channels
Almendros (S) Almond Trees
Almetre   Master
Almeyda (P) Resident of Almeida, Portugal
Almonte (S) A village in Huelva
Almoslino (S) Orator
Almosnino (S) Orator
Almozlino (S) Orator
Almoznino (S) Orator
Almuslino (S) Orator
Al  Nakawa (A) Noble
Alnakawa (A) Noble
Aloof   chief, leader
Aloro (A) Laureated
Alouf (A) Chief, leader, champion, major general, lord, city head
Alouf (H) Chief, leader, champion, major general, lord , city head
Alphandary (A) Tax Collector
Alphanderi (A) Tax Collector
Alphandery (A) Tax Collector
Alphandry (A) Tax Collector
Alsheh (A) Tribal Chief
Alsheij (A) Tribal Chief
Alshekh (A) Tribal Chief
Altalef (A) Worthless
Altamirano (S) Altamira, Spain
Altamiro (S) Altamira, Spain
Altarac   Gold thread embroiderer
Altaras   Gold thread embroiderer
Altarass   Gold thread embroiderer
Altaraz   Gold thread embroiderer
Altarraz   Gold thread embroiderer
Altauso   Gold thread embroiderer
Alterras   Gold thread embroiderer
Altet (S) Altet, Spain
Altit (S) Altet, Spain
Aluf (B) Chief, leader, champion, major geneal, lord, Jewish city head
Aluf (H) Chief, leader, champion, major general, lord, Jewish city head
Alufo (H) Jewish city or community head
Alut (A) The biblical Lot
Alva (de) (P) From Alva, Portugal
Alvade (P) From Alva, Portugal
Alvalansi (A) Valencia, Spain
Alvalesni (A) Valencia, Spain
Alvares Corcho (S) Corcho cork
Alvaro (S) From the name Alvar
Alvo (A) Victory
Alvorada (S) Alborada, dawn
Amado (S) Loved
Amagna (A) I hope
Amar (A) Builder
Amar (S) Love
Amarilljo (S) Amarillo meaning yellow, a color long used on clothing to
  identify Jews
Amezquita (A)(S) Mezquita a mosque
Amigo (S) Friend
Amira (A) Princess
Amiras (A) Princess
Amon (A) A good person
Amores (S) Loves
Anacaz   Humble
Anafaz   Humble
Anahori   Iluminated
Anahory   Iluminated
Anania   G-d’s grace
Ananias   G-d’s grace
Ananou (BR) Merry
Anau   Humble
Anav   Humble
Anaw   Humble
Anchieta (S) A Basque family name
Anconero (I) Ancona, Italy
Anconina (I) Ancona, Italy
Andosilla (S) A village of Navarre
Andrada (S)(P) Old famous Galician lineage from San Martino de Andrade
Andrade (S)(P) Old famous Galician lineage from San Martino de Andrade
Andres (S) Virile, warrior, man
Andujar (S) A city in the Province of Jaen
Anes (P) Joannes or a form of Joao
Anfaoul (A) Anfa, Morocco
Anfawi (A) Anfa, Morocco
Angela (S) Angel
Angeles (S) Angels
Angelet (S) Small Angel (Catalan language)
Angeli (S) Angel
Angelini (S) Angel
Angelis (S) Angel
Angelo (S) Angel
Anguillara (I) City in Italy
Anidar   Carpenter
Anijar   Carpenter
Ankri   Lancara, Spain
Ankrie   Lancara, Spain
Annabi (A) Locality in Bone, Algeria
Annacava (A) Noble
Annahory   Luminous
Anna Kab (A) Tinsmith
Anna Quab (A) Tinsmith
Annes   Joannes
Anqonina (I) Ancona, Italy
Anriquies (S) Son of, son of Henry
Anson (S) From Anso, a small village in Huesca
Antabi (T) Ain Tab, Turkey
Antebe (T) Ain Tab, Turkey
Antebi (T) Ain TAb, Turkey
Anticoli (I) Anticoli, Italy
Antillon (S) A small village in Huesca, Spain
Antonio (P) Anthony
Antores (S) Sellers who have in good faith purchased stolen goods.
Antunes (P) Anthony
Antunez (P) Anthony
Aouat (B) Envious
Aouate (B) Envious
Aoudai (B) Jew
Aoudail (B) Jew
Apatron (S) Patron meaning the boss
Aplaton (GR) Plato, father of medicine
Aptekman (GR) Pharmacist
Aqoqa (  ) Pearl or person of worth
Aqnin (B) Jacob
Ara (S) Ara, Huesca, Spain
Arab   Arab
Arav   Arab
Aradi (A) Earth
Aragel (A) Man
Aragoes (S) Aragon, Spain
Aragon (S) Aragon, Spain
Aragones (S) Aragon, Spain
Araha (A) Wishing for relaxation
Arajel (A) Man
Arajil (A) Man
Arama (S) A municipality in the province of Guipuzcoa, Spain
Arame (S) A municipality in Spain (Arama)
Arami (S) A municipality in Spain (Arama)
Arana (H) A Basque family name meaning beauty, good looking
Arangel (A) Man
Arancibia (S) A Basque family name
Aranda (S) The name of several towns in Spain
Arano (S) A municipality in the province of Navarra
Arari (P) From the mountains.  Also a city in Brazil
Araujo (S) Arauja, Spain
Arab   Arab
Arav   Arab
Arba (S) A river in the province of Zaragoza
Ares(z) (S) The smaill town of Arres in Huesca
Arbi   Stepfather
Arbib   Stepfather
Arbidon (A) Gray
Arboleda (S) A group of trees, wood
Arboles (S) Trees
Arbon (S) Arbon, Spain
Arbona (S) A Basque toponimic, in the French Basque Country
Arce (S) A municipality in the province of Navarra
Archi (S) El Arich, Spain
Ardit (A) Cave in Jordan
Arditti (A) Cave in Jordan
Ardout (A) Cave in Jordan
Arenos (S) Arenys de Mar, Spain
Arenus (S) Arenys de Mar, Spain
Arevalo (S) Arevaki, Spain
Argentier (F) Silversmith
Arias (H) From the Hebrew word  arieh meaning lion.
Ariccia (I) Airccia, Italy
Aridti (A) Cave in Jordan
Aries (H) From the Hebrew word meaning lion. Portuguese or Galician variant of Arias.
Arino (S) A Basque family name
Ariza (S) A village in the province of Zaragoza
Armendariz (S) A Basque family name
Arnedillo (S) A town in Rioja
Arnedo (S) A town in Rioja
Ardit   Burnt
Arditi   Burnt
Arditti   Burnt
Ardity   Burnt
Arevalo (S) Arevalo, Spain
Arfout (A) Rif, Morocco
Arie (BR) Tribe of Judah
Arieh (BR) Tribe of Judah
Arnoldi (I) One who rules
Arobas   Unit of weight
Arobas (A) Furious person
Arogueti (A) I will go
Aroh (A) I will go
Aroti (S) Rueda, Aragon, Spain
Arouerouer (A) Ariouarouat, Moracco
Arouh   Long, large
Arous (A) Timid, shy
Arqeiro   Archer
Arye (A) Tribe of Judah
Arriaga (S) A Basque family name
Arragonez (S) Son of Aragon
Arraiolos de   Arraiolos, Portugal
Arrajel   Man
Arrangel   Man
Arrobas (A) Furious person
Arroja (S) Throws
Arrojos (S) See Arroyo
Arrovas (A) Furious person
Arroyo (S) Deep gulley cut by an intermittent stream
Arrueti (S) Rueda, Aragon, Spain
Arrusas   Open air market merchant
Arruwas (A) Furious person
Aroua (A) Aroua, Moracco
Artz   Long, large
Aruche (S) Arouche, Spain
Aruh (A) The wind
Aruh (H) From Arokh meaning long
Aruj (H) Long, see Aruh
Asael (H) G-d created, See Assael
Asal   Bee keeper
Asaov (A) Trouble maker
Asayol   Flood
Ascandrani   Alexandria, Egypt
Ascar (A) Remembering G-D
Aschenazi (H) German
Aschkenazi (H) German
Ascoli (I) Ascoli, Italy
Aseo (A) Trouble maker
Aseraf (A) Money changer
Aserat (A) Money changere
Aserrat (A) Money changer
Asevado   Place of holly plants
Aseyo (S) From the word Asear, to cleanse or bath
Asher (H) Happy
Asheron (H) Happy
Ashkenazi (H) German
Ashkenazy (H) German
Askenazi (H) German
Askinazi (H) German
Assa (HB) Remedy and the name of a Judean King
Assael (A) Angry
Assael (HB) God created, name of Yoab’s brother
Assai (A) Care taker of horses
Assaias (A) Care taker of horses
Assal   Bee keeper
Assaraf (A) Money changer
Assarraf (A) Money changer
Assayag   Goldsmith
Assayagh   Goldsmith
Assedo   Bad temper
Asseo (A) Trouble maker
Asserrat (A) Money changer
Assia Antica (S) Ancient Asia
Assias (A) Care taker of horses
Assine   Military
Assor   Olive oil manufacturer
Assouline (BR) Cliff
Assoun   Benefactor
Assous (A) Sousse, Tunisia
Assumpcao (P) He who elevates himself
Astegiano (I) Asti, Italy
Astorga (S) A town in the Kingdom of Leon
Astorgano (S) An inhabitant of Astorga, Leon
Astrich   Lucky with a good star
Astrik   Lucky with a good star
Astrologo (S) Astologer
Astruc   Lucky with a good star
Astrug   Lucky with a good star
Astrugo   Lucky with a good star
Asubel (A) Waves
Asulai (BR) Blue eyes
Asulin (BR) Cliff
Atal   Porter
Atalli   Porter
Atar   Grocer
Atas (A) Great sadness
Atayde (P) Ataide, Portugal
Ataz (A) Great sadness
