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Sephardic and Crypto-Jewish identity

Any “Latin, Hispanic or Jewish barbie”?

Latest and New African Barbies, Same Old Controversy
I think the doll is cute. I look like her – seriously. And what is with the notion that in order to accurately represent Brown skin women or the so called ‘African-americans’, Now I asked, there must be kinky hair? I’ve always had my hair pressed or relaxed, and once I got grown, I grew into natural. Then I began to miss my flowing hair, so I pressed it again. Simply put, I like for my hair to be pressed because it is manageable and it looks really pretty. So to the critics get over it . That does not make me any less brown skin (or the so called term ‘black’ , I really don’t like the term African-American.  African descent would be more correct.  Do you ever hear African descendents in Latin America calling or wanting to live in Africa? Nope. Check Afrolatino,  who’s main writer is my cousin Alicia Santos.  I’ve never been to Africa and I don’t know anyone in my family that have or wants to move. Africa is a beautiful continent but the descendents left  Africa as a whole where is standing now. We live our present lives, some in Latin America, others in North America.  I paid AMERICAN taxes, so I was an USA resident, now I am Canadian and I do the same ,  nor does it mean i’m out of touch.  I am of mixed heritage . I have seen the relaxed head of many a Jewish woman in my time,  so are they any less Jewish? NO! We  all  just like manageable hair! You know, the only Asian Barbie I ever seen is Mulan…. Manageable hair .
I think these dolls  are actually perfect for little girls (play) and grown up women (collectibles) who have a mixed background and heritage. These pretty much cover a broad aesthetic and look like plausibly to someone of brown skin with mixed heritage (thousands like me ). In that respect, these brown skin dolls are perfect!!

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Orekh Schriftsteller. It is the online pen-name of author and Managing Director of DM Enterprises.


2 thoughts on “Any “Latin, Hispanic or Jewish barbie”?

  1. Do you ever proofread?

    Posted by Noventa | May 24, 2012, 9:06 pm

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