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Hebraic heritage


HINENI STUDY CENTER WORKS IN HARMONY WITH HEBRAIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE:  which is a distance hebreaic, Judaic and Biblical base Study Center

We also a presence on Facebook   we are inviting people to join our social media display !! .  I might never had heard of this. Well, perhaps I would have when I got to Israel, but the web  seems to be the new hive of their activities.

More about Hineni Research Insittuted here




In response to WWw.jewlicious.  ( http://www.jewlicious.com/2009/06/messianic-rabbi-school-on-facebook/)

Apparently the web is the center of some really frightenting parasitic religious groups. There is of course great ’s Kabala info  and there is this: certain Ultra Orthodox Jews.   trying to infest all Israel and USA , I might add.

I know that we have serious problems out there. Big, and Major problems. With Israel, Iran, terror, unemployment. All kinds of “mean, ugly and nasty” stuff, to quote Arlo Guthrie. So why waste a few keystrokes on these guys?

Well they are on the web, Facebook, Linkedin, Ning you name  and I feel a moral obligation to inform and warn the general public about this parasitic group that regularly feeds on  and  call  themselves Jews.

Ok. Now you know. If you are Jewish, please stay far far far far away from these guys and you will be fine

As it was said:

..I’d like to see the ultra-Orthodox serve more in the army and in national service, and they’ll do so (be it after yeshiva study or, in some cases, during it or instead of it), just as soon as the army gets around to setting up environments suitable for ultra-Orthodox.

Most Haredim don’t care one way or another, and just want to maintain their own lifestyle and beliefs. “wife beating” Care to show me domestic violence statistics about the Haredi public, perhaps compare them to other statistics about Israel? Because for a moment there, you made me think that the first thing a Haredi man does after marriage is beat his wife with a stick to “show her her place”, which has about as much to do with reality as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. “modesty squats” Squads, you mean…..


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