Atha (A) Ata, Tunisia
Athayde (P) Ataide, Portugal
Athia (A) Gift, present, donation
Athias (A) Gift
Athon (A) Oulad Hattoun, Morocco
Athyas (A) Gift
Atias (A) Gift
Atijas (A) Gift
Atlan (A) Spoiled
Atoun   Miller
Attal   Porter
Attalan   Porter
Attar (A) Spice Merchant
Attas (A) Corpulent
Attes (A) Great sadness
Attia (A) Gift, donation, offering
Attiah (A) Gift, donation, offering
Attias (A) Gift
Attiya (A) Gift, donation, offering
Atton   Miller
Attoun   Miller
Aturjman (A) Translator
Atya (A) Gift, donation, offering
Auday (BR) Jew
Augodixe   Sieve or screen manufacturer
Avaiu   Father
Avalos (S) See Abalos
Avayou   Father
Avayu   Father
Avayub   Father
Aveiro (P) Aveiro, Portugal
Avelan   Wrinkled like a hazelnut
Avelar (A) Running
Avelho (P) Aveiro, Portugal
Avenbenvenist (S) From benvenist, welcome
Aver (H) Asher
Aviad (A) White
Avichay (H) Gift of my fatherr
Avila (A) The house
Avila (S) A city and province of Spain
Aviles (A) The house
Aviles (S) A town in Asturias, Spain
Avimeleh (H) G-d is king
Avimelek (H) G-d is king
Avis (De) (P) Avis, Portugal
Avishai (H) Gift of my father
Avishay (H) Gift of my father
Avnaim (H) From Af Naim, pleasant nose
Avraham (H) Abraham
Avram (H) Almighty father
Avramento (H) Abram
Axarife (A) Tribal Chief
Aya (H) To fly swiftly
Ayach   Long life
Ayache   Long life
Ayala (S) A location in Alava, the Basque Ccuntry, a village in Alava
Ayas   Long life
Ayashe   Long life
Ayerbe (S) A town in Aragon, a village in Huesca
Ayllon (S) A village in the province of Segovia
Ayoun   Long life
Ayres   Long life
Ayuda (S) Helps
Azan (H) From the Hebrew word hazzan, meaning cantor
Azancot (BR) Gazelle
Azancoth (BR) Gazelle
Azankot (BR) Gazelle
Azar   G-d  helps
Azara   G-d helps
Azaaria   G-d saves
Azarque (A) Remembering G-D
Azraki (A) Remembering G-D
Azebedo   Place of holly plants
Azeite (P)(S) Olive oil
Azeitado (P)(S) Stained with olive oil
Azencot (BR) Gazelle
Azerad   Manufacture of knits
Azeraf   From Assaraf meaning money changer
Azeredo   Place of holly plants
Azeroul  (BR) Bllue eyed man
Azerraf   Money chanager
Azevedo   Place of holly plants
Azicri (P) Remembering
Azimi (A) Barbarian, foreigner, non-Arab
Azis (BR) Blue
Aziz (BR) Blue
Aziza   Beloved
Azizo (BR) Blue
Azrici (H) From Zacharia
Azlor (S) A locality in Huesca
Azma (S) Azma, Spain
Azobi   Raisin
Azobib   Raisin
Azogue (BR) Butchery
Azogui (BR) Butchery
Azor (S) A bird, the goshawk
Azores (P) Azors, Portugal
Azoubib   Raisin seller
Azoulai (BR) Bllue eyes
Azoulay (BR) Blue eyes
Azous (BR) From the word Aziz meaning the beloved
Azouz (BR) The Beloved
Azran   G-d helps
Azria   G-d supports me
Azriah   G-d supports me
Azriel   G-d help me
Azrifi (A) Very nice person
Azryel   G-d help me
Azuelos   Small eyes
Azuellos   Small eyes
Azulai (BR) Blue eyes
Azulay (BR) Blue eyes
Azulley (BR) Blue eyes
Azuz (BR) The Beloved
Azzaria   G-d saves
Azzarta   G-d will help
Azzraki (A) Remembering G-D
Azzulai BR) Blue eyes
Azzullai (BR) Blue eyes
Babli (A) Babylon
Baca (HB) The name of a valley near Jerusalem
Bacelar   Grape vine cutting
Bacellar   Grape vine cutting
Bacoro   Calf
Bacri   Eldest son
Badach   Lentil seller
Badache   Lentil seller
Badahoz (S) Badahoz, Spain
Badi (A) New begining
Baena (A) Gathering
Baena (A) Baena Cordova Spain
Baez (A) Expensive shop
Baeza (A) Expensive shop
Bagdadi (A) From Bagdad
Bagho   Grape
Baha   Abraham
Bahar (A) Sea
Bahar (S) Go down
Bahloul   Almost mad
Bahlul   Almost mad
Bahrlifa (A) Father  of  Khalifa
Bahtit (A) Tribe from Morocco
Bahya (A) Good things
Baiona  (de) (F) From Bayone, France
Baissa (A) Expensive shop
Baiz (A) Expensive shop
Bakish (A) Proving himself good
Bakolias   Pot bellied
Bakouch   Deaf
Bakoun   Survivor
Bakri  Eldest son
Bakshoucher   Deaf
Balabrega (F) From Valabregue, France
Balaciano   Courtier
Balassiano   Courtier
Balbi (L) Stutter
Balbo (L) Stutter
Balboa (P) Good valley
Baldovino   Audacious friend
Balenci (S) Valencia, Spain
Balensi (S) Valencia, Spain
Balieyro   Whale hunter
Balloulou   Pearl seller
Balmes (de) (F) Baume, France
Balouka (A) Baluka, Tunisia
Banaderette (H) Son of splendor
Banam (A) Benan, Tunisia
Banbanaste   Welcome
Bannoun   Fisherman
Banon   Fisherman
Banoun   Fisherman
Banun   Fisherman
Baptista (S) Baptist, Baptized, Convert
Baqbuq   Bottle seller
Bar (AR) Prefix meaning son of
Bar Bibaja   Smart
Bar David (H) David
Bar Elia (H) Elia
Bar Elie (H) Elie
Bar Maimon (H) Fortunate
Bar Massud (H) Happy
Bar Maymund (H) Mymon (Maimon)
Bar Mazalton (H) Fortunate
Bar Moshe (H) Moses
Bar Mosheh (H) Moses
Bar Natan (H) Nathan
Bar Nissim (H) Nissim
Bar Sheshat   Six days of creation
Bar Simantov (H) Fortunate
Bar Yehoshua (H) Yehoshua
Bar Yoseph (H) Joseph
Barad (A) A cold place
Baraffael (H) Son of Rafael
Baraha   Blessing
Barahona (S) Barahona, Spain
Baraja   Blessing
Barajona (S) Barahona, Spain
Baranes   Berbers
Barbados (S) Bearded
Barbaimon (H) Son of Maimon
Barbalha (S) Garlic beard
Barbalho (S) Garlic beard
Barbanel (H) Polish variant of Abravanel
Barbanelska (H) Polish variant of Abravenel
Barbanyon (H) Son of Maimon
Barbas (S) Beards
Barbosa (S) Goat’s beard
Barboza (S) Goat’s beard
Barbudo (S) Bearded
Barca   Barge man
Barcat (A) El Barcat, Libya
Barcelona (H) From Bar Shel Anu, our field
Barcelonim (L) Barcelona, Spain
Barcessat   Six days of creation
Barchect   Six days of creation
Barchichat   Six days of creation
Barco   Barge man
Bardauid (H) Son of David
Bardayan (H) Son of rabbinical judge
Bareda   Path way
Baredes (P) Paredes, Portugal
Bargansa (P) Barganca, Portugal
Barica   Stick
Bariohay (HB) David, Yohai’s son
Barisac (HB) Jacob, son of Isaac
Barkat   Blessing
Barkates   Blessing
Barkats   Blessing
Barkatz   Blessing
Barmaimon (H) Son of Maimon
Barmaymoun (M) Son of Maimon
Barmocha (H) Son of Moses
Barnal (H) Strong as a bear
Barnatan (H) Son of Nathan
Barnathan (H) Son of Nathan
Baroccia (I) Monte Baroccio, Italy
Baroccio (I) Monte Baroccio, Italy
Baroh (H) Blessed
Baron (S) Title of nobility, not to be confused with Varon, male
Barou (H) Blessed
Barouch (H) Blessed
Barouh (H) Blessed
Barouk (H) Blessed
Baroukh (H) Blessed
Barrientos (S) Muddy
Barrio (S) Village
Barrios (S) Villages
Barroccio (I) Monte Baroccio, Italy
Barros (P) Neighborhood
Barrouche (H) Blessed
Barruk (H) Blessed
Barsilai   Blacksmith
Baru (H) Blessed
Baruc (H) Blessed
Baruch (H) Blessed
Baruque (H) Blessed
Barzel   Blacksmith
Basevi (H) Bat Sheva
Basilea   Basel, Switzderland
Basivi (H) Bat Sheva
Baso (S) An old word meaning glass
Bassan (I) Bassano, Italy
Bassoni (I) Bassano, Italy
Bassono (I) Bassono, Italy
Bassevi (H) Bat Sheva
Bastos (P) Basto, Portugal
Batan (A) Baton, Tunis
Batino   Ishmaelite
Batista (S) Baptised
Batkoun   Bearded
Battach   Couragious
Battan (A) Battan, Tunis
Battat   Duck
Battash   Couragious
Bautista (S) Baptist, Baptized, Convert
Bavli   Babylonic
Bayda   White
Bayona (F) Bayone, France
Be Emaalem   Professor, master
Beato   Devout
Bebay (B) Bebay, Fez. Moroco
Becerra (H)(AR) Owner and carpet of straw
Bechor (A) First born
Becudo   Thick lipped
Beda   White
Bedarida (F) Bedarrides, France
Bedarride (F) Bedarrides, France
Beddouk   Man with vertigo
Bedjai (BR) Bedjai tribe
Bedock   Man with vertigo
Bedoucha   Peddler
Bedrida (F) Bedarrides, France
Bedusa   Peddler
Bedussa   Peddler
Bega (A) First born
Behar (H) Acronym of Ben Kvod haRa = son of his honor the Rabbi
Behar (A) First  born
Behar   From the sea
Behar (HB) On the mountain (Mount Siani?)
