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Bringing Up Ethnically Diverse Jewish Children

It’s not as if we shouldn’t  be used to the idea of mixed heritage. There was a jew in Egipt’s leardership once — Joseph and he married an Egiptian princess. There have been and there are jews everywhere in many nations of the World -Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, USA,  Africa, Rusia, China, Canada, Argentina, India.  Everyone who visits Israel tells a story of diversity and cross culturalism.

Who are the ones  then behind the:  ” oh if your heritage hadn’t been pass down matrilineally you aren’t really jewish” . I encourage them to  subscribe or buy ” The holocaust Chronicle:  a history in words and pictures ” in case they need in-depth “enlightment” about  who is a jew?  when is about  Israel and its people.   I pay money for those  to find someone that has been or was spared from death or bad fate  because ‘it was mixed,ethnically diverse,  biracial or only a “half”  jew. 

We add here  theses post  Moses,  Joseph and  who is a jew, but here in this article  will stating three basic tips and later more advice on raising  mixed heritage or ethnically diverse  Jewish children as those children have to feel proud in every face of their Jewish  identity.

1. Get your kid to grow Jewish without having to choose between its mixed, racial, ethnic or religious identity

2. Only attend and support Jewish programs where your child and you will feel at home.  Get programs that strengthens the Jewish people through ethnic, cultural and racial inclusiveness.

3.  Help your kids to identify themselves with the rest of their background.

Hope you don’t judge because the list is long !!  We are proud of  great jews and not-so-great jews  and their contributions to the World such as :

Albert EinsteinLeni KravitzJesus,  Sacha baron Cohen , Stalin , Playboy Magazine,  Houdini  and  Matisyahu

Many people and some  Askenazie Jews tend to asume that Jews are only “white”, but it’s not true. Jews come in different shades and colors. In Judaism, what matters is not what you look like on the outside -your  “container”– but what merit you have on the inside. Sometimes  I wonder how ‘white’ Moses or Eliajah were? perhaps Samuel ……any hint ?


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