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Most famous ‘ethnically diverse” children in the Torah.

Want to know which are the most famous ‘ethnically diverse” children in the  Torah? or the most famous mixed heritage jews? Yeah you got it  they are not only Moses’s but ….Joseph’s children  !

Yes, Joseph, he is presented as the favored son of Jacob and Rachel, sold as a boy into slavery by his brothers, who were jealous of Joseph’s dreams and of his coat of many colors given him by Jacob.  Joseh is  one of the heroes of the patriarchal narratives of the Book of Genesis.  In Egypt, Joseph gained a position of authority in the household of his master, Potiphar, and was later imprisoned on the false accusations of Potiphar’s wife.  He was released after interpreting Pharaoh’s dream of the lean and fat cows. Pharaoh renamed him Zaphnath-paaneah and took him into favor. Joseph’s recognition of his brothers in the famine years when he was governor over Egypt is a famous scene. His wife was Asenath, an Egyptian, she bore him two sons: Manasseh and Ephraim  are direct ancestors of two of the 12 tribes of Israel.  Can you be more jewish than that ?

The mention of Joseph’s marriage to Asenath in the Book of Genesis is the subject of  this their important ethnically diverse, mixed heritage or biracial children in Israel . Joseph and Asenath, (daughter of Pentephres, priest of Heliopolis).  Asenath is mentioned in the Torah as “the daughter of Poti-phera” (Gen. 41:45).  Joseph just as Moses did  marry a non-Israelite woman.  Its important to notice that Joseph kept his jewishness. His hebraic roots, language,  heritage intact even with his position in Egypt.

Patrilineal Jewishness comes  here to  perfection.  As  ethnic Egyptian as she was , we assumed that she accepted the belief in the Lord before and that she raised her children in accordance with the tenets of Judaism. There is not proof that she converted to Judaism  in order to be married to Joseph.  Torah or the Scriptures  itself  is silent about  that  but accordingly, Ephraim and Manasseh became   worthy Jewish descendents and part of the 12 tribes of Israel.  Jewish blood and heritage.  Their jewishness come through their father Joseph.

If you have any doubts I also suggest to subscribe or buy ” The holocaust Chronicle:  a history in words and pictures ” in case you need in-depth enlightment about  who is a jew  when it comes about  Israel, Jews or hebraic heritage.  I also pay you to find someone that was spared from death or horrible  fate during the Inquistion times  because it was mixed, biracial  or a   half jew.


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