Behara   From the sea
Behiri   Merry
Behor (A) First born
Beicudo   Thick lipped
Beida   White
Beira (da) (P) Beira, Portugal
Beirao (P) Beira, Portugal
Beja (P) Beja, Portugal
Beja (A) First born
Bejar (H) See Behar
Bejarano (S) Bejar, Spain
Bejerano (S) Bejar, Spain
Bekache   Insect
Bekemoharar (H) BKMOHRR, Ben Kevod Morenu ha-roy Rabbi
Bekhar (H) Acronym meaning Ben Khevod Ha Rav son of the honorable rabbi
Bekhar   First born
Bekhor   First born
Belachen   Enchanting, gluton
Belaciano   Courtier
Belahhdeb   Hunchback
Beladina (S) Virtuous woman
Belafonte (S) Beautiful lad
Belahem   Enchanting, gluton
Belaiche   Son of life
Belaisch   Son of life
Belaische   Son of life
Belais   Son of life
Belaise   Son of life
Belaish   Son of life
Belamich   Rheumy, discharge from the eyes or nose
Belefant (S) Handsome boy
Belezra   Seeder
Belhaiche   Son of life
Belham   Gluton
Belia (S) Belia, Spain
Beliah (S) Belia, Spain
Belich (H) Elias, Elijah
Belicha (H) Elias, Elijah
Belido (S) Handsome man
Belifante (S) Beautiful lad
Belinfante (S) Beautiful lad
Belity   Son of my night
Belitty   Son of my night
Bellicha (H) Elias, Elijah
Bellity   Son of my night
Belma (S) Belmez, Spain
Belmes (S) Belmez, Spain
Belmonte (P)(S) Beautiful mountain,  towns in Andalusia and Portugal
Beloulou   Pearl seller
Bem (P) Prefix meaning son of
Bembaron (P) Male son
Bembenaste (P) Wlcome
Bem Crespo (P) Curley hair
Bem David (P) Son of David
Bem Simon (P) Son of Simon
Ben  (S) Prefix meaning son of
Ben Abbu (H) Son of G-d’s servant
Ben Abrekhekh (H) Young talmud rabbi
Ben Abuzaglo (A)(H) See Abuzaglo
Ben Aderet (H) Son of splendor
Ben Adi   Son of a judge
Ben Aflao (A) Desert location without water
Ben Aharfi (BR) Very dry skin
Ben Akdar   China manufacturer
Ben Akhsas (A) Son of the tribe of Aksas, Morocco
Ben Akrish (A) See Akrich
Ben Aksas (A) Son of the tribe of Kksas, Morocco
Ben Al Allush (BR) Son of sheep or sheep herder
Ben Alqassabi   Son of the butcher
Ben Anidjar   Son of the carpenter
Ben Annaqab (A) Son of the tinsmith
Ben Aqnin (B) Son of Jacob
Ben Aqoqua (  ) Pearl or person of worth
Ben Alghrabli   Son of a seave manufacturer
Ben Alhakim   Son of a doctor (hakim)
Ben Alhazzan   Son of a cantor (hazan)
Ben Allush (BR) Son of sheep (herder)
Ben Ami   Son of my people
Ben Ammar   Son of a peasant
Ben Aron   son of Aaron
Ben Arrajel   Son of Man
Ben Arroio (P) Arroyo
Ben Arroyo (P) Arroyo
Ben Arruwah   Son of furious man
Ben Arruwas   Son of furious man
Ben Ashomer (H) Son of a guard
Ben Ashrigu   Son of a Levantine
Ben Asulin (BR) Son of the cliff
Ben Attar   Son of a spice merchant
Ben Aturjman   Son of a translator
Ben Blila   Son of a maniac
Ben Bouamoud   Son of a colonist
Ben Buamud   Son of a colonist
Ben Buash   One who hugs people
Ben Buhaziza (S) Blue – from the Spanish word for blue
Ben Burihmat   Abraham
Ben Chanan   Son of a fearsome father
Ben Chisquito (S) Son of small person
Ben Dan (H) Son of the tribe of Dan
Ben Daud (H) Son of David
Ben David (H) Son of David
Ben Dayan (S) From Denia, Spain
Ben Dayan (H) Son of a rabbinical judge
Ben Dayyan (S) From Denia, Spain
Ben Dayyan (H) Son of a rabbinical judge
Ben Didi   Son of a hypochondriac
Ben Diwan   Son of a troubador
Ben Dodo   Son of a nephew
Ben El Allushim (BR) Son of sheep (herder)
Ben Elhanan   The son of a fearsome father
Ben Elhench (H) Son of a serpent
Ben Elhensh (H) Son of a serpent
Ben Elisha (H) Son of Elisha
Ben Gadalo   Son of a tall man
Ben Ghiyat   Son of one who helps
Ben Haco   Son of the just
Ben Haim   Son of calm cleepy
Ben Kiki (BR) Son of Jacob
Ben Meir (H) Son of the cultured or illuminated
Ben Melek (H) Son of the king
Ben Merrouas   Son of the bald
Ben Momo (BR) Son of Solomon
Ben Msibad   Son of the lamp
Ben Nayim   Son of calm, sleepy
Ben Nunes   Son of Nunez
Ben Saba (S) Son of the Sabbath, a Levite name
Benabbas   Son of courageous
Benabreckh (H) Young talmud rabbi
Bencerafe   Son of the money changer
Benaderet (H) Son of splendor
Benaderette (H) Son of splendor
Benadi   Son of a judge
Benadret (H) Son of splendor
Benady   Son of a judge
Benaim   Calm, sleepy
Benainous (BR) Son of familiar, friend or relative
Benaion (BR) Son of familiar, friend or relative
Benaioun (BR) Son of familiar, friend or relative
Benaious (BR) Son of familiar, friend or relative
Benakdar   China manufacturer
Benarroio (P) Arroyo
Benblila   Son of a maniac
Bendodo   Son of a nephew
Benbouhaziza (S) Blue – from the Spanish word azul for blue
Benbuach   One who hugs people
Benchiquito (S) Son of small person
Bendidi   Son of a hypochondriac
Bendiwan   Son of a troubador
Bengadalo   Son of a tall man
Benghiat   Son of one who helps
Benkjkj (BR) Son of Jacob
Benmsiba   Son of the lamp
Bensabat (S) Son of Saturday. the Sabbath, a Levite name
Bensabath (S) Son of Saturday, the Sabbath, a Levite name
Bensabath (S) Son of Saturday, the Sabbath. a Levite name
Beso (S) Kiss
Beyda   White
Bezerra (H)(AR) See Becerra
Bicerano (S) Bejar, Spain
Bidassa   Peddler
Bidjarano (S) Bejar, Spain
Bidoussa   Peddler
Bidussa   Peddler
Bidzherano (S) Bejar, Spain
Biton (S) From vita or bita meaning life
Blanca (S) White
Boher (H) Elects
Bohor (H) From Hehor meaning first born
Bolar (S) The verb to fly
Borouch (H) Blessed
Bosque (P)(S) Forest, Woods
Bossoud (A) Lucky
Botibol (B) Drum maker
Boton (S) Button
Botton (T) From Budan, Buda
Boulker (A) Wealthy man
Brarata (S) Inexpensive
Bravo (S) Bravo, boastful, blustering, fine, excellent
Budente (S) Obedient
Buen (S) Good
Buena Vida (S) Good life
Buendia (S) Good day
Bueno (S) Good
Bulhao (P) Turbulent, noisy
Bulha (P) Quarrel, strife
Burla (S) Taunt, ridicule
Caballeria (S) Riding stock
Caballeria (S) Cavalry
Caballero (S) Knight, gentleman
Cabarral (S) Animal parasite, tick
Cabeca (P) Head
Cabeza de Vaca (S) Head of the cow
Cabezas (S) Heads
Cabeludo (P) Hairy
Cabra (P)(S) She goat
Cabral (P) Herd of goats
Cabreiro (P) From goats
Cabrera (S) Goat herd
Cabrero (S) Goat attendant,  goat herd
Cabrito (P) Kid
Cabron (S) Stud goat
Cadoch (HB) Holy, The Holy One
Cadoche (HB) See Cadoch
 Cadoches (HB) See Cadoch
Cadiz (S) Port city in Spain
Caes (S) You fall
Caja (S) Box, safey deposit box
Cajal (S) Group of boxes, person in charge of the boxes
Calabaza (S) Pumkin
Calache (S) Old furniture
Calahora (S) Public place where bread was distirbuted in scarce times
Calahorra (S) Same as calahora
Calamaro (S) Squid
Calao (P) See Calo
Calatayud (A) A town in province of Zaragoza from q’alat ayyud.
Calda (P) Syrup, Welding material
Caldas (P) Hot springs
Caldera (S) Soup Pot
Calderon (S) Cauldron
Caler (S) Lime seller
Calero (S) Lime seller
Callado (S) Quiet
Callar (S) The verb to remain quiet
Calle (S) Street
Callo (S) Callous
Calo (G) From Kalo meaning good
Calo (S) Gypsy
Calzada (S) Paved road
Camara (P) Chamber
 (P) Surname assigned to Orphans
 (S) Master room
Cambo (S) Room where meat product are hung to cure
Campo (P) Field
Campo (S) Country side
Campos (S) Fields
Canas (P) Reed, cane
Canas (S) Gray hair
Candeias (P) Oil lamp
Candelero (S) Candle light
Candida (S) Full of live and happiness
Candido (P) Candid, sincere
Canes (S) Dogs
Cano (P) Pipe
Cano (S) Gray 
Canto (P) Chant, sing, song,corner
Canto (S) Melody
Cantor (P) Singer
Canudo (P) Pipe
Caparra (S) Earnest, sign given as a guarantee
Caparrosa (S) Vitriol, an earnest man, a man wearing a red coat         
Capeteiro (also (P) Shoe maker
Capeludo (P) Friars hood, cardinal cap
Capon (S) Castrated, gelded, a bundle of cut vineshoots
Capote (P) Overcoat, cloak
Capote (S) Raincoat
Capuano (S) Beaten, beating, thrashing
Carabella (S) Pretty face, Spanish ship
Caravida (S) Wishful face
Caravita (S) Facing life
Carco (S) One who goes back to the old ways
Carceres (S) Jails
Carceles (S) Jails
Cardado (S) To tease the hair
Cardenas (S) Reddish color
Cardinal (S) Foundation, reference point
Cardo (P) Thistle
Cardona (S) A village in Catalonia where the lineage of Cardona began as the result of the marriage of Ramon Folch and Argencia, the sister of Charlemegne
Cardoso (P) Full of thistle
Cardozo (S) Thorny bushes
Caraca (P) Mask, tick, mitel
Caraco (P) Snail
Caraco (S) Shell
Caracol (S) Shell
Carajal (S) Rejected, lost place, a place not in order
Caravajal (S) Oak woods, forest
Carbo (S) Carbon, charcoal
Carca (S) One who goes back to his old ways
Careco (P) Bald man
Cario (S) From Caria, a region in Asia Minor
Carion (S) From Carrion de los Condes a village in Spain
Carlos (S) Charles
Carner (S) Ram
Carnero (S) Ram
Carnicer (S) Butcher
Carnicero (S) Butcher
Caro (P)(S) Dear, expensive, loved one
Caroco (P) Pit
Carranca (P) Frown
Carranca (S) Spiked dog collar
Carrasco (P) Hang man, executioner, cruel man
Carrasco (S) Evergreen oak forest
Carrascon (S) Small Oak
Carregal (P) Loading place, name of town
Carreira (P) Career, walkway, path
Carretero (S) A peddler who travels by mule carriage to sell goods
Carrilho (P) Carillon, set of bells, musical clock, chimes
Carrillo (S) Wagon
Carrizo (S) Reed grass, a brown colored bird
Cartagena (S) A city of Spain
Carvajal (S) Oak woods, forest
Carvalhal (P) Oak grove
Carvalho (P) Oak tree
Casa (P)(S) House, home
Casafranca (S) Truthful house
Casal (S) Ghetto
Casas (P)(S) Houses
Casal (P) Couple, farm house
Casa Franca (P) Home of abundance
Casado (P)(S) Married
Casares (P) To get married
Cases (P) To get married
Cases (S) From casas, houses
Casteneda (S) Forest
Castanheda (P) Chestnuts
Castanheira (P) Chestnut tree
Castanho (P) The color brown
Castano (S) Brown
Castelhano (P) Castillian
Castellano (S) Castillian, language or person or object from Castile
Castellanos (S) People from Castile
Castellar (S) To sustain
Castellon (S) Town in Spain
Castelo (P) Castle
Castelo Branco (P) White Castle, the name a town
Castillo (S) Castle
Castro (P) Roman tower, the name of a town
Castro (S) Pre Roman fortified towns where military training took place, a cliff over the ocean
Catalan (P) From Catalonia, Spain
Catalanao (P) From Catalonia, Spain
Catalano (S) From Catalonia, Spain
Catan (S) Oriental cutlass
Catano (P) Anger, cursing
Catano (S) Long sword
Catano (H) From Catan, small, short
Catorze (S) Fourteen
Cava (P) Dig, plow, hollow
Cava (S) Cove
Cavacos (P) Kindling, chat
Cavalaria (P) Horse stable
Cavalo (P) Horse
Cazado (S) Hunted
Cazales (S) A group of houses where labor took place
Ceia (P) Supper, the name of a town
Cejas (S) Eyebrows
Centeno (S) A cereal. rye, hundreth
Cento (S) One hundred
Cepa (P) Vine
Cepa (S) Stump of any tree or plant, vine
Cepo (P) Stump
Cera (P)(S) Wax, bees wax
Cerda (S) Female pig
Cerdas (P) Bristles from a boar or othe animal
Cerdeira (P) Cherries
Cerdo (P) Bristles
Cerdo (P) Pig
Cerero (S) Wax handler
Cerez (S) Son of Zero (Cero), cherry tree
Cerezo (S) Son of Zero (Cero), cherry tree
Cerrada (P)(S) Closed
Cervo (P) Stag
Cespedes (S) Grass
Chacon (S) Salamander
Chame (P) To call
Chao (P) Floor, ground
Chao (S) A town in Asturias
Charon (S) From Sharon, the Valley of the Lillies
Chaves (P) Keys, the name of a city
Chichones (S) Bumps or inflamation of the skin.
