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Hebraic heritage

Moses’s children were they ‘half jews’?

Why did Moses took a non-jewish women and how his children were never shun or called ‘half jews’?

According to the Torah,Moses met the daughters of Jethro when they were being driven away from a well by shepherds; he assisted them, and was invited into the house of Jethro, who gave him Zipporah to be his wife (Ex. ii. 21). She bore Moses two sons, Gershom and Eliezer. Zipporah was one of the seven daughters of Jethro, a priest of Midian.The Midianites were descendents of Abraham’s second wife Keturah.

Zipporah, whose name means sparrow or bird, is one of the woman of the Torah, who is often skipped over in light of Moses’ important work, but she saved his life. On his return to Egypt, Moses was accompanied by his wife, who saved him from great danger during their journey (ib. iv. 24-26). On their way, the Lord confronted Moses and was about to kill him for not fulfilling the requirement of circumcising his son.

She appears to have returned with her children to her father’s house; for after the exodus from Egypt, Jethro brought Zipporah and her children out to Moses in the wilderness (ib. xviii. 2-5). Zipporah is mentioned only once more in the Bible; namely, in Numbers xii. 1, where she is referred to as “the Ethiopian woman,” for having married whom Moses is upbraided by Miriam and Aaron.

Why or what were they murmuring about her or Mose’s choosing?

Numbers 12:1  for  Aaron and Miryam were against him because the Cushite woman had he  taken to marry….

So why Moses? Did he know about Torah? who was the greatest prophet, leader and teacher that Judaism has ever known?, why to do such thing?, why would he want his children to be half  jews or even worse, not considered jewish because their mother was not  “jewish” ?…… Any say? yes, yes, yes  I know. Today that is just pure nonsense and without foundation.

Moses taught the Children of Israel!  He is described as the only person who ever knew G-d face-to-face (Deut. 34:10) and mouth-to-mouth (Num. 12:8), which means that G-d spoke to Moses directly, in plain language, not through visions and dreams, as G-d communicated with other prophets.

Priestly Lineage, Priestly heritage: Cohen, Levi, etc

Moses was born on 7 Adar in the year 2368 from Creation (circa 1400 BCE), the son of Amram, a member of the tribe of Levi, and Yocheved, Levi’s daughter (Ex. 6:16-20). Unlike the heroes of many other ancient cultures, Moses did not have a miraculous birth. Amram married Yocheved, and she conceived, and she gave birth (Ex. 2:1-2). The only unusual thing about his birth is Yocheved’s advanced age: Yocheved was born while Jacob and his family were entering Egypt, so she was 130 when Moses was born. His father named him Chaver, and his grandfather called him Avigdor, but he is known to history as Moses, a name given to him by Pharaoh’s daughter.

The name “Moses” comes from a root meaning “take out,” because Moses was taken out of the river (Ex. 2:10)

Remember through history there is not such thing as half  jews for  lead-progrom, inquisinionist, holocaust  and most currently neo-nazis.  Moses’s children were always full jews as any one with jewish blood or convert to Judaism. Did Ruth go through a ‘conversion’ process to be a ‘jew’ or did she decided to be jewish by choice? Ruth is the ‘gentile’ relative of King David, greatest among the jewish kings.

Check out the Joseph’s children the other most famous ‘biracial or half jews’ children in  the Torah. Yeah  the same Torah from centuries old which is not changing anytime soon.

I also suggest to subscribe or buy ” The holocaust Chronicle:  a history in words and pictures ” in case you need in-depth enlightment about  who is a jew  when it comes about  Israel.  I pay you to find someone that has been or was spared from death or bad fate  because ‘it was mixed, biracial or only a half jew.


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