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Biblical greeting cards by monthly subscription

Monthly Subscription Hebraica-themed Greetings’s Cards
Coming soon!  a subscription Hebraica-themed Greetings’s Card club!  whereby subscribers get two copies of a one-time, handmade  faith based card sent to their door each month. Photos of each new letterpressed design are posted on Hineni ’s flirckr account or site on the first of the month along with a description of what inspired.

The greetings club will be paid through Paypal. This is open to anyone in Canada  or abroad.Those in GTA and surrounding area will have the option to pick up their cards and avoid shipping costs. The monthly greetings club prices depend on how long you subscribe. I’ll offer 12 month, 6 month and 3 month options. This is a recurring subscription and will automatically be taken out of your Paypal account on a fixed date for the monthly option you choose. I understand that unexpected things happen and once you commit to your subscription and you need to skip a month or stop just let me know before the automatic payment is taken out of your Paypal account. I can also send a refund via Paypal. The 15th of each month the funds will be deducted from your Paypal account. You can use your own credit card with Paypal if you prefer.

Greetings club members will have access to my “member’s only” section and will see exclusive samples and videos. This section is by invite only.

This is not my virtual on-line club. Greetings club members do not need to purchase a certain amount of cards! each month. Greetings club members purchase just a card each month.

I’ll display the Feb. card before the payment is taken out of your Paypal account so you can see what is offered for that month.

Please go to hinenipress.blogspot.com  for more information. To join the Biblical & hebraic theme greetings Club the buttons will be available in my “clubs” sidebar. The prices will be posted soon with the monthly options. This is fun way to get some ST consumable products, make some cards and or 3-d project, plus get exclusive access to the member’s only section. Besides the fun of getting supplies sent to you monthly.

Join the Greetings’s Card Club of Hineni  and begin enjoying the benefits of membership today! Sampler shipments of exclusive Judaica selections, invitations to fantastic club events, complimentary faith based tastings, and much more!


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Anni Orekh (which translated from Hebrew means: I m an editor (Publisher). That it is one the online pen-names of author and Managing Director of DM Enterprises.


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