Chico (P)(S) Small, nickanme for Francisco, small child
Chillon (S) Something that makes a loud noise
Chito (S) Wood piece, quiet
Cid (A) Master, lord
Cid (S) Strong and brave
Cida (S) Exterminator
Cimino (I) Spice dealer 
Cipres (S) Cypress
Ciudad (S) City
Clara (P) Light
Clara (S) Clear, transparent
Claret (P) Type or wine
Clava (S) From the verb to hammer
Clema (S) Grape vine
Clemente (S) Just and righteous
Coba (S) Coin, importance
Cobos (S) Explicit declaration
Coche (S) Horse drawn carriage
Cocher (S) Kosher
Coelho (P) Rabbit
Colaco (P) Milk brother (fed from the same breast),
  foster sibling
Colada (P) Glued
Colada (S) Filtered
Colodro (S) Wooden shoe
Campos (P) Fields
Conceicao (P) Conception (Our Lady Of)
Conchill (S) Dye maker
Condesa (S) Countess
Condessa (P) Countess
Conejo (S) Rabbit
Confino (S) Confined, jailed
Contamina (S) Contaminate
Contamina (P) Poison
Copha (S) Basket
Copo (P) Glass
Corbera (S) Raven, crow, black raven. crow’s nest
Cordero (S) Lamb
Cordeiro (P) Lamb
Cordes (F) Weaver/wearer of string perhaps as  Jewish prayer shawl
Cordoba (S) City of Spain
Cordon (S) Cord
Cordova (S) Cordoba, a city of Spain
Cori (S) Small heart
Coronel (P)(S) Military rank
Cormano (S) Cousin
Corral (S) A place where animals are kept.
Correia (P) Belt, leather strap
Corro (P) Run
Coruja (P) Day owl
Correa (S) Belt
Corredor (P)(S) Runner, a real estate broker
Correio (P) Mail
Cortes (S) Courteous
Corteza (S) Cortex
Corvera (S) Crow, raven, crow’s nest
Corzo (S) From Corsica, deer, roe
Cosida (P) Boiled
Cosida (S) Sewed, stiched together, or from cocida ,meaning fully cooked
Costa (P) Coast, back side
Costa (S) Rib in old Castillian.  See Acosta.  Coast in modern Spanish but it is not the meaning of the name.
Costal (S) Large sack for carrying or storing grains
Costela (P) Small back rib
Costilla (S) Rib.  See Acosta
Cota (P) Coat, fare
Cota (P) Coat, clothing
Coutinho (P) From reserve game ground
Covreador (S) From Cobrador, collector
Creces (S) High earning interest
Creciente (S) Growing
Crescas (S) Grow up
Crespo (S) Curly haired person
Cristian (S) Christian
Crudo (S) Uncooked, raw
Cruz (P)(S) Cross
Cuba (S) Recipient, wine barrel
Cuello (S) Neck
Cuenca (S) River basin, wooden bowl
Cuervo (S) Crow
Cuevas (S) Caves
Cunal (S) A room where cribs lay
Cunha (P) Wedge, recommendation, full
Danon (S)(A) Judge. Increase.
Delgado (S) Slim, slender
Delicado (P) Delicate
Dell Ariccia (I) From Ariccia, Italy
Dias (P) Days
Djaen (S)(A) From Jaen, a city in the south of Spain.  Devil
Djebali (A) Mountain, a Jewish Libyan name
Dourando (P) Golden
Drikes (S) From the name Rodrigues. Also Driques and Drighes.
Duro (P) Vegetable patch
Duro (P) Hard
Ebenazan (A+H) Eben fpr Eban, son of. Azan for Hazan, meaning cantor. Son of the cantor.
Ebot (A) Dog
Echen (S) To pour
Eder (H) See Edrehi
Ederra (H) See Edrehi
Edrehi (HB) Derives from Der’l, and ancient city in the Jordan valley
Efarti (HB) See Efrati
Effraim (HB) Son of Joseph
Effrit (HB) See Efrati
Efrati (HB) Derives from Efrat, Caleb’s wife
Efrathi (HB) See Efrati
Efraym (HB) See Efraim
Egozi (H) From Egoz, nut
Einkave (A) From Enqawa, purity.  Famous Toledo family
El (A)(S) Article meaning the
El Allush (BR) Sheep
El Arbi   Stepfather
El Barchilon (L) From the latin name of Barcelona,Spain
El Corredor (S) The runner
El Costal (S) The sack
El Cuerno (S) The horn, usually an animal horn
El Cuervo (S) The Crow (usually said of someone dressed in black)
El Hai (A) The man who never dies
El Hai (H) G-d is alive
El Neyto (S) The grandson
El Rab (A)(H) The Rabbi
El Roman (A) One from Rome
El Ruvio (S) The blond
El Saig (A) See  essayag
El Zarco (S) The blue
Elazar (HB) G-d has helped, son of Aharon the great priest
Elbaz (A) The Falcon
Elbhar   From the sea
Eldar (S) The act of giving
Eleazar (HB) See Elazar
Elhadad (A) Blacksmith
Eli (H) My G-d
Eli (HB) Top most, Name of Shilo the great priest
Eliakim (HB) G-d will edify, name of the minister of King Heskiyahu
Elias (H)(HB) See Eli
Elie (HB) See Eli
Elies (HB) See Eli
Eliezer (HB) G-d helps. name of Abraham’ servant
Elimelej (H) El (G-D) and melej (king)
Elimelej (HB) Derives from Elimelekh, my G-d is king, Naomi’s husband
Elisa (HB) Derives from Elisha – G-d is my savior, the name of a prophet
Elkana (A) Behind
Elkana (HB) G-d brought, Father of Samuel   the prophet
Ellias (HB) See Eli
Elmaalem   Professor, master
Elmaleh (A) The good
Ely (HB) See Eli
Emanuel (H) G-D us with us. See Emmanuel
Eminente (S) Eminent, distinguished
Emmanuel (HB) G-d is with us, son of Isaiah the prophet
Empecina (S) Stubborn, obstinate
Encabe (A) See Einkave
Encina (S) Grove of oak trees
Enero (S) January
Enfazen (A) See Abenfacen
Enoch (HB) Human.  Son of Seth. Grandson of Adam
Enos (HB) Fallen, mortal, sickly
Enpesar (S) In distress
Entebi (T) Ain Tab, Turkey
Epharti (H) See Efrati
Ephraim (H) See Efraim
Enriques (S) Son of Henry
Ermitano (S) Hermit
Escalera (S) Stairs, ladder
Escales (S) To scale, climb
Escaloni (HB) Derived from Eshkol, one of Abrahams allies
Escapa (P)(S) Escape
Eschenazi (H) See Eskenazi
Escobar (S) Broom
Escogido (S) The chosen one
Escola (P) School
Escriba (S) Scribe
Escriva (P) Scribe
Escudero (S) Squire, shield maker
Eskenazi (H) Derives from Ashkenazi meaning German
Espadilha (P) Spread out
Espana (S) Spain
Espanhol (P) Spanish
Espanol (S) Spanish
Espejo (S) Mirror
Esperanza (S) Hope
Espina (S) Spine, thorn, prickle
Espino (S) Hawthorn
Espiritu Santo (S) Holy Ghost (A converso name)
Esquenazi (S) See Eskenazi
Essayag (A) The goldsmith or silversmith
Este (P)(S) East, this
Estela (S) Trail
Estella (S) Star
Esteves (P) Son of Esteban, or son of Esteve
Estroumza (G) Derives from Strumica, a city North of Salonika
Estruc (L) Derives fromasterius, star or happy
Estrugano (H) See Estrugo
Estrugo (H) Derives from etrog meaning citron
Evangel (S) Eve Angle
Evora (P) City in Portugal.  An inquisition center located here.
Ezaguy (S) (A) Derives from Azogue meaning Mercury.  Deriving from Azzaouaq, meaning clever
Ezkiel (HB) G-d will strenthen, name of a prophet
Ezobi (H) Hyssop-like
Ezra (HB) Help of God, Head of the Babyloninan Jews, builder of the second temple.  Aben (A) son of, Ben (H) son of, Ibn (A) son of.
Fabib (A) See Habib
Fachima (A) Old lady who knows all,  see Fehima
Facquim (A) See Hakim
Fakhar (A) Noble people
Faina (P) Toil, labor
Falano (P) Guy
Falcao (P) Hawk
Fandari (A) From Alfandari, tax collector
Fanno (I) See Fanno
Fano (I) Name of a town in Italy, also see Mefano, Mifano
Faquin (A) See Hakim
Farach (A) See Farage
Farage (A) Healer
Farhi (A) Happy
Farias (P) To do
Farin (F) Flour
Farjeon (A) Great healer
Faro (P) Scent
Farraj (A) See Farage
Farto (P) Abundant
Fasa (A) From Fez, Morocco, also see Alfassa
Fasan (A) See Hassan
Fasi (A) Tax collector
Fateixa (P) Name of town
Fatias (P) Slices
Fehima (A) Coal merchant
Feijao (P) Bean
Feigo (P) Name of town, beans
Felis(z) (P) Happy
Fernandes (P) Son of Fernao
Ferreira (P) Iron smith
Ferro (P) Iron
Fez (P) City in Morocco
Figo (P) Fig
Figueira (P) Fig tree
Figueiredo (P) From a fig tree field
Figueiroa (P) From a fig tree field
Filosof (G) Philosopher
Finci (HB)(I) See Finzi
Finse (HB)(I) See Finzi
Finsie (HB)(I) See Finzi
Finzi (HB) From the name Pinhas, grandson of ahron
Finzi (I) Derived from the town of Faenza, Italy
Fissi (A) High education
Flor (P) Flower
Foces (P) To go, pits
Fonseca (P) Dry fountain
Forno (P) Oven
Forte (P) Strong
Francisco (P) The name Francis
Franco (P) Honest, sincere, French
Freire (P) Frier
Freixo (P) Ash Tree
Fresco (P) Fresh
Fulano (P) See Falano
Fundao (P) Bottom. the name of a city
Furtado (P) Stolen
Fuso (P) Spindle, lines of latitude and longitude
Gabai (H) See Gabbai, synagogue treasurer
Gabaij (H) See Gabbai, synagogue treasurer
Gabay (H) Synagogue treasurer
Gabbai (H) Synagogue treasurer
Gabbai, Ibn (H)(A) Son of Synagogue
Gabbay (H) See Gabbai
Gabby (H) Synagogue treasurer
Gabirol (H) Gabriel
Gabirol, Ibn (H)(A) Son of Gabriel
Gabis (H) See Gabison
Gabishon (H) See Gabison
Gabison (H) Derives from Gavish, meaning crystal, describes someone clever.
Gabriel (HB) G-d has prevailed. The name of the Arcangel
Gaby (H) Synagouge treasurer
Gadanha (P) Scythe
Gadelha (HB) See Gedaliah
Gadella (HB) See Gadaliah
Gagin (BR) Son of Gag.  Gag is a Berber tribe
Gagui (BR) Son of Gag.  Gag is a Berber tribe
Gaguin (BR) Son of Gag.  Gag is a Berber tribe
Galamidi (G) Ganimidis -A clerk in G-d’s House
Galboa (H) Derives Gilboa, the name of Holy Land a mountain
Galego (P) Galician
Gallego (P) Galicia a provence in Northern Spain
  Slave, slang as in working like a slave
Galimide (G) See Galimidi
Galimidi (G) Derives from Ganimidis, mythological servant in G-ds palace
Gallel, Aben (A) Galilee in the north of Israel, Son of Galilee
Galo (P) Rooster
Galvao (P) Explosive, galvanic
Gama (P) Gamut, scale
 (G) Third letter of the Greek alphabet
Gamil (A) Beautiful
Gamis (A) Small apple like fruit
Gamiz (A) Small apple like fruit
Ganem (A) Stock breeder
Ganso (P) Goose, geese, gander
Gaon (H) Genius
Ganon (H)(S) Garden. Increase.
Gaona (H) See Goan
Garca (P) Herron, name of a town
Garguir (H) Grain, also used by Ramban to mean very small community
Garson (HB) See Gerson
Gasto (P) Used, spent, expense
Gatinho (P) From gatenho, uncultivated, perhaps also uneducated
Gato (P) Cat
Gavriel (H) See Gabriel
Gavsion (H) See Gabison
Gaze (A) To receive money
Gazi (A) To receive money
Gedaliah (HB) G-d has made me grow
Gedelia (HB) G-d is great, the name of Zephania’s grandfather
Gerson (HB) Gershon. The son of Levi, son of Yaakov
Gomel (H) Reward
Granada (A) From Granada
Granadi (A) From Granada
Grandos (A) From Granada
Granate (A) From Granada
Grante (A) From Granada
Guabay (H) See Gabbai
Guahnish (A/BR/S) Drives from Ohanes (Almeria province of Spain) In turn derives from Wahanis
Guarda (P) Guarda, name of a city
Gubbay (H) See Gabbai
Guedelha (P) Tuft of hair
Guedelha (HB) Derives from Guedalia, G-d is great.  Grandfaher of Zephania the prophet. See Gedaliah.
Guedelia (HB) See Gedaliah
Guedalla (HB) See Gedaliah.
Guedj (BR) Moving house
Guerra (P) War
Guerreiro (P) Warrior
Guez (BR) See Guedj
Guio (P) Guide, drive
Habib (A) Beloved
Hadef (A) Target
Hakim (A) Doctor
Hallas (A) Finish
Hamis (A) Five, for five fingers of the hand against the evil eye
Hamiz (A) Five, for five fingers of the hand against the evil eye
Harael (A) Silk
Harel ((H) Mount of G-d
Hayyat (A) A snake
Hazan (H) Cantor in a Synagogue
 (A) Spot on the skin
Hemsi (A) Fifth for the fifth child
Henriques (P)(S) Es meanin son, Son of Henry
Herrero (S) A smith such as an iron smith
Hopa (S) Cassock
Horabuena (S) Good time
Horta (P) Garden (same as Orta)
Hoyo (S) Hole, pit, dent
Hoz (S) Sickle, gorge, ravine
Huesca (S) A city in Spain
Husillo (S) Small spindle, dim
Ibn (A) Prefix meaning son of
Idana (P)(S) Town in Portugal and Spain
Ijar (S) Flank, side
Ilhao (S) Big island
Isaac (H) Biblical name
Isidoro (S) Isadore
Jachia (HB) For Yihye, meaning will live, the name of a Levite
Jacinto (S) Ornament for horses
Jaen (S) Jaen, Spain
Jaez (S) Kind
Jaique (A) Moorish hooded cloack
Jaime (S) James
Jara (S) Rock rose
Jarra (P)(S) Vase, pitcher
Jato (S) Young calf
Jerez (S) Sherry wine, a Spanish town
Jimenez (S) Son of Jimeno or Simon.meaning gracious hearkening,  or snub-nosed.  Also see Ximenes.
Jordan (S) The river Jordan
Jorge (S) George
Josue (S) Joshua
Journo (I) From the Italian Giomo meaning day
Juan (S) John
Juarez (S) A town in Spain
Jucef (S) Joseph
Juncos (S) Chinese ships, bulrush
Juarda (S) Sworn in
Kalo (Ladino) See Calo
Kordes (G) See Cordes
Kush (A) Small shop
Lachkar (A) Derives from Al asghar meaning blond or red haired
Lafaia (A) See Lafia
Lafia (A) Derives from Al afia meaning the health
Lagarto (P) Lizard
Lagos (P) Lakes
Lahana (BR) See Lahyani
Lahyani (BR) Derives from al Hyana, a Berber tribe
Lais (A) Lion
Lamas (P) Muds, also the names of several towns
Lamego (P) From mud, the name of a city
Lasry (A) The moder, the contemporary
Latif (A) Delicate
Lavi (H) Lion
Layani (BR) See Lahyani
Lazraque (A) Derives from the word Alazraki. The blue eyed
Leal (P) Loyal
Leao (P) Lion
Lebaan (HB) Derives from Lavan meaning white. Jacob’s father in law.
Lebben (D)(Y) Variant of Leben
Leben (A) Little milk
Leben (D)(Y) Life
Legasa (BR) Derives from the Berber tribe Ait Wagassa
Legrain (F) The seed
Leitao (P) Suckling pig
Leite (P) Milk
Lellouche (A) Allush, the young lamb
Lemos (P) Helm
Ler (P) To read
Leven (HB) See Levi
Levey (HB) See Levi
Levi (HB) From the tribe of Levi. A Levite
Levi de (HB) See Levi
Levie HB) See Levi
Levim (HB) See Levi
Levit (HB) See Levi
Levitt (HB) See Levi
Levy (HB) See Levi
Lezar (HB) Derives from Elazar
Lima (P) File, plant, river in north Portugal
Linares (S) City in Spain meaning where linen is made or where flax is grown.
Lindo (P) Beautiful
Linhares (P) City in Portugal meaning where linen is made or where flax is made.
Lis (A)(H) Derived from  Laish meaning lion
Lisboa (P) Lisbon
Lobato (P) Small wolf, weak
Lobo (P) Wolf
Lomba (P) Upland
Lombard (P) From Lombard
Lopez (P) Son of Lopo
Loufrani (BR) Man with long hair or from Oufrane, Morocco
Lourenco (P) Lawrence
Lousada (P) Name of a town
Lusitano (P) Portuguese
Lusa (P) Portuguese (female)
Maalem   Professor, master
Maca (P) Stretcher
Macana (P) Weapon used by the indigenous people of Brazil
Macedo (P) Person from Macedonia
Machado (P) Axe
Macho (P) Male, masculine, pleat in a garment
Machorro (P) Barren animal
Machuca (P) Bruise, pound, crush
Macia (P) Soft
Madeira (P) Wood, timber
Maduro (P) Ripe, mature, mellow
Maestro (P) Teacher, wise
Magrico (P) Foolish
Maia (P) Town in northern Portugal, May day feast,  flower,
  chestnut picked on May day
Maio (P) The month of May
Mala (P) Suitcase, leather bag. handbag, trunk
Maleh (A) Good
Manuel (P) Enamoel
Maor (A) Cooking pot
Maor (S) From Mayor, meaning main
Mar (P) Sea
Mara (H) Sorrow
Marco (P) Mark, boundry, mail box, landmark
Marques (P) To mark, Marquis
Mas (H) Acroynm of the Hebrew Mokher Sefarim meaning book seller.
Masia (P) Soft
Mass (H) See Mas
Masson (P) Mason, masonic
Mateus (P) Mathew
Matos (P) Woods, brushwood
Mayor (P) Big, larger
Mayoral (P) Manager, chief, head of an organization
Medeiros (P) Grain storage yard
Medico (P) Doctor
Megas (P) Small mosquito
Mehemia (HB) See Nehemia
Meida (A) To prize someone
Melon (P) Melon
Mendes (P) Son of Mendo
Menir (P) Tall stone, megalithic monument
Mercado (P) Market, gathering place
Mesa (P) Table, altar
Mesquita (P) Mosque
 (A) Derived from the Mesquita Aljama of Cordoba
Messias (P) Messiah
Meyda (A) To prize someone
Mezquita (A) Derived from the Mezquita Aljama of Cordoba
Miara (P) To cry or scream, meow
Micas (P) Nickname, shiney stone
Miguel (P) Michael
Milao (P) Milan, Italy
Millares (P) Thousand, millenary
Mira (P) To look, sight, aim, purpose, mathematical insturment
Miranda (P) A city in the north of Portugal
Mistral (P) A northern, violent and dry wind in the Mediterranean
Moeda (P) Coin
Moel (H) From the word mohel, circumciser
Mogadouro (P) City in the north of Portugal
Molina (P) Fabric from Aragon
Monco (P) humor, protruding  parts of a rooster’s head
Monforte (P) Name of City in Portugal
Monsanto (P) Sacred hill, town in Portugal
 (S) Holy mountain
Montanha (P) Mountain
Monte (P) Hill
Monteflor (P) Flower hill, town in Portugal
Monteforte (P) Strong hill, town in Portugal
Monterreal (P) Royal hill, town in Portugal
Monteverde (P) Green hill, town in Portugal
Montezinhos (P) Small hills, town in Portugal
Montpao (P) Bradhill
Moraes (P) Place of residency
Morao (P) Moor
Moreira (P) Mulberry tree
Moreno (P) Brunette, darker
Morisco (P) Moorish
Moro (P) Moor
Morro (P) Mountain, die
Morteira (P) Cannon, mortar, name of town
Moscato (P) Fly
Mosquita (P) Female mosquito
Mota (P) Elevation to stop flooding, soil around  tree trunks
  to protect from weather
Motta Veiga (P) Tilled plain, level country
Mudur(r)a (P) To move
Munir (P) To provide
Musa (P) Inspiration, muse
Misbah (A) Lamp
Naamias (H) See Nehemia
Naar (H) Young man
Nabes (S) Ships
Nabo (P)(S) Turnip, dull, fool
Nabon (S) Large turnip
Naccache (A) Sculpture, engraver
Nachmanides (H) See Nahman
Nachmias (H) See Nehemia
Nachon (H) See Navon
Nada (P)(S) Nothing
Nadal (A) From Nidal, meaning struggle
Nafuci (A) Soul
Nafusa (A) See Nafuci
Nafusi (A) See Nafuci
Nagari (A) See Najar
Nagarri (A) See Najar
Nagi (A) Confident
Nahar (H) River, also see Naar
Nahman (H) Recomforter
Nahmanides (H) See Nahman
Nahmann (H) See Nahman
Nahmias (H) See Nehemia
Nahon (H) See Navon
Nahum (HB) Recomforted, also the name of a Prophet
Naja (A) See Najar
Najar (A) Carpenter
Najara (A) See Najar
Najari (A) See Najar
Najera (A) See Najar
Najum (A) Star
Nakam (H) Revenge
Namias (H) See Nehemia
Namiaz (H) See Nehemia
Naon (H) See Navon
Naor (AM) Light
Naphataly (H) See Naphtali
Naphtali (H) Son of the Patriarch Jacob
Naphthali (H) See Naphtali
Nasci (H) See Nasi
Nashahon (HB) From Nahshon, also a dashing person
Nasi (H) President
Nassi (H) See Nasi
Nasso (H) See Nasi
Nassy (H) See Nasi
Nata (P) Cream from milk
Nataf (H) Aromatic resin
Natali (H) My burden, my load
Natan (HB) He gave, name of he profit
Natanel (HB) God gave
Natas (S) Cream from milk (plural)
Nathan (H) See Natan
Natronay (H) One of the Gaonites
Nava (S) Hollow plain between two mountains
Navarra (S) City in Span
Navarro (S) From Navarra
Naves (S) Ships
Navon (H) Wise, clever
Necim (H) See Nissim
Negro (P)(S) Black, dark
Negron (S) Augmentative of black
Nehemia (HB) Name of the prophet, meaning “G-d has comforted”
Neto (P) Grandson
Neves (P) From snow
Niebla (S) Fog
Nieto (S) Grandson
Nifoci (A) See Nafuci
Nino (S) Boy
Nissim (H) Miracles. The name of a Talmud Comentator
Noah HB) Calm, comfortable.  The ark builder
Noble (S) Noble
Nobre (P) Noble
Nogueira (P) Walnut tree
Nogueria (S) Walnut tree plantation
Noguera (S) Walnut tree
Nogueras (S) Walnut trees
Noe (HB) Noah
Novaes (P) From new, young
Nunes (P) Son of Nuno
Obadia (H) See Ovadia
Obadias (H) See Ovadia
Obediente (S) Obedient
Obrador (S) Working man
Ociel (H) See: Uziel
Oeb (H) From the word Ohev, meaning loves
Ohayoun (A)(B) O meaning son of. Hayun meaning alive
Oheb (H) Loves
Ojos Negros (S) Black eyes
Olibar (S) Olive grove
Olibera (S) Olive grove
Oliva (P)(S) Olive, olive tree
Olivar (S) Olive grove
Olival (P) Olive grove
Olivares (P)(S) Many olive trees or son of Olivar
Oliveira (P) Olive tree
Oliveros (S) Men who own olive groves
Olivos (S) Olive trees
Olmo (P)(S) Elm tree
Olmos (P)(S) Elm trees
Omar (A) Life
Oporto (P)(S) City in Portugal, port wine
Orelha (P) Ear
Ori (H) See: Uri
Oro (P)(S) Gold,pray
Orocara (S) Gold and face
Oropes(z) (S) From the words oro, gold and pesa, weight
Orta (P) Garden (same as Horta)
Osado (S) Bold, daring
Osso (P) Bone
Ossado (P) Bony
Ossado (S) Bold, daring
Oualid (A) Child
Ouhayoun (A)(B) See Ohayoun
Ouziel (H) See: Uziel
Ouzillo (H) See: Uziel
Ovadia (HB) God’s Worshipper.  Name of a prophet
Oved (HB) Works/Worships
Pacifico (S) Calm, quiet, peaceful, friend of peace
Pacuda (H) Order
Padilla (S) Small frying pan, bread oven
Padre (P) Priest, father
Padre (S) Father,  male descendant, principal or head of a lineage
Padresanto (S) Holy father meaning the Pope
Padron (S) Poll, census, model, memorial column of person of infamy. Also a city of Spain.
Padua (S) A city of Italy
Paduano (S) From Padua
Paes (S) Country
Pais (P)(S) Country, nation, land, region
Pajon (S) Course straw
Pakuda (H) Order
Palencia (S) A city in Spain
Palma (P) Palm tree
Palma (S) Palm tree leaf, palm of hand. sole of hoof, interior part of stables, applause
Palmeria (P) Palm tree
Palmero (S) A city in Sicily
Palomo (S) Cock, male pigeon
Palos (S) Sticks, staffs, colloquila for lumber
Palti (HB) Refugee, one from the tribe of Benjamin
Pampana (S) Wine leaf
Pamplones (S) From the city of Pomplona
Panadero (S) Baker, a Spanish dance with clogs
Papo (P)(S) Craw of birds
Para (P) Stop, city in Brazil
Para (T) Money
Paramo (S) High barren plain, bleak, windy place
Parets (HB) Eee Perets
Parra (S) A preposition “to”, “for”, or “towards”
Pardo (P) Mulatto, brown
Pardo (S) The color brown, drab, dark, cloudy, a flat, dull voice that has no clarity.
Paredes (P)(S) Walls
Paredes (H) Orange grove
Paredes   Paredes, Portugal
Pareja (S) Adjective meaning equal, even or smooth
Parejo (S) Male derivative of Pareja has seperate different meaning. Alike of on par.
Pariente (P)(S) Relative, family
Pares (P)(S) Couples, duos, pairs
Paris (S) A city of France
Parra (P) Grape leaf
Parra (S) Grape vine, short and wide earthen jar
Parreira (P) Grape vine
Pasapais (S) The country, region, city
Pasarel (S) From Pasarela, a footbridge or catwalk
Pascoa (H) From Pessah meaning Passover
Pascual (S) From Pascua, meaning Easter, but also meaning the deliverance of the Jews from Egypt
Pasqual (S) Same as Pascual
Parsi (S) People from ancient Persia, now called  Farsistion on the gulf of Persia.  Also the language and the immigrants who went to india, now called Parsi or Parsee.
Paso (S) Step, pass, gait, measure, or basting stitch
Pass (A) Name of a city in Morocco, Pas or Fez
Passos (P) Foot steps, walk
Passy (A) From Fassi, meaning from the city of Fas of Fez, Morocco
Pastor (P) Shepperd, minister
Pata(o) (P) Duck. paw
Pata (S) Paw, foot, leg and leg of furniture
Pater (L) Latin for father
Pato (S) Duck (usually domestic), drake
Pavia (P) Name of city
Pavia (S) City in Italy
Pavon (S) Bluing, browning, breezy, peacock
Paz (P)(S) Peace
Pedreira (P) Stone quarry
Pedreira (S) Precious stones, jewelry
Pedreiro (P) Stone mason
Pedro (P)(S) Peter
Pedroso (P) Stony
Pegado (P) Glued, stuck
Pegado (S) Patch, sticking, plaster
Peinado (S) Arrangement of the hair (hair do) combed, groomed
Peixoto (P) A type of  fish
Pelo (P) Fuzz, hair
Pelo (S) Hair or down on skin or fruit, fiber, filament, flaw in precious stones, raw silk
Pena (S) Rock, bolder, cliff, club, usually means a field of rocks.
Penafiel (P) A city in Portugal
Penafiel (S) A city in Spain
Penas (S) Rocky surfaces or places
Pechero (S) Taxable, taxpayer, commoner
Penco (P) Thick cabbage leaf
Penco (S) A form of jade
Penedo (P) Boulder
Penha (P) Cliff, boulder
Penhorado (P) Seized, confiscated
Penhorante (P) Obliged
Pensa (P) Think
Penteado (P) Groomed, hair style
Peon (S) Pedestrian, foot soldier, laborer, pawn in a chess game
Pera (P) Pear
Perahia (H) Flower of Gold. Name of Talmud writter
Perahya (H) See Perahia
Peral (P) Pear Orchard
Peralta (P) Dandy, cox comb
Perets (HB) Breach. The name of a son of Judah
Pesado (P)(S) Heavy, burdendome
Peso (S) Weight, scale, balance, burdensome load, judgement, good sense
Pessah (HB) Passed over
Pessoa (P) Person
Pestana (P) Eyelash
Pestana (S) eyelash, flange,fluks of an anchor, lace edging, tire, rim
Pez (P) Pitch, tar
Picador (P) Riding Master, sting, prickly person
Picardo (F) Ancient town in France
Pico (P) Island, pick, sharp point
Pico (S) Beak, bill, spout of a pitcher,pick ax, woodpecker
Pie (S) Foot, footing, foothold
Piedrahita (S) Pierdra (stone) + hita (fixed) = fixed stone or landmark
Pilar (P) Peer.
Pilar (S) Bowl of a fountain
Pilas (P) Little boys’ penises, a call for chickens
Pilo (P) A weapon, a lance used during the middle ages
Pina. (P) Part of a wheel
Pina (with~) (P) A fire cone, knob, plug, cluster, knot, pineapple
Pine de (S) A kind of pine tree
Pina (S) Pine tree or steep incline
Pineda (S) A grove of pine trees or a braid for garters
Pino (S) Pine tree or steep incline
Pintado (S) Painted
Pinto (S) A species of bean (the pinto bean), spot, dot,  pint lines on Spanish playing cards indicating the suit. The name of a town near Madrid.
Pintor (S) Paintor (artist)
Pintos (S) Spots
Pimenta (P) Pepper
Pimental (P)(S) Pepper field
Pimentel (P) Pepper field
Pimentilla (S) A small pepper field or a kind of pepper
Pimienta (S) Black pepper, also allspice and pimento
Pinha (P) Pine cone
Pinhal (P) Pine forest
Pinhedo (P) Boulder
Pinheiro (P) Pine tree
Pinho (P) Small pine tree
Pintado (P) Painted
Pinto (P) To paint, chick
Pires (P) Saucers
Pita (P) Aloe, cactus, chicken
Pita (S) Aloe plant, century plant, pita fiber, hissing,
Pita (A) A flat bread
Pizarro (S) Pizarra means shale, slate, black board. (Note variant spelling)
Planes (S) Plans
Pliego (S) Sheet of paper. folder, cover, envelope, sealed letter, a bill
Poel (H) Worker
Poeta (P)(S) Poet, one who writes in verse
Polaco (P) Polish, a person or language or object from Poland
Pola r (S) Relating to the earth’s poles or pole star
Polegar (P) Thumb
Pollo (S) Chicken, young bee, or sly fellow
Polo (S) Relating to the earth’s geographic poles
Pomar (P) Orchard
Pomar (S) Apple Orchard
Pomares (S) Apple Orchards
Pombal (P) Dove coat
Pombeiro (P) Person who has doves
Pombo (P) Dove
Ponce (P) A town in Portugal
Ponte (P)(S) Bridge
Porat (HB) Fruitful, word used in Jacob’s blessings
Porron (S) Slow, heavy, sluggish. earthen jar, wine bottle with long spout
Porta (P) Door, opening
Porta (S) Port hole, cover of a loop hole
Porte de (S) Carrying portage of., conduct, dress, bearing nobility
Portela (P) Narrow passage, toll
Portilla (S) Port hole, private cart or private cattel pass
Porto (P)(S) Port, city of Portugal, a sweet wine from the region
Prades (S) Extension
Prado (P) Meadow
Prado (S) Meadow, pasture, walk, promendade
Prat (S) There is a town in Spain called Prat de Llobregh
Preseguido (P) Followed
Preseguido (S) To announce or prevent an event
Presente (S) Present
Preto (P) Black
Preto (S) From the latin, a magistrate
Prieto (P) Black, darking, a dark color
Proenca (P) Deed, prowess
Proenza (P) Deed, prowess
Provencal (S) From Provence in French
Provence (F)(S) Provence
Provensal (S) Provence
Puar (S) To put teeth on a comb or other instrument
Puigcerda (S) A city in Spain
Pulgar (S) Thumb or extension of a vine
Purim (H) The Jewish festival of Purim, changes, fortunes
Quadres (S) To square, to adjust
Quadros (P)(S) Black board, pictures, organizational board,squares, frames
Quatorce (S) Fourteen
Quatorze (P) Fourteen
Quatro (P) Four
Quer (P) Wants
Querido (P)(S) Dear, darling, beloved
Queijada (P) Cheese pastry, walking stick, staff
Queiroz (P) Ling, heather
Queixas(al) (P) Jaw bone
Quintal (P) Cultivated back yard field
Quintanal (S) Village, cottage, levy
Rab (H) Rabbi
Raban (AM) Rabbi
Rabbi, El (H)(S) The rabbi
Rabelo (P) Boat that transports port wine
Rabi (S) Rabbi
Rabica (H) From Rabbi Cah, Rabbi Yitshak
Racah (H) He composed/concocted
Racca (H) See Racah
Rafael (H) G_d healed, of the tribe of Levi
Rafel (HB) See Rafael
Rafels (H) See Rafael
Rahamim (H) Mercy
Rahamin (H) See Rahamim
Ralo (P) Grate, mole, cricket
Ramalho (P) Rustling of leaves
Ramas (P) Bows of a plant
Ramas (S) Branches
Ramirez (S) Son of Ramiro
Ramon (S) Large branch
Ramon (HB) High, also the father of two generals with King David
Ramos (S) Plural of bouquet, lines of business
Ran (H) Sings
Raphal (H) See Rafael
Raposa (P) Fox
Raposa (S) Fox, a cunning person
Ratom(ao) (P) Large rat
Real (P)(S) Royal
Rebello (S) So beautiful
Rebi (H) See Rab
Redes (P)(S) Network, fishing net, barbed wire, trap
Redondo (P)(S) Round, circular, spherical, city in Alentejo, Portugal
Refael (H) See Rafael
Regalon (S) Gift giver
Rego (P) Drain, drench, crack
Reina (S) Queen
Reis (P) Kings
Remesa (S) Remittance, shipment
Remez (H) Clue
Remos (P)(S) Oars, paddles, go
Ressureicao (P) Ressurection
Reuben (HB) :Look at the boy.  Son of Jacob, head of the tribe of Rueben
Reunen (S) To reunite, to gather.
Reunen (H) See Rueben
Reuveni (H) Of the Rueben family
Rey (S) King
Reyes (S) Kings or collectively the King and Queen
Reza (S) To Pray
Ribas (P) Cliff, bank
Ribash (H) Acronym for Rabbi Yitshak Bar Sheshet
Ribera (S) Shore, bank, strand, riverside
Ribeiro (P) Brook
Rienda (S) Bridle
Rijo (P) Hard, stiff, harsh, severe
Rimoc (A) See Rimokh
Rimoch (A) Meaning  unknown
Rimokh (A) See Rimoch
Rinoch (A) From Rimoch
Rio (P)(S) River
Rios (P)(S) Rivers
Rivera (S) Shore, bank, strand, riverside
Robledo (S) Oak grove
Robledos (S) Oaks (plural)
Roca (P) Distaff, baby rattle
Roca (S) Rock
Roca (w/cedil) (P) Farm
Roda (P) Wheel, name of town, baby left for adoption
Rodrigues (P)(S) Son of Rodrigo, meaning very glorious
Rofe (H) Physician
Roffe (H) See Rofe
Roffet (H) See Rofe
Rophe (H) See Rofe
Roiz (P) Short for Rodrigues
Rojas (S) Of red color (for female items in plural)
Rojo (S) Of red color (male or generic)
Rolando (P) Confused, pell-mell
Romano (P)(S) Roman
Romeiro (P) Pilgrim, those in charge of organizing fiesta
Romero (S) Pilgrim, rosemary (botanical)
Romeu (P) Romeo
Romo (S) Blunt, obtuse, stubby
Rophe (H) See Rofe
Rosa (P)(S) Rose, pink
Rosales (S) Rosebushes
Rosario (P)(S) Rosary
Rouxinol (P) Nightingale
Roza (P) Rose
Rosado (S) The color pink
Ruben (H) See Reuben
Rubi (A) Dress
Rubin (H) See Reuben
Rueda (S) Wheel
Ruivo (P) Red headed
Ruso (S) From Russia, Russian
Russo (P) Russian, blonde, bleached from the sun
Rute (S) Fueda, Aragon, Spain
Ruvio (S) Blond
Saada (A) Good fortune
Sa’adia ben Danan (H) Saadia, son of the judge
Saadi (H) See Saadia
Saadi HaLevi (H) Saadi, the Levite (servant of the priest_
Saadia (H) G-d has helped
Saadia, Ben (H) Son of Saadia
Saassson Nathol (H) Saasson. joy, mirth and Nathol from Nathan
Saadya (H) See Saadia
Sab (A) From Saba
Saba (A) Early morning riser
Sabaday (H) See Sabbetai
Sabadial (H) See Sabbetai
Sabah (A) Early morning riser
Sabaj (A) Spanish spelling of Sabah
Saban (A) Soap maker
Sabbatai, Ibn (H) See Sabbetai, Ibn, son of
Sacramento (P) Sacrament (A converso name)
Sadia (P) Healthy
Saba (P) Island in the Caribbean, verb to know
Saba (A) Lion
Sabbatha (H) See Sabbetai
Sabbetai (HB) Derives from Sabbath
Sabi (H) See Sabbetai
Sacute (H) See Zacuto
Sacuto (H) See Zacuto
Sacutto (H) See Zacuto
Sadiq (H) See Zadich
Sadium (P) Healthy
Sadium (H) See Saadia
Sadoch (HB) See Zadoch
Safarti (H) See Sarfati
Safati (H) See Sarfati
Safaty (H) See Sarfaty
Sahl (S) Easy temper
Sahula (A) Easiness of temper
Said (A) Chief, master
Saidon (A) From the word sa’ad. Good fortune
Saig (A) Silversmith
Sal (P) Salt
Salah (A) Morality, Justice
Salama (A) Peace, quiteness
Salame (A) See Salama
Salami (A) See Salama
Salamo (HB) Shlomo
Salamies (A) See Salama
Salamon (H) See Shlomo
Salamons (HB) See Shlomo
Salanha (P) Balance
Salazar (P) From luxurious (Salaz)
Salem (H) From Shalem meaning entire
Salgueiro (P) Willow
Salinas (P) Saline, salt marshes
Salm (H) See Salem
Salmo (HB) See Shlomo
Salmon (HB) See Shlomo
Salmona (H) Darkness, from the Hebrew word Tslmona
Salmons (HB) See Sholmo
Salom (H) See Shalom
Salome (H) See Shalom
Salomo (HB) See Shlomo
Salomon (HB) See Shlomo
Salomons (HB) See Shlomo
Salon (H) See Salom
Saltel (HB) See Saltiel
Saltell (HB) See Shealtiel
Saltiel (HB) See Shealtiel
Salvador (P) Savior, to save, reclaim, rescue
Salves (P) Saves
Samama (A) From Shamama, Tunisia
Samarian (H) From Shomron, an area of Israel
Samiel (HB) See Shemuel
Samora (P) A Spanish city – Zamora
Sampso (HB) See Shimshon
Sampson (HB) See Shimshon
Samso (HB) See Shimshon
Samson (HB) See Shimshon
Samuel (HB) See Shemuel
Samuels (HB) See Shemuel
Sanchez (P) Son of Sancho
Sancho (S) Patronimic
Sanson (HB) See Shimshon
Santa Clara (P) Saint Claire
Santarem (P) A City of Portugal
Santiago (S) A converso name, Sant Iago meaning Saint Jacob
Santo (P) Saint
Santos (P) Saints
Saphaty (H) See Sarfati
Saragossa (P) A city of Spain – Zaragossa
Saraphaty (H) See Sarfati
Saravia (P) Hail stone
Sarfati (H) The Hebrew word for French
Sarfatis (H) See Sarfati
Sarfatti (H) See Sarfati
Sarfatty (H) See Sarfati
Sarfaty (H) See Sarfati
Sarilho (P) Trouble, mess, reel, rack
Sarmento (P) Vine twig
Sarphati (H) See  Sarfati
Sarphatie (H) See Sarfati
Sarzedas (P) A town in Portugal
Sason (H) See Sasson
Sasso (H) See Sasson
Sasson (H) Joy, merriment
Sassoon (H) See Sasson
Satell (H) See Sheatiel
Satich (H) See Zadich
Saud (A) Fullfilled, satisfied
Saul (HB) See Shaul
Saul, Ben (HB) Son of Shaul
Savila (P) A city in Spain – Sevilla (Seville)
Sazbon (S) You will be good
Sazon (H) See Sasson
Scemama (A) See Samama
Schenaze (H) German
Schenazi (H) German
Schuhami (H) From the biblical Shuham family 
Sealtiel (HB) See Shealtiel
Seba (A) See Sebag
Sebag (A) Dyer
Sebah (A) See Sabah
Sedaca (H) From the Hebrew word Tsekaka, meaning charity
Seebi (H) See Zeevi
Seenazi (H) German
Sefat (H) From the name of the city of Saged in Israel
Segovia (P) A city in Spain
Segueta (P) From the word Cequeta , blind
Segura (P) A town in Portugal, safe, hold
Sehadia (H) See Saadia
Sehadya (H) See Saadia
Seixas (P) Pebbles
Sem Tob (H) See Shem Tov
Semach (HB) See Semah
Semah (HB) From Tseman, Plant, Vegetable, name of a man in Zekhar
Semes (H) From Shemesh, the Sun
Sena (P) Six on card games
Senho (P) Ticket, voucher
Senhor (P) Man, Lord, gentleman
Senior (P) Elder
Sephardi (H) Spanish
Sequeira (P) Dried out, bothersome
Seraf (A) From Saraf, money changer
Serafi (A) See Seraf
Sereno (P) Serene, calm
Serfati (H) See Sarfati
Serfatti (H) See Sarfati
Serfaty (H) See Sarfati
Seror (A) Gaiety
Serra (P) Mountain
Serrano (P) From the hills
Seymeon (H) See Simeon
Shaki (H) See Isaac
Shalem (H) Complete, also the name of a man of the tribe of Naftali
Shalish (H) Aide de Camp, Adjudant
Shalom (H) Peace
Shaltiel (H) See Shealtiel
Shamasch (H) Attendant, caretaker
Shami (A) Mystical name of Syria or the Orient
Sharet (H) Servant
Shaul (H) Asked, Interrogated, Name of a King
Shealtiel (H) I sked G-d.  Name of Zerubabel’s father
Shehem (H) See Shuhami
Shem Tov (H) Good Name
Shemtov (H) See Shem Tov
Shemaria (H) G-d has saved. Son of Rehav’am
Shemaya (H) See Shemaria
Shemtob (H) See Shem Tov
Shemuel (H) A prophet
Sheneur (H) Two lights
Sheshet (H) Name of one of the two talmud writers
Shimon (H) Harken
Shimshon (HB) Small sun. one of the judges
Shinasi (H) German
Shinazi (H) German
Shiphrut (H) See  Chiprut, elaboration
Shlomo (HB) His Peace, Name of King Salomon
Shoel (H) Ask
Shoshan (H) See Shushan
Shuhami (HB) Browned, of Shuham family, son of Dan
Shushan (H) Susa, the Persian city in which Queen Esther lived
Shullam (H) Paid
Sibony (A) See Saban
Sibroni (A) See Saban
Sid (A) Master
Sides (A) See Sid
Sidi (A) My master
Siso (B) Yosef or Joseph
Silva (P) Blackberry bush, brumble
Simeon (HB) See Shimon
Simha (H) Joy
Simhah (H) Joy
Simhon (H) Joyful
Silveira (P) Blackberry thicket
Simo (H) See Shmuel
Simoel (H) See Shmuel
Simoes (H) See Shmuel
Simon (H) See Shimon
Simona (H) See Shimon
Simone (H) See Shimon
Simons (H) See Shimon
Simuel (H) See Shmuel
Sina (H) Sinai
Sinai (H) Mountain upon which Moses received the Commandments
Sinay (H) See Sinai
Sio (H) See Sion
Sion (H) Zion
Siprut (H) See Shiprut
Siprutini (H) See Shiprut
Sisso (B) Yosef or Joseph
Sitbon (A) Wood cutter
Soares (P) Sounds, noises, sweat
Soares (H) See Suarez
Soarez (H) See Suarez
Sobremonte (P) Over the hill
Sobrinho (P) Nephew
Soeiro (P) Custom
Sola (P) Hide, leather, sole
Solam (H) See Sullam
Sollam (H) See Sullam
Solomo (H) See Shlomo
Solomon (H) See Sholomo
Solomons (H) See Sholomo
Soltan (A) From Sultan meaning Governor
Soltani (A) See Sultan
Sonso (P) Sly
Sosa (H) See Shushan
Sosan (H) See Shushan
Sosi (H) See Shushan
Sossa (H) SeeShushan
Soto (P) Substitute
Souhami (H) See Shuhami
Sousa (P) A variety of grape
Sousa (H) The city of Susa in ancient Persia where lived Queen Ester
Sousa (H) See Shushan
Souza (H) See Shushan
Souto (P) A grove of chestnuts
Spinosa (P) From espinhosa, fish bones
Suares (H) See Suarez
Suarez (H) From the Hebrew “zu haarets” meaning this is the land
Suasso (P) South wind
Suasso (F) From the city of Soissons. France
Suhami (H) See Shuhami
Suhamy (H) See Shuhami
Sulam (H) See Sullam
Sullam (H) Ladder (From Jacob’s Dream?)
Sur de Luna (H)(S) Sur from the Hebrew word Tsur meaning rock, Luna Spanish word for moon.
Susagna (H) See Shushan
Susan (H) See Shushan
Susana (H) See Shushan
Susanna (H) See Shushan
Sussi (A) From the Sous of Southern Morocco
Suyllam (H) See Sullam
Suzi (H) See Sullam
Symons (H) See Shimon
Tabladillo (S) Small flamenco dance floor
Taboada (P) Arithmatic tables
Tabuh (A) Cooker
Tafalla (H) From Hebrew word Tefliah meaning prayer
Taffalla (H) See Tafalla
Tagger (A) From the word Tadjer meaning Merchant
Taieb (A) Delicate, good
Talavera (P) A city in Spain known for its line of pottery
Talayero (S) Lumber jack
Tam (H) Innocent, simple, naive
Tama (H) See Tam
Tamborer (S) Drummer, from the word tambor for drum
Taous (A) Peacock
Tapia (S) Garden wall
Tapiero (S) A builder of mud walls.
Tarica (A) From the word Tarik meaning morning Star.  Also mount meaning Gibraltar.
Tarifa (P) A city in Spain, fare
Tarifa (A) Name of the Berber conqueror of Andalusia
Tarifa (S) Rate, fare for transport
Tarragano (S) One from Tarragona
Tarragona (S) A city in Spain
Tarrega (S) A city in Spain
Tata (A) Name of a location near Fes, Morocco
Tartas (S) Cakes
Tchiprut (H) See Shiprut
Teba (H) Ark of the law or readers desk in a synagogue
Tebet (H) The fourth month of the Jewish calendar
Tedghi (A) Todgha, a location in sourthern Morocco
Teixoso (P) Yew
Tejedor (S) Weaver
Telias (T) From the Turkish word  bath attendant
Temimi (A)(H) Perfect
Templo (S) Temple
Terra (P) Land
Terrassa (S) City of Spain
Teruel (S) City of Spain
Testa (P)(S) Forehead or head
Teva (H) See Teba
Tevah (H) Cooker
Tirado (S) To be lying
Tito (S) Giant
Tobi (H) See Tuvia
Tobias (H) G-d’s kindness
Tobies (H) See Tobias
Toby (H) See Tuvia
Todo (P) All
Toledano (S) From Toledo
Toledo (S) City of Spain
Tomar (S) To drink
Toriel (P) A city in Spain
Toro (S) A bull
Torones (S) Big bulls
Torre (P)(S) Tower
Torres (S) Towers
Tortosa (S) A city in Spain
Touro (P) Bull
Tov (H) Good
Tova (H) Good (feminine form)
Tovi (H) See Tuvia
Trapero (S) Rag dealer (an authorized Jewish occupation)
Trigo (S) Wheat
Trillo (H) Thresher, threshing machine
Trinidad (S) Trinity  (a converso name)
Truco (S) Trick
Tsvei (H) From the word Tsvi meaning deer or stag
Tubi (H) See Tuvia
Tubias (H) See Tubias
Tudela (S) City in Spain
Turjillo (S) City in Spain
Tsevi (H) Stag, deer, also see Tzevi
Tuby (H) See Tobias
Tudela (S) A city of Spain
Tueta (A) From the word Tueta, a region in Algerian Sahara
Tuil (A) From the word Tauil, meaning large, high
Tuvi (H) See Tobias
Tzaken (H) From Zaken
Tzevi (H) See Tsevi, stag or deer, also see Tsevi
Tzevia (H) Tsvia, female deer
Tzur (H) From Tsur, meaning rock or fortress.  See Abensur
Uncastillo (S) One Castle
Uri (HB) My light
Uriel (HB) G-d is my light
Usiel (H) See Uziel
Uniello (H) See Uziel
Usigilo (H) See Uziel
Usiglo (H) See Uziel
Usillo (H) See Uziel
Usus (HB) From Yehoshua, G-d saved him. The servant of Moses
Uszan (H) See Uziel
Uziel (H) G-d is my strenght
Uzielli (H) See Uziel
Uzilli (H) See Uziel
Uzziielli (H) See Uziel
Vaca (P)(S) Cow, beef
Vaena (S) From Faena, work, job
Valcazzar (S) Valley of the Alcazar
Valdajos (S) Garlic(s) valley
Valdaura (S) Sun Valley
Valdecanas (S) Cane Valley
Valdeolivas (S) Olive Valley
Valderrama (S) Branch Valley
Vale (P) Valley
Valencia (P)(S) A city in Spain
Valensuela (S) Female from Valencia
Valladolid (P)(S) A city in Spain
Valle (S) Valley
Valles (S) Valleys
Vallejo (S) Small Valley
Vallestero (S) External Valley
Vallseca (S) Dry Valley
Valverde (P)(S) A town in Portugal, green valley
Valvo (L) Stutter
Vaquero (S) Cowboy, cattle herder
Vara (P) Rod, twig, staff, herd of swine
Vara (S) Stick
Varca (S) From Barca, boat
Varga (P) Marshy plain
Varon (S) From baron meaning male
Varona (S) Woman
Varquez (S) Son of Varca
Vega (S) Small mountain
Velazquez (S) Son of Velazco
Veles (S) Son of Velo
Velez (P) Wooly, downy
Velho (P) Old
Vello (S) Hair
Vellocino (S) Balls of hair
Velloso (S) Hairy
Veloso (S) Hairy
Vento (P) Wind
Ventos (S) From Vientos, winds
Ventura (S) Venture
Vera (S) Real, truth
Verga (S) Stick, pole, mast of a sailing vessel
Vezinho (P) Neighbor
Vezino (P) Neighbor
Viabrera (S) Workers way or road
Victoria (S) Victory
Vida (P)(S) Life
Vidas (P)(S) Lives
Vilafranca (P) A town in Portugal, free village
Vilalobos (P) A town in Portugal, city of wolves
Vilalongo (P) A town in Portugal, long city
Vilanova (P) A town in Portugal, new city
Vilaplana (P) A town in Portugal, plain town
Vilar (P) A town in Portugal, small hamlet
Vilareal (P) A town in Portugal, royal town
Vilela (P) Small village
Villa (S) Village
Villahermosa (S) Beautiful
Villa Lobos (S) Village of the Wolves
Villalta (S) High village
Villa Nova (S) New village
Villanueva (S) New village
Villar (S) Small village
Villarubia (S) Blond village
Villa Real (S) Royal village
Vita (S) From Vida for life
Viva (S) Alive
Viveiros (P) Fish pond, plant nursery
Viveros (S) Fish pond
Volta (P) Return, run, turn
Wahnon (HB) Hanun, the builder of the walls of Jerusalem
Xabi (A) From Habib
Xaham (H) Clever, also a title for Rabbi among the Sephardim
Xapatao (P) Shoe maker. big shoe
Xaprut (H) See Saprut
Xarilho (P) Same as Sarilho, trouble, mess, reel, rack
Xaron (H) Anger, indignation
Xato (P) Bothersome, pain in the neck, flat
Ximenes (S) See Jimenez
Ximon (H) See Shimon
Xoares (P) Same as Soares, sounds, noises, sweat
Ya’bet (H) See Yaabez
Yaabez (H) Acronym of Yaakov Ben  Tsur, see Abensur
Yaacov (HB) Will follow.  Name of the Patriarch Jacob
Yaavez (H) See Yaabes
Yaco (H) Yaacov
Yacub (A) Arab pronounciation of Jacob
Yadin (HB) Almighty who will judge nations or will take vengance.
Yaech (A) See Yaish
Yafe (H) Beautiful
Yahia (AR) He will live
Yahini (H) From Yakhin meaning will prepare
Yahuda (H) See Yehuda
Yahya (H) See Yahia
Ya’ish (A) See Yaish
Yaish (A) Alive
Yakov (HB) Yaakov
Yamin (A) Right
Yamin (HB) Right. Son of Shimon
Yanto (H) See Yomtov
Yarabel (HB) From Yerubaal, they will fear the Lord.
Yecutie (HB) From Yekutiel. We hope in G_d
Yehezkel (HB) G-d will strengthen
Yehzkiel (HB) G-d will strengthen
Yehiel (HB) G-d will revive
Yehouda (HB) Will thank, son of Jacob
Yeini (H) See Yene
Yekuel (H) See Yecutiel
Yeni (H) My wine
Yeni (T) New
Yento (H) See Yomtov
Yerushalmi (H) From Jerusalem
Yeshurum (HB) Another name for Israel
Yoel (HB) He is G-d, the name of a prophet Joel
Yomtob (H) See Yomtov
Yomtov (H) Good day, used for a feast
Yona (HB) Dove, the Prophet Jonah
Yordan (H) The river Jordan
Yossef (HB) Will be added, the son of Jacob
Yovel (HB) From Yoval, meaning brook.  Father of musicans
Ysaque (H) Isaac
Yuda (H) See Yehouda
Yzquia (HB) From Hezkiya meaning G-d strengthened me
Zacarias (HB) Zekhariah the Prophet, G-d strengthened me
Zacaride (H) See Zacarias
Zacharia Baruch (H) Zacarias and Blessed
Zachin (A) From Zaki, pure, chaste
Zachuth (H) From the word Zekhut, meaning right, priviledge.title
Zacuta (H) From the word Zekhuta, her right, priviledge, title
Zacuto (H) From the word Zekhuto, his right, priviledge, title
Zacutto (H) See Zacuto
Zacutus (H) See Zacuto
Zadich (H) From Tsadik, meaning Righteous, G-d fearing.
Zadok (H) From Tsadok. the name of a Rabbi during the time of the second temple
Zaglo (BR) Pole, yoke
Zahadia (H) From Saadia meaning G-d helped, one of the Gaonites
Zahalon (H) From Tsahalon meaning Joyful, rejoiced
Zahar (A) From Zahir, Shining, flourishing
Zahara (A) Flower, blossom or to shine or to blossom
Zalama (A) See Salama
Zamora (P) Samora, a city in Spain
Zaprut (H) Also see Saprut, from the word Shiprut, meaning Elaboration
Zaragosa (P) Saragosa, a city in Spain
Zarco (P) Light blue eyed
Zarefati (H) See Sarfati
Zarfati (H) See Sarfati
Zarfatti (H) See Sarfati
Zarka (A) Blue eyes
Zayat (A) See Zayet
Zayet (A) Olive
Zecharia Baruch (HB) Remember God and Blessed
Zeevi (H) Of the wolf
Zeitoun (A) Olives
Zemah (H) See Semah
Zemmour (BR) Rrom Zemmur, the name of a Berber tribe in Morocco.
Zera (H) Seed
Zeraf (A) See Seraf
Zerah (HB) Shining, son of Juda, son of Jacob


Curso Hebreo para hispano parlantes
Zevi (H) See Tsevi
Zif (A) sword
Zimra (H) Song
Zuleman (H) See Suleman
Zulili (A) A neighborhood of Mehdia, Tunisia
Zvi (H) Stag, aslo see Tsevi


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2 thoughts on “Nombres hebreos y significados:

  1. Por favor me podrian indicarme sobre el apellido Al Fago si tiene raices Judias

    Posted by Jorge Moncayo Alfago | March 30, 2011, 1:56 am
  2. Si en elLibro de Pere Bonin aparece Moncayo y Alfalo como sefardita , lo mismo en Sephardim.com y Jewish Gen como Surname Alfago inclusive en el cementerio de Jerusalem

    Posted by Jorge Moncayo Alfago | March 30, 2011, 2:00 